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Mitch McConnell: Defeat Him (This Blog's Defeat the GOOP Series)

This is part of teis blog's new series NAMEING GOP members of Congress who should be DEFEATED. Mitch McConnell heads the list (minority leader int he Senate).

Now critics may say that I am cheating here. First, I have called for the DEFEAT of Mitch McConnell before. In addition, McConnell is not even up for elction in 21012. However, I say it is never too early to start the process of DEFEATING these GOP members of Congress who betray conservatives. More mimportantly, who are "prime candidates" for being included in theis blog's Hall of Shame/Hall of Infamy? Right. Memebers of teh GOP--especially in the Seantgte--who FOLOLW McConnell can EXPECTA their names to appear in this blo--NOT in a good way.

There is a reason that McConnell is included as part of the "Defeat the GOP" series (GOP standing for "Grand, Outdated Party). I actually made a point of seeing McConnell's interview by Crhis Wallace, even though I am effecttively boycotting both McConnell and Wallac (on the unfair and unbalanced network). I did so becaue I KNOW it would make me angry, and give me material for this blog. And it did.

First, McConnell says that even Harry Reid says that this "payroll tax cut" will not be renewed NEXT YEAR. Isnot it nice (sarcasm) that McConnell is looking to HARRY REID for the definitive statement on that, because McConnell is too much of a COWRD to ever gith for what are ssuposed to be GOP "principles" (but are not). Notice how this "promise" taht we will not "extend" this "payroll tax cut" NEXT YEAR makes a MOCKERY of the idea that this is really a "tax cut". It is a STIMULUS/BRIBE, as tlhis blog has explained to you (one which UNDERMINES the whole Social Security system)> If this idea is a BAD idea NEXT YEAR, why is it a GOOD IDE this year? McConnell does not explain, because McConnell is a COWARD wqith NO principles at all. He should never have been reelected last time to Congress, and should definitely not be reelected next time. Combined with the exttension of the unemplyment benefits, McConnell is saying that the GOP FAVORS a 150 BILLION dollar increase in the DEBT and DEFICAT for the next 12 months (through the election--highlighting that this is merely a BRIBE, at the expense of tthe country).

It gets worse. The above is not even what caused McConell to be highlighted in this blog's "Defeat the GOP" series. Wallace challenged McConnell by pointing uot that both Obama and Reid (who McConnell had jsut DEFERRED to as far as when this "temporary" "stimulus/bribe" is OVER) have said taht the GOP bill WILL NOT PASS. Thus, Wallace asked McConnell whether we might have an impasse, where no extension of the "payroll tax cut" will be passed.

What did McConnell say? Did he say that usch a thing dpends on Obama and Reid, and that the GOP plan is based on PRINCIPLES that the GOP will not abandon (talking aoubt things like the Keystone oil pipeline, blocking of a ridiculous ePA regulation and a few other things)? Nope. What McConnell said (I could never make this up) is' "Congress WILL pass an extension of te payroll tax cut. " Notice what this amazing statement does. Desite hwatever esle McConnell says, this sends a clear signal that the GOP LEADERSHIP is read to ABANDON conservatives on not only the "payroll tax cut", but on every other conservative measure in a bill wihich is a BRIBE. McConnell might as well have said: "We GOP Senators know that the American people like their BRIBES, and we do not dare tkake this BRIBE away from them right before an electin.' For tat outstanding example of cynicism and betrayal, McConnlell should be in every Hall of Shame and Hall of Infamy there is.

Notice what McConnell has done. He has let the "opposition" (loll--the"oppositoin" being more people like ME) know that the GOP leadership WANTSS to CAVE on this. They jsut want the Democrats to help them SAVE FACE (there stilll being a possibility that the Democrats will BETRAY THEM (the GOP leadership in Congress) by refusing to play this game (because Democrats think they have a "winning isssue", because of the absolutely terrible way the GOP has refused to take the conservative case to the people on the "payroll tax cut"). This is like the previous 2011 "spending fight", and the "debt ceiling fight", where the GOP stood for NOTHIGN. As this blog has coreectly told you, the GOP (as an institutino) does NOT intend to really CTU the deficit, AVODI extra increas in our debt, or actually CUT spending. The GOP is compsoed of FRAUDS. McCnonell is the almost the worst fraud of all. But he is not much worse than MOST of the GOP members of the senate, and of Congress.

Let us go back to the end of 2010, when the gOP announced that "compromise" on "having" to accept the "payrool tax cut" and extension of uneomployment benefits as the "price" of "extending" the Bush tax cuts. Not only did DISHONEST Mitch McConneell and the GOP say taht the "payroll tax cut" was only temporary, but they promised that things would be 'different" when a gOP HOUSE started really taking on the Democrats on the debt, deficit and spending. Uh-huh. NOTHING has been 'different", and Mtch McConnell is now exposing the DISHONESTRY of the GOP positoin at the end of 2010. The GOP WANTED to BRIBE the Ameridan people in 2010, and never had any intention of actually CUTTING the deficit, spending, or stooping the vast increases in the debt. The GOP WANTED to extend to pass the "payroll tax cut", and the extension of unemployment benefits, and all protestations to the contrary were LIES. They definitely wanted to do it if the alternative was voting against it.

What happens when you signal that you are a COARD, and want a bil BRIBING the Amerian people at any cots? You don't get much of anything you want. In other words, in addition to a BETRAYAL of principle, it is a TERRIBLE "negotiating" strategy. I would be shocked if McConnell gets what he told Wallace he would get (while undrmining his own negotiating position). He is counting on DEMOCRATS being just as COWARDLYLY as McConnell is, and betraying their princiiples in order to give McConnell and the GOP a "face saving" way to betray GOP "principles" (on the laughable assumption there are any--for the politicians, as distinguished from the "rnk-and-file" HICS who actually belive in GOP rhetoric.

No. Mitch McConnell more than deserves his place as the next name in this blog's Defeat the GOP series.

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Oh, Paul Gigot and the Wall Streeet Journal "editorial" group on the unfair and unablanced network TOLD you this weekend everything that this blog has told you about the "payroll atax cut". Gigot's COWARDLY conclusing (I BOYCOTTED the Wall STreet Journal as of 30 years ag, and it has gotten no better as all of Wall Street became econoomic fascists): The GOP "has" to pass the "payroll tqax cut" because of POLITICS (the country be damned). I really can't stand it. No ownder this country is in such bad shpae. Almost everybody in "leadership", or establishment, positions THINGS THE VERY SAME WAY. And it is killing us. Message to Paul Gigot: You are a COWRD with NO princioles: why don't you run for a GOP seat in Congress? As susal, if Gigot, or anyone on his behalf, wants to try to defnd him, the comment section of this blog is open. I, as usual, don't promise not to absolutley destryoy the 'arguments' of anyone who wants to contest what this blog is saying.

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