Tuesday, December 20, 2011

President Obama, Despicable Human Being and Partisan: Disgrace to Iraq War Veterans

I heard President Obama' PARTISAN remarks at the press briefing romm today,, and they reveaaled the President to be a desicablehuman being.

Hacker BOoy (trying to bring sanity to this disgraceful blog, despite Skip's new alleagation taht I may be Piers Morgan, or associated with Piers Morgan, just because Skip has criticized Piers Morgan--now with CNN but who has had to TESTIFY in the Rupert Murdoch hacking proceedings in the U.K. --just to annoyt me when I perform a ppublic service by hacking into this blog): "Skip, you have reached a new low. You just can't call the President of teh United States a despicable human being. That is especially true when you prove YOURSELF to be a despicable human being almsot every day in this disgraceful blog."

Skip: "Ah, Hacker Boy, I have missed you, and it is now my opinion that you ARE Piers Morgan. You merely prove my point. I know that President Obama is not a Christian, on which ponit I agree with felolow agnostic Bill Maher, BECAUSE I am not a Christian. , I know a person who thiks like I do (on this) when I see one. By the same token, as a desicable human being I know another despicable human beig when I see and hear one. And the President of teh United States keeps making clear he is one.' (Back to the blog article)

What did the President do today? He tried to USE Iraq war veterans for political purposes. The whole TONE of his remarks--exteremely partisan--labeled Obama as a despicable human being willing to say anything for partisan purposes. But he made it crtstal clear when he said that the "House Republicans" were letting Iraq War veterans down when they refused to pass teh Senate bill., I find that DESPICABLE.

"But, Skip, maybe he just got carried away in frustrration>"

Was that Hacker Boy/Piers Morgan again? Anyway, it is NOT TRUE> Thgis is a STANDARD PLITICAL TACTIC for President Obama, and it is the mark of a DESPICABLE HUMAN BEING. This blog--prescient, and in foresight, as usual--did a previous article on the DISGRACEFUl way in which President Obama approached the shooting of Babrielle Giffords. He actually said lthen, as part of what amounted to a camaign rally, that we "need to act in such a way as to make Gabrielle Giffords proud of us"--leaving little doubt that Obama meant acting the way OBAMA acted, and to "come together" the way OBAMA waqnts us to "come together": to support OBAMA. That was disgraceful arrogance then, and it is disgraceful and despicable arrogance now.

President Obama did not even mention that it is teh SENATE which has done wahat Obama said he would not "LET" Congres do. The Seante has LEFT TOWN, without this bill being passed. Obama said he would not let that happen. Further, it was Preisdent Obama who said he would VETO any "short-term" extension, because that would fail the American people .

Well, it is the Seanate and Persident Obama who have failed the American people. Yes, it is the ositin of this blog that the GOP AND the Tea Party have failed the American people by accepting the theory of this 1.5 TRILLIN dollar increas in the national debt (over ten years, as it is hard to see how this BRIBERY ever stops). But this "tow month" atrocity is about the most obvious stupidity that a branch of Congress has ever passed--competing only with that "supercommittee" atrocity that also was passed just to get by a "deadline".

I have absolutely NO doubt that the House WOULD agree to a "compromise" on this bill. They are too COWRDLY not to do that. It is a litttle amazing that they wre brave enough to opppose this Senate atrocity (for which 39 GOP Senators should probably be DEFEATED). The only reason Democrats wanted this disgraceful two month extension is POLITICS. Democrats want to keep hammering the GOP over that "surtax on millioonaires and billioinaires". They KNOW that the final "deal" they will get will be the very SAME deal they can make now. But they want to keep hammering the GOP over this--which the GOP could have AVOIDED if they had OPPPOSED this entire TAX GIMMICK as an attack on Social Seucirty and a 1.5 TRILLINO dollar additon to the debt (because there is NO indication that these same things will not be done NEXT DECEMBER, and every December thereafter). Remember LAST December, when the same arguments were made as to why we had to do this "payroll tax cut" (which is NOT a real "tax cut") and this extension of extended unemployment benefits. The GOP does ntoot even have the courage to ooppose INDEFIINITE extensions of paying for people NOT TO WORK.

So, Mr. President, I ACCUSE you of ailing Iraq war verterans, under you own suposed standard. If you wanted peope to "come together", you had no business trying to POLITICALLY blame House GOP member alone, when it was the SEaNAT which has left town, and evn suggesting that ONLY House GOP memmbers have "failed" Iraq War veterans. Mr. President, that makes you a depsicable human being, and a failure to the legacy of Iraq war veterans.

As usual, the comment sectin is available to anyone who wants to defend the President, or accuse me of being too "harsh" by using the President's own standards.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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