Monday, December 5, 2011

Gloria Borger: Dhihonest, Partisan Political Hack on The Liar Network (CNN)

What was the theme on CNN tonight? All oyou have to do is realize that Preisdent Obama gave about his f100th as Liar-inChief on teh "pyaroll tax cut" today (sometimes only about that, and sometimes as part of the "jobs bill"). That tells you everything yoiu need to know about the theme of CNN's dishonest, partisan coverage tonight.

Gloria Borger has been featured in this blgo beforfe. She is one of the most DISHONEST "journalists" who have ever lived, as I have proven time and time again. She is willing to say absoluttely ANLYTHING iin support of the CNN agenda, and proved it again tonight. You had one of those panel discussions whre "veryone" agreed with the CNN aggenda, including the "CNN conservative" (whose name I wish I had noticed, simply to make him; notorious in this blog). In fact, that ws the main theeme of the CNN "coverage (propaganda): that EVERYONE supoports extension of the FRAUDULENT "payroll tax cut". Of course, all of the CNNpanelists, including Gloria Borger, adopted the OBAMA line that the GOP can't possibly support a
"tax increase" on the "middle clas", when the GOP is against every tax increase known to man. This is lthe Orwelian Big Lie being pushed by CNN, Obama AND teh GOP establishment. This blog has shown you, in article after article, that the "payroll tax cut" was supposed to be a ONE TIME STIMULUS (just like the $600 Bush/Democrat check given to people in 2008, which was itself advertised as a kind of "tax rebate"). How did the GOP let a ONE TIME STIULUS, that DID NOT WORK, bue turned into a permanent BRIBE that cannot be taken away, based on the LIE that it was a "tax cut"?

Even Paul Begala--prtisan to beat all partisans, and presented as such, although he is no more partisan than Gloria Borger--pointed out that a MAJORTIY of the GOP Senators OPPOSED the GOP "payroll taqx cut" plan, because it was a FRAUD that would increase the deficit based on SHAM future "cuts". The Democrat "plan" (to put a surtax on millioonaires--there not being enough "millioinaires" to "pay for even 1/10 of what Democrats have promised to "fund" this way, which is not just the fraudulent "apyroll tax cut) ignores that we are not paying for teh government we have, and that IF it were a "good idea" to put a surtax on millionaires (which it is not), then we NEED the money to rEDUCE THE DEFICT (not as a wealth redistribution payment). Isn't it ironic that the GOP "plan" shares the SAME defect: IF it is desirable to "cut" CURRENT spending (which it si, and which the GOP "plan" does not reallyh do), then what we "save" is NEEDED to ctut eh DEFICT. Isn't it amazing (not) that so man GOP polititicans agree with Democrat politicians that we don't need to cut the deficit. Maybe that is why the GOP has cut the deficit. I am now willing to make a flat statement: The GOP, as an institution, has NO INTENTION of ever really "balancing the budget", or cutting the defict. For most of these people it is all just 'politics", and BRIBES come first. But the point is that Pual Begala (trhing to trash the GOP, and inadvertently lurching into the truth) ESXPOSED the "CNN conservativwe" as a total FRAUD, AND the CNN "coerage" as totally biased and PARTISAN. Where ws the point of view of those 26 or so GOP Senators who voted AGAINST the GOP plan? It wasn't there. Wherfe is the pont of view I have been presenting for weeks, months, and lyears on this FRAUDULENT "payroll tax cut" scam, and is endoresed by the only accountants I know (who came up with the evaluation on their own). My freid Tony, and my brother Marc--both CPAs--are even more vehement in attacking the FRAUD of the "payroll tax cut" idea than I am (although they are not willing to abandon the GOP forever, as I have).

But why is Gloria Borger so bad? If CNN is pushing a common propganda line, as lthey are, then why single out Gloria Borger? Because Gloria Borger goes the extra mile, into dhshonesty beyond dishonesty: that's why. Borger gets special mention as the dishonest partisan political hack to end all dishonest political hacks. In this case Borger was jumping with glee about how clever Obama had been POLITICALLY (as if the country did not matter) . Borger almost had an orgams right there on camera, thinking about it and talking aobut how clever Obama had been. And Borger, of course, pushed the CNN/Obama Big LLie that "everhone" agrees taht the "payroll tax cut" has to be extended. But it was only Borger who said this, bubbling over with glee: "And the Democrats even offered a compromise, limiting the surtax on millionaires to TEN YEARS, with even some small spending cuts thrown in." What can you say about a woman who would push even PROPAGANDA that far? Partisan political hack? Certainly. Dishonest? Certainly. But ist that adequte. I don't lthink so. I have to return to Aruthur Conan Doyle, form "The Lost World" (referring to "journalists"): she is a SWINE FROM THE DEVIL'S HERD. If you consider that a "compromise" (and Borger clearly new it was NOT , but merely a political PLY), then you should apply for work at CNN. You will be hired on The Liar Network. When is the last time the Tax Code, or any major provisions in it, remained UNCHANGED for even ten years? The next time will be about the first. Boorger knonws this, and knows what Democrats were really doing was takng a DIG at the GOP for the "Bush tax cuts" (where the GOP, to their shame, tried to use that "ten year" gimmick on taxes they fully intended to be premanent, and should have beenn--"permanent" being unfornately an absurd word as politicians in Wahsington primarily look upon the Tax Code as a REELECTION VEHICLE).

No, Gloria Borger is the owrst of the worst: clearly a swine from the Devil's herd. However, there was somebody who said something abuut as bad--again talking abut how "clever" Obama has been to OUT-BRIBE the GOP. Someone (maybe Begala, and it could even have been Borger, but I don't remember it that way) talked about how "clever" it was for Obama to get to the RIGHT of the GOP. This, of course, is an Orwellian Big Lie at its very bet/worst: making explicit what Obama is making pretty explicit himself. The idea here is that it is CONSERVATIVE to BRIBE the "middle class" with ONE TIME STIMUUS PAYMENTS THAT NEVER END.

This blog has told you the truth here. This is a definitive TEST of whether you are a "conservative". IF you faovr the CONCEPT of a the "payroll tax cut" being a real tax cut that shoudl be extended every year, then you are NOT a conservative. NO conservative should vote for you, as I am bout convinced that NO conservative shoudl vogte for ANY current GOP member of Congress. Nope. As usual, a "vote" against a "final deal' that has beeen GREASED will NOt help you poor saps who think such a vote wil lsave you. That game has been pulled too many times: you know a bill is 'wired" to pass, and therefore you can vote against it (with knowledge your vote is not crucial) for toally political reasons. Anotehr flat statement: IF this "payroll tax cut" passes, this blog will call for the DEFEAT of VERERY Tea Party politician in Congress (that is, those who SAY they sympathize with the Tea Party). This bill CAN be blocked. If the Tea Party politicians refuse to stand up and be conted, then the TEA PARTY (the people) should DEFEAT every such dishonest, hypocritical politician. I know you may think I have already called for the DEFEAT of every GOP politician, but that is not yet quite true. It is turue that I have called for the defeat of probably a MAJORTIY of them, but there are still the Michele Bachmanns, and others. Well, I have had it. If CNN were trying for "division" in the conservative movement, with there "tame CNN conservative", then I admit they may have succeeded. I am actually ready to ABANDON Tea Party politicans who have already been elected, if they don't FIGHT this disastrous bill. If you do not really attack the LEADERSHIP (GOP) on this bill, then you do NOT oppose deficit spendng. You do NOT stand for "Tea Party" principles. And I belive the credibility of the entire Tea Party is at stake here. Are you going to let POLITICIANS get away with telling yyou that letting a ONE TIME STIMULUS expire is a "tax incrase"? If so, then your movement is over.

I foollow through on my promises (unlike the GOP). Just watch, GOP and Tea Party (of which I have never actually been a member), what this blog says about you if this bill passes (with, for example, SHAM "spending cuts'). The dirty little secret is that the "new" "Tea Party" GOP, just like the OLD GOOP, has NOT CUT A SINGLE DIME out of sspending (current spending, as distinguished from sham fuutre fantasies).

Were partisan Gloria Borger and CNN right about this being a "political win" for Obama. I think so, but NOT for the reason Borger and company said. The GOP should NEVEr have agrfeed to the "deal" at the end of 2010 for this ONE TIME STIMULUS. I said so at the tiem. The GOP set themselves up for this, adn deserve what they get. I have NO sympathy for them. Then they compounded the problem by acting all along that thies "payroll tax cut" ws something that the GOP favors, so long as it can be "paid for". I can't tell you--although maybe you know if you read this blog-how ANGRY this particular Big Lie makes me. The GOP is NOT proposing to "pay for' the "payroll tax cut", even if Democrrats went along with them The GOP is proposing to INCREASE the current deficit, in eschange for sham future spending "cuts'. And, even if the "cuts" were real AND current (as they are not, and will not be), it would STIL be a LIE. We are not "payring for" the government we have. Any extra money we find needs to go to "pay for" teh government we have. It is absurd to suggest that we can "pay for" ANYTHING NEW, when we arr borrrowing 40 cents out of every dollar we now spend. For this LKIE alonne, EVERY member of the GOP who spouts it should be DEFEATED. Hell will freeze ovr before I change my mind on this. I--as you can tell--get angrier the more I even think about this.

What has the GOP done? they have basically accept that the "payroll tax cut" is a good idea that should be extgended. No, let CNN be stupid about polls. Polls do not matter here. The GOP refused to make the case against the "payroll tax cut", and the case was EASY to make (starting with the correct assertion that it represents an attack on Social Security and a REJECTIN of the idea that we can "pay for" ADDITIONS to current deficits with FUTURE spending "cuts', OR future tax revenues). Over the past weeks and months, I have shown how this "payroll tax cut" could have been attaked a s total FRAUD. Hell, it FAILED to do any good thi syear. The GOP was too COWARDLLY to make that case. Of course they have LOST politically whiich may not ultimately help Obama,, but shows lthe utter incomepettence and lack of principle in the GOP). Now look at where the GOP is. They are arguing that it is better to "pay for' (a fraud the GOP refuses to challenge, because they may wnat to use it on the same sort of thing) a "paryoll tax cut" that the GOP is saing SHOULD BE DONE with sham spenidng "cuts' rather than a surtax on millioonaires. And the GOP is not even effectively making the "class warfare" argument. How can you "win" politically when you are that DUMB. These peole (in the GOP) are bone deep STUPID. It is good Obama is so incompetent, and so wrong, or the GOP would right now be on the way to oblivion. They beter hopw Obama does not bget lucky, becase NO ONE is really gong to vote for the GOP. Like my brothers, they will be voting AGAINST Obama. And if they do, the newly elected GOP is going to run into a buzz saw. No one wil deserve it more, aas no one has deserved this policital defeat (which is what it is) more than the GOP.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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