Friday, December 9, 2011

GOP Politics as Usual: Bribing Conservatives and Everybody Else

This blog has correctly told you that the"payroll tax cut" extension is neitehr a "tax increase" nor a "joubs bill". It is a BRIBE for all of the people who are getting $2000, or $1000, or $500. The idea is that these people will not realize that this is exactly the kind of "politics as usul" that is COSTING them much more than the bribe.

I made the mistake of listenng to yet naother GOP Congressman (I wish I had cuatht his name, for my DEFEAT HIM series) "explain" the "comprehensive" GOP "jobs bill". that bill includes the fraudulent "payroll tax cut", and that extension of unemployment benefits (the very OPPOSITE of creating jobs being to PAY people not to wokr). As usual, listening to a GOP politician on this just makes me ANGRY--as angry as I have ever been at the GOP (and I lived through Nixon, Ford, Rockefeller and the rest, and it was only Ronald REagan who did not disappoint me).

As stated, the "payrolll tax cut" is neither a "jobs provision" nor an effective "stimulus" (which was its rationale when enacted as a one-time, one-year, TEMPORARY (lol) "stimulus" in that budget busting "deal" at the end of 2010). But the GOP has really gone the whole "politics as usual" route. They have now even BRIBED CONSEVATIVES. To get "conservative" support, they have included that "Keystone Pipeline" (that Canadian oil pipeline to pipe Canadian oil into the United States) in their "comprehensive jobs bill". So help me, the rhetoric is the SAME as
Obama--only the details being different (when they are not the same).

"Skip, don't you faovr that oil pipeline, and realize that Obama is SELLING UT THIS COUNTRY by pandering to extreme encironmentalists, and other leftists." Yes, I do support the pipe line, and regard it as ridiculous for Obama to block it (not even having the GUTS (honesty) to say he oposes it, but relying on DELAY. But the GOP is INSANE if they think they can BRIBE me by including this, and maybe other "goodies", in a DISASTROUS bill increasing the deficti/debt by over one hundred BILLIN dolalrs.

That brings us to where I began to foam at the mouth again. This blog has made this flat statement: "The GOP does NOT faovr cutting the defict, reducing the rise in the debt, or REAL spenindg "cuts" You may have thoughyt that was "extreme". It was the simple truth, and this GOP Congressman again confirmed it. He was asked about the CBO "score" that the GOP bill would ADD 25 BILLIN dollars to our deficti/debt. You should be able to guess the reaciton. "Well, the deifict is important, but we have to do something about jobs." The GOP DISMISSED the idea that the defict and debt are of any real importance.

Say what? What about taht FIGHT this summer, where the GOP was supposedly willing to go to Armageddon over the "debt ceiling"--sahing that the debt and deficit were the most important issues facing this coutnry (when, by the way, they should have been concentrating on SPENDING, but these are Big Government guys and gals)? Is the GOP telling you that ythey ut the country through all of that drama, when it was all a FRAUD? That they aGREE with Obama as to the priorities here, AND the fraud of saying that you can "pay for" current additions to the deficit/debt with a Soviet Union-style TEN YEAR PLAN? That is exactly what the GOP is telling you and yet they expect you to give them any crredibility. If Obama loses this next electin, it will be because of OBAMA (not the GOP).

No, I am not through. My borther in Nashville says that he can see foam on the screen every time I even think about the GOP, and their utter abandonment of the issues of our deficits, debt and spending. That 25 BILLIN that the CBO says the GOP would add to the deficit/debt? That is a LIE, even though it is MORE than the GOP has yet "cut" from teh deficit/debt (especially when you consider that the GOP ADDED 150 BILLIN dollars to teh defict/debt with that "deal" on this very same subject at the end of 2010--when this "one-time" payroll tax holiday was put into effet. The 25 BILLIN the CBO says will be added to the defict/debt is over TEN YEARS. Good luck. How much will be ADDED THIS YEAR? Right. That same 150 BILLION dolalrs or so, which is what will have to be includded in the NEXT "debt ceiling crisi", when the GOP will LIE to you about how they regard the exploding debt as unconsciounalbe.

You should be able to see why I have had it with the GOP, and why I get angrier every time I hear one of thiem try to "explain" this absurd betarayl of both principle an dwhat the GOP was supposedly willikng to "go to the mattreses" over this very summer. As this blog has previously told you, vote AGAINST any GOP politician who votes FOR the GOP (not the Democrat, but the GOP) "jobs plan". In fact, vote against MOST of them who vote AGAIST such a bill, assuming they know it is going to pass. That is an easy "no" vote which donees NOT mean that particular Congress person is any different than the rest.

P.S., No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). My brother now says he has two problems reading my blog: the typos adn garbled text, and the FOAM that builds up on his screen. What can I say? I blame it on the GOP. They have driven me into this state of mad dog frenzy. That is why Newt is now making this surprise bid to actgually become the nominee. People want AnYBODY who appears to say what he means, without fear, even though I am fraid Newt is just as bad as the rest on this "payroll tax cut". People likke me remember the OLD Newt--the REBEL wo made a reputation on C-span (in its infancy) firing torpedoes into the Democratic Party. That Newt appeeared to have no fear, and he would bring the GOP congtrol of the House for the first time in forty years (before becoming a betrayer himself). Conservatives really miss the OLD Newt, and GOP representatives like Tom DeLay. That is why this attempt to cast Newt in the role of an ABRASIVE, "dirty" fighter who did not get along with anybody only HELPS Newt. No, it has not helped himm with me, because I remember too much. But it can only help him with conservatives who WANT someone who shoots some TORPEDOES from time to time, rather than living in fear of what the mainstream media and other Democrats will say about them (not to mentin GOP people like Tom Coburn: DEFEAT HIM---which this blog told you a year an dmore ago).

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