Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays: USA Debt Now 15.124 TRILLION Dollars, and Counting

This is not MY headline, really. It is the current BANNER headline of Drudge ( with a link to the story about how the House GOP "caved" on that two month extension of the "payroll tax cut'--except taht Druge WROTE OUT the entire number (not using the word "trilloin'). As you wouold expect, the number goes on FOREVER.

See my articles over today, teh past few days, the past few weeks, and the past months. How can the GOP, with any credibiity at all, COMPLAIN about the amount of our national debt. The GOPP has ADDED more than 300 BILLIN dollars to the REQUIREd debt with its votes on the "poayroll tax cut" and "extended unemployment benefits" over the past year (last December, and this December, since we are PROMISED that this "two month" extgension will turn into a full year extension). TheGOP has FORFEITED this issue. At least all incumbents have.

That is the problem: Drudge puts that banner healdine up NOW, but where was the OUTRAGE over this "payroll tax cut" bill.? Where was the REPORTING on this aspect of the bill by the unfair and unablanced netowork. The blill wil lREQUIRFE--and that inculdes the GOP bill--a sustanial RAISING of teh debtt ceiling sooner rather than later. Tlhe "pay for" provisions are a FRAUD, and in any case take place over TEN YERS. The INCREASE in the DEBT occurs NOW.

The GOP establishment thinks this is all politically "smart". I pity them. They are mentally challenged. Look at my previous article, which I sand behind. REally, and the Drudge headline confirms it, the GOP is a DEAD PARTY WALKILNG (whether they "win" in 2012 or not). Do you realize that if we "offset" EVERY "savings" and all additional revenue with NEW additions to the defict, that we will ADD well over ten TRILLION dollars to the debt by 2020. That means a debt then of more than 25 TRILLION DOLLARS. And the GOP has thrown away this issue. Thhird party here we come. Isn't it great how we have obeyed Obama and "learned to live within our means"!!!!!!!!! I tell you: The guy (Obama) is a COMIC GENIUS. GOP politicans are simply pathetic--not even funy.

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