Monday, December 19, 2011

Payroll "Tax Cut" ("One-Time (lol) Tax Holiday Stimulus: 12 TRILLION Dollar Debt Increase (Tea Paraty Betrayal)

You say that the 12 TRILLION dollar "pyyaroll tax cut" bill is not that expensive--that it will "only" increase the deficit and the debt for this next year by 120, or maybe 180, BILLION dollars? Well, we can't afford that eitehr, but you are WRONG.

Why should we BELIEVE that the BRIBE ("payroll tax cut") will END this eyar? It was supposed to END last eyear. What is the main "argument" being mae for it? I will take $1000 out of the pockets of middle class workters--160 million Americans. If you do the math, by the way, that would be 160 BILLION dollars added to the DEFICT and to the DEBT (taht the hypocritical GOP will GRANDSTAND against nextt year, or the next time that "debt ceiling incrfease" comes up). Why can't that same "argument (taking $1000 out of the paychecks of 160 millon Americans--including, by the way, "the rich") be made NEXTG DECEMBER? There is actually more reason to believe that the "pay for" (lol) "offsets" will NEVER TAKE PLACE than that the fraudulent tax cut/bribe will END next December.

Look at what he HYPOCRITES (dishones, "politics as usual" DESTROYERS of this country) are sayhing about the "doc fix" provisions of this bill. Those provisons will ADD to the deficit/debt, and were COUNTED as "savings" to "pay for" anotehr bill about a DECADE ago. They have never ahappened. But now the hypocrites of the GOP are touting that this bill will "fix" teh Medicare reimbursement for doctors, so that doctors will not REFUSE to treat Medicare patients, FOR TWO YEARS. Say what? Why two years? You mean that Congress is going to KILL Medicare patients towo years from now? Of course not. The "two years" is so the DISHONEST politicians of the GOP can sy thqat they "paid for" this bill. HONEST politicians would do a PERMANENT "fix" to tghis "problem", and admit the deficit/debt problem. That problem is that we NEED every single dollar of revenue/savings we can get to "pay for" the deficits we already have, and things like the "doc fix" that we KNOW we have to do. NO. We do NOT "havve to do the fraudulent "payroll tax cut". But we HAVE to fix Medicare reimbursement, or people wil DIE.

But what we get is this ATROCITY of a "two month" extension of the payroll tax holiday. Do yo uneed any MORe evidence taht this "middle class" BRIBE is not ging away? Do you BELIEVE that the DISHONEST people who passed this TW O MONTH extension only intend to limit the extgension to two months? Of course you don't. Then wy do you BELIEVE tghat these same people intend to END this debt increasing BRIBVE next December? They SAID they would do that LAST DECEMBER. Oh, you do't believe it? But you want the BRIBE anyway? Well, that is honest, at least. It is not the DISHOENSTY of the GOPO and Democrat politicans who talk about "payring for' these massive additons to the debt as if that MEANT something.

Howe bad are our politicians, including GOP members of the Seante? Well, today an organization which would be esponsible for IMPLEMENTING tis "two month" extension came out and said it could not be done. This was reported, and promptly dismissed as unimportant. That is because the MEDIA, including the unfair and unbalanced network, is ALL IN for this "payroll tax cut". And, of course, it CAN be done. But what this "board" (or whatever the organization is called) really meant was that to try to REPROGRAM the compuers fo r TWO MONTHS is INSANE, and not worth the "cst" (in tiem and money). It truly is an INSANE bill, and yet the MEDIA (again including the unfair and unbalanced network) is ALL IN as far as these kind of GAMES ae concerned--meaning that they wil BLAME the House GOP for putting a spanner in their FRAUDULENT PROPAGANDA. Unfair and unablanced network: This blog thinks WORSE of you every single day--indeed, every single HOUR that this blog "surfs" your network (no lnoger even once an hour).

No, this is TERRIBVLE stuff, and expalins why this blog now thingks that there is no way to avoid a MAJOR COLLAPSE of this country. No, you cannot get elected saing that. But it is nevertheless true. There would be SOME hope if the GOP had sstood by the principles upon which it WON in 2010. The GOP has not, and it is really TOO LATE> It can no longer be done (saving tghis country in the form it once was). Oh, you can do BETTER for the future if you set up the country to get back on track AFATER THE COLLAPSE. But the colllapse itself can no longer be avoided. The only questin is whether we will return to the principles that made this couny what it is, or whether we will simly disapppear into the dustbin of history, like th e Romen Republic and Roman Empire before us.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight) Hey, I TOLD you I was a pesimist. But I also SEE reality clearly, even if I cannot SEE clearly. It is like a football team trailing by 17 points with 8 minutes to play in the game. You are probably not going to win. But unless you show a sense of URGENCY, and NOT "usual game plan, there is NO CHANCE. Tbhat is where we are. And, for me, this "payroll tax cut", and the GOP/conservative reacion to it, is tghe final PROOF that we do NOT have tehe proper sense of urgency tghat "politics as usual" is not good enough.

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