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Hacher Boy: (hacknig into this disgraceful blog in the interest of truth, justice and teh Aemerican way, and still vehemnetly denying Skip's alleations that I am Piers Morgan, or another agent of Ruper Murdoch's organization--accusations that Sk8p has ut out only after Skip has decided taht what he calls the unfiar and unbalanced network is a blot on the American landscape): "Skip, you hypocrite., You ae a professed agnoastic. You have no belusiness wishing people a "merry Christmas". That is a phrase that excludes people like you from American life, along with Mu;slims (who aree thereby justifided, under the standards of CNN, in regarding the USA as an"intolerant" nation, even though the MOST INTOLERANT peopple in the world right nwo are in Mulims natioins, and in the Mu;slim religion. Skip, you STOP that. You are not allowed to HACK into my hacking post. CNN is right. you have no business --especially as an agnostic yourself--in using an intolerant phrase like "Merry Christmans', that tells Muslims, aganostcis and the rest that they are not welcome in America."

Skip (returning to blog article, before being so RUDELY interrrupted by Hacker Boyl--or Piers, as he is otherwise known--rudeness being the primary characteristic of the peole ou;t there (includng CNN) conducting a war on teh Christian reiligion AND American tradition. Wh;t are you if you regard "Merry Christmas" as some sort of BIGOTED staatement? You are an INTOLERANT BOOB, with no claim to be an intelligent humnan being. whose brain has not been turned to mush by anti-Christiain bigotry, anti-Americanism, and/or political correctness. In shotrtm, you are a soulmate with the ACLU and CNN.

I am, indded, an agnostic. I have not been inside a church for the purpose of worship since the age of 12. Yes, I have been an agnostic at least that long. I don't remember EVER "praying" in my life, although maybe I was induced to do so when I was very young,. I was reaised Presbyterian, and even had Bible classes in grade school in Mt. Ida,Arkansas. I have, nevertheless, said "Merry Christmas to EVERYONE I have greeted that way in the Christamas season, since I was 12 (as well, of course, before I was 12l). Why? Why not? What is WRONG with wishing someone a "Merry Christamas", even if tthey are Jewish, or Muslim or whatever. Christmas is a national holiday. Thoase who are conducting WAR on Christamas because it is also a RELIGIOUS holiday are INTOLERANT, rude peole, I am sometimes asked: "Skip, what do you do when someone says a prayer--like at a wedding or graduation or any oterh event? Simle. I bow myu head and I DONT PRAY. To me, anyhing else is RUDE and INTOLERANT. It is absurd to suggest that those who say "Merry Christmas" are deliberately insulting you, or that oeioke wighio ORAT *ub scgiiksm ib a fiitbakk fuekdm ir abtwgere ekse( are dekuberatekt ubsyktubg tyiy,

As I have repeatedly said, the MAJORITY of Americans are CHRISTIANS of one kind or anotehr., No, that does not make us a "Christian" nation, in terms of "establlishing" a state religio (which so many Muslim nains d). As this is being written, the big news this Christams is a terrorist attack by MUSLIM EXTREMISTS trying to im pose strict Muslim law on Nigeria. As this blog has said again and again., AS PRACTICED in the world today, the Muslim religion is the most INTOLERANT religion on Earth. It is not that ALL Muslims are terrorists. It is that TOO MANY Muslims are INTOLERANT, and FOSTER terrorism (in addiino to Muslims being by far the most numberous RELIGIUS TERRRISTS in the world today). . The pnt is that Muslims do NOT have to "fear" this in the United States, and it is NOT equuivalent when ISOLATED Americans harass Muslims (NOT by saying "Merry Christmas" to them). In this country, it is AGAINST THE LAW to conduct violence against Muslims. In too many Muslim countries committing violence against Christians is an accepted part of their faith, because Chistiains shoulc not (in this view) even be allowed to openly practice their religion. No, I positively reject the idea that Mulims, agnostics (like me) or others should not have to ENCOUNTGER the Christian religion in this country . Chrstmas, for God's sake (pun intended) is a RELIGIOUS holiday,. It is merely a recognitioin that the MAJROTIY of Americans are Christians (allthough it is a little unclear how many are not REALLY Christians--as Presdient Obama is not, and almsot every leftist there is, such as Nancy Pelosi). If you are in a majority Christian country, you are going to be faced with references to the Christian religion, and you are gong to encounter evidence (like Christmas being a national holiday) that the Christian religin is the majority religion of the country. It is YOU who are intolerant if you do not accept that--NBOTA CRHISTIANS> The ACLLU fails to understand that, but then the ACLU is an INTOLERATN, LEFTIST ORGANIZATION. Nope. I refuse to "appologize" to Muslims, or myuself, for respecting the majority religion of this country--a religion, furthermore, which has been an integral part of the fabric of this nation AND of the rise of Western civilization.

Why don't I say "Happy Holidays"? It is because I am an intelligent, reasoning human being, and that is STUPID., Do I realy wan to wish someone "happy Arbor Day"? Even if you think that is ridiculous, do I really want to wish someone a "happy Labor Day" in December? "Happy Holidays' makes no sense at all, and I can say with confidence that I have NEAVAER used the phrase. It is absurd, and I have always knownnm that., Further, as I suggest above, it is really a sing of INTOLERANCE. The unstated asumption--the ONLY reason the stupid phrase exists--is that it is OFFENSIVE for people of other religions, or no religion (like me), to be faced with the fact that the USA is primarily made up of Christians, who have a RIGHT to PRACATIVE THEIR RELIGION wihout SABOTAGE by the ACLU and like minded INTOLERANT BIGOTS. Oh, did I mentin that my tow duaghters attended a Catolic school for a year or two, along with one of my nieces,. Didn't hurt them. Neither turned out to be "religious". In fact, you mnight say that they turned out to be LESS religious than their fater, without any indoctrinaion on my part (other than not pretending a religion I do not have). In other words, my daughters are more inclined to be INTOLERANT of Christians than I am. To the extent I read that correctly, my daughters are wrong.

How far has this War on Christmas, and the Christian religion, gone? I think that is indicated by the fact that CNN reported a POLL (polls, by the way, being instruments of teh Devil) on how many people preferred "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays". What purpose is served by such a POLL? None at all, excpet maybe BIGOTRY, Oh. 2/3 of the peole (a totally meaningless number, in a totally meaningless pll) said that they preferred "Merry Chritmas. Let us assume that pll is accurate (a false assumption). What does it mean? To me, it means that 1/3 of the country IS NOT CHRISTIANN (no matter what they say). As stated, I would include Barack Obama in that number. Oh, I would achknowledge taht a FEW peole might be so AFRAID of "offending" people that they would deny Christ--sort of like Peter (if I have got my Bible correct). But I think believing Christians that WIMPY are still fairly rare. I think this "poll questin" is almost a question of whether you actually BELIEVE in the Christian religion or not.

Flat statement: Christmass is a national holiday celebrating the BIRTH OF CHRIST. Doesn't that make me nervous when I wish someone a "Merry Christamas", even though I don't Believe" in Christ as our savior? Nope. Again, I see no harm at all in it. Do I have to BELIEVE in Christ, as the Son of God, to wish peolle a "Merry Christmas", when most Americans do celebrate Christmas (believing Christians or not)? That is absurd.

Further flat statement: Not only does Christmas, the national holiday, celebrate Christmas as teh birth of Christ, but it does so BECAUSE a majority of Aermicans believe in Christ as the Son of God., Again, wha difference does that make to ME.? It is not really my business what otehr people believe on religion, as long as they don't carry it into INTOLERANT legal systems and terrorism (sorry, "prayer in the schools", or "one nation, under God" do not qualify as making his a "theocracy"--notwithstanding the really sTUPID people who say so, such as the ACLU). In fact, I admit that when I recite the Pledge of Allegiance--rare these days, of course, I SAY "under God". Yep. I leave God in there. Why not/ This is NOT a POLITAICAL STATEMENT (the Pledge of Alleginace). IF there is a God, I have no problem with saying that our nation is 'under God'. IF there is no God, it is a harmless acceptance of tradition.

Oh. On "tolerance". What is the OFFICIAL osition of basically all Christiain churches as to ME? It is that I am going to HELL. A secretary in my office once even said that to me, when I let it be known (in my usual, non-cojfrontational way) that I was an agnostic, and did not really believe in God. She was a FRIEND o9f mine (at least from my point of view). Was I "insulted" taht this secretary suggested I wouuld go to HELL? No, she was NOT serious. But that is the OFFICIAL positin of BELIEVING Christians. And Christians are SUPPOSED to be "spreading the Word of God. That, as far as I am concerned,, means that Christians should be WILLING to say that you are going to Hell if you don't accept Christ. No, that can't be the position of the STATE, but it really should be the position of a BELIEVING Christian (wiht, maybe, the exception of some secs). What am I getting to? I am back to those "Christians" who say "Happy Holidays". I think they have been taking lessons from GOP members of Congress in how to DENY their religin (Peter again)--in the case of GOOP membesrs of Congrfess, how to DENY their princiiples as being as improtant as their reelectin (or electin).

Hacker Boy (hacking..o,h, you know): "Skip, now you hae made Christmas political. You are a despicabele human being.".

Skip: Ah, Hacker, Boy, getting it backwards as usual. It is not ME that is making Christmas plitical. It is the people conducting the WAR ON CHRISTMANS AND THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. I am simply saying that simple politteness and tolerance tell you that you should not try to make Christians FEEL BAD about celebrating THEIR RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY that the natin has felt important enough to most Amerians to recognize as a national holidya. . Nope. It is UNACCPOETABLE to suggest, as the ACLU seems to, that Christmas should be SEPARATED fromits religious meaning. That is absurd and intolerant. But the whole idea comes from absurd and intolerant peole. As this blog has often stated, the ACLU dearly WANATS to eliminate Christamas as a natinal holiday. They HAVE to want that. HOW can you opose government recognizing the MEANING of Chrstmas, as with Nativity scenes, if it is a national holiday. That is INSANE (gain, an accurate description of the people of the ACLU, an dsimilar leftists). Christmas should b e recongized for what it is, withotu attmepting to disguise its meaning (as seems to have been amsmost suddessfully done with Thanksgiving).

In, short, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Yes, I mean that even for you leftists out there, mentally challenged as you are. After all Christmas is a time to feel compassion for the afflicted, like you poor lefitists, as well as members of teh GOP establishment. Do I really include members of CONGRESS, and trhe President of the Untaied States, in this message? Gee. YOu are asking a lot of me to give that kind of greeting to the people who are destroying this country. Still, I guess it applies to them also, with the caveat that they don't deserve it. You may remember that early Christiands were thrown to the lions, and went VOLUNTARILY (even proudly) rather than renounce their religion and the SPREADING of that religion. You may wonder how many Christians have t hat spirit anymore. But I KNOW that the GOP WOARDS in Congress, and their cheerleaders in poll-dribven barbery outside of Congress, would NEVER face lions rather than give up their principles. Hell (un inteneded, again) they will not even face CNN, teh Nw Yrok Times, and the Aemrican people. Therefore, I do say 'Merry Christmas" to them, bu I understand if you dohn't believe me (jut like Bill Maher and I don't believe Barack Obama when he says he is a believing Christian).

Did I miss offending anyone? Maybe not. But, read correctly, the above is a defesne of REAL tolerance, along wiht a condemnaiton of cowardice.

P.S. No proofreaidng o spell checking (bad eyesight). Merry Christmas Marc and Charles (if you happen to read this, as I do not call eveyone on Christmas. Well, Merry Christmas John and James, my two other brothers, but I know they do not read this. I do call my daughtres directly, even though neither they nor I actually believe in the meaning of Christmas (the religous meaning), . Again, it is amatter of tradioin, and not of belief. I trust they will eventually come around to my point of view that thre is really no problem witht he "recognition" of the Christian religion as the majority religion of this country, so long as we say away fromn the MUSLIM approach to intolerant theocracy. No one, by the way, actually takes my calls on Christmas (or any other time). Do you think that means someting?

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