Monday, December 5, 2011

Payroll Tax Cut: Wealth Redistributino Payments

Can it be any more obvious that Obama and the Democrats are plaing Marxist class warfare? Look at what they are proposing. They are proposing to use a "surtax" o "millionaires" to make payments to peole (including some "millinaires--maybe most) using the Social Secruity tax as an EXCUSE to call these payments a "tax cut".

This is not an exaggeration. The Democrat "payroll tax cut" bill says exactly that: "We are tong to use a surtax on millionaires to pay for paymernts to workers who now fund the Social Security system". How can you say anyting but that such payments are wealth redistribution payments? Why ddoesn't the GOP more strongly make this point? Easy. The GOP plan is ALOS a wealth redistriubtion plan--a class warfare plan--just more deceptive. Neither the Democrat nor GOP "plans" have anything to do with Social Secruity, as is evident from the fac that they ALL say that this SABOTAGE of Social Secuirty funding (soley the "payroll tax", until now) will not affect Social Security recipients or ultimatey reduce the mythical "Social Security trust fund". These BRIBES for the "middle calss" are merely be urn thourgh the funding for Social Secuirty as a vehicle to make the wealth redistribution payments. The GOP "plan" is no different, because it, too, uses GENERAL REVENUE to "reimburse" Social Seicruty for the FRADULENT reductin in revenue from the payroll tax that is supoosed to fund Social Security (but now now no longer will)

Who si providing the greates percentage of GENERAL REVENUE (which both Democrats and the GOP intend to use to reimburse Social Secuirty for the lost revenue in teh payroll tax)> It is the "rich", that is who. The top 1% of income earners are paying some astounding percentage of the income taxes, and the top !0% are paying a MAJORITY of tghe income taxes. Thus, the GOP is propsoing a WEALTH REDSITRIBUTION PLAN--just not one as obvious as tghe Democrats. Some 47% of the people pay NO income tax, and they wil lbobviously NOT "contribute" to the Social Secuirty "reimbursement", although they WILL continue to get the full Social Security benefits that they are ALSO now not "paying for'. So much for Social Seucirty as a self-funding systeme. Democrats and the GOP alke are now treating Social Secuirty as a WELFARE SYSTEM. Social Seucirty cannot ultimtely survive that disastrous change, and neither wil this country (in its present form).

How can yuou be a "conservative' and support this kind of MARXIST wealth redistributin? You can't, but look at how many poeple who asser t that they CAN handle this level of cognitive dissoanance. No wonder Obama is WINNING this battle politically. How cold he lose, when the GOP is being this obviously DISHONEST. Sure, Obama is being dishoenst in his usual way (callling this a "etryal" of the GOP "tax cut' pledge), but Obama is being dishoenst in furtherance of PRINCIPLES we all now he has (big government and deficits as far as the eye can see, and farther). The GOP is being DISHONEST in VIOLATIN of their principles--their supposed princiles. There is no way the GOP could "win" this battle for people's minds, when they have not even tried. All they have tried is to be "wealth redistribution light", and they cannot succeed that way (especially as they sue the FRAUD of "pay for" as an excuse to assert that they are not increasing the deficit or engaging in welath redistribution).

Give me a break. I am really going to have to think up harsher things to say aobut the GOP. "But Skip, the Democats are worse." Indeed they are, but are you any better off dying SLOWLY, in agony over several years, or ding QUCKLY? Yuo are DEAD either way, but one way your agony is prolonged. No, I can't vote for Obama, or a leftist Democrat. But I can't vote to DIE with the GOP, either, especially as I know my agony will just be prolonged.

In any caese, the connclusin of this article is unassailable: Both the Democrat and GOP "payroll tax cut" plans are WEALTH REDISTRIBUTIN PLANS that undrmine the present concept of Social Secuirty as a self-funding system. The Democrats are jsut so dared OBVIOUS about ti that you can almsot admire them, if you did not know that they were relying on peole like GLORIA BORGER ("seine form the Devil's herd"--see previous article) to cove for the,m . Oh, I forgot. Democrats are also relying upon COWARDICE and lack of leaderhip in the GOP--not to mentino lack of principles. You have to say that Democrats may be right to be relying on both things.

This blog will continue to tell ou the truth, without regard to partisan plitics--at lest until I make the obvius call that this blog is tnot worht the time (especially with the limitations on my effectiveness because I cna't proofread, or even spell check, within any reasonable period of time). I think it IS obvious that this blog is not worht my time, even though thre are sometimes indicatins that I amy have ore influence than appears to be the case. The only reason I have not ceased long ago is taht this bog is a way for me to, in effect, do a sort of "diary of ideas" to keep my mind sharp. I have correctly said before that it is stupid for "authors" to "write for themselves". TheONLY valid reason to wirte is to be read. However, this blog CAN be looked at as an exercise in self-therapry and mind sharpening, which may push the scales slightly toward doing this blog :(when you combine that with the limited readership I ahve-limited but obvisly extermely HIGH CLASS and INTELLIGENT. Hey, I thnk I called you DUMB a few articles ago. I need to try to recover from that. If i keep pandering this way, I may yet be "qualified" to REJON the GOPP.

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