Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dean Heller: Defeat Him (Defeat the GOP Series)

The entries are coming "fast and furious" (to use the operational name of teh Obama Administration gunrunning operation to the Mexican cartels) in my "Defeat the GOP" series. The latest GOP Senator to make the list is Dean Heller of Nevada

Heller not only voted for that disgraceful "politics as usual" Senate bill merely putting off the "problem" for two months (at enormous COST, beyond the ridiculous cost of the extension of all of these government BRIBES for one year that the cowards in Congress have maily agreed "must" be done). Heller, like Scott Brown, is another who TRASHED ght House GOP, for POLITICAL reasons. It is the SENATE which is plyaing games here, and the House standing up for SOME kind of principle here (even though taht "principle' is based on the LIE that the House is 'parying for' this payroll tax holiday).

Nope, Seantor Heller, you dESERVE to be on this list, and you now are. To the people of Nevada: DEFEATG DEAN HELLER. byou have already betrayed your country by reelecting Harry Reid (I don't care who he was running against). There is a chance to make some amends. It is time to stop "politics as usual", and defeating Dean Helelr would be as start.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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Heller's one of the throwbacks who voted for the Detainee Security Act - I was absolutely stunned. In one fell swoop, Heller undid everything he's ever done in his career as a conservative. Everybody who voted to scrap the Bill Of Rights needs to be tried for High Treason and hung by the neck until dead if convicted. DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES