Monday, December 19, 2011

Charles Krauthammer: Coward

I have noted several times over the last month that MANY GOP peole, and supposed "conservatives", have said the SAME things that this blo has said about the disgraceful "payroll tax holiday". Paul Gigot, for example, on the Wall Street Journal editorial report ont he unfair and unbalanced network, said that the "one time" (lol) bill should never have been passed in the first place. But he went on to say that the GOP now had "no choice" but to extend the "one-time" stimulus that failed. Basically the whole panel agreed that the bill was BAD, but they alos eemed to agree that they were all COWARDS, and expecte the GOP to SELL OUT THE COUNTRY FOR POLITICS.

Well, the Seante has, in one of the most disgraceful votes in the history of this country. The Senate passed that "two month extensin" (lol again, so I don't bawl like a baby) by an 89-10 vote.

How do I know it was one of the most disgaceful dispalys in legislating in the history of this country? Charle Krauthammer told lme so (althogh you heard it here first) on the panel discussion on Gret Baire's show on the unfair and unbalanced network . Yep. I am not kidding you. Krauthammer said almsot the EXACT same things I said in this blog's "foaming at the mouth" articles over the weekend on that Seante vote. Krauthammer did say taht this was the worst failure of leadership he has ever seen in Congress, even this year, which he admits was saying a LOT. Why the hedline, then?

You would expect Krauthammer, would you not, to be CELEBRATING the House refusal to go along with this MOST DISGRACEFUL BILL IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY? No. Krauthammer was almost visibly depressed and disappointed at the expect House actin to reject the Senate bill.

What Krauthamemr SAID was that the House was going to be BLAMED for the peole not getting their BRIBE (my word, not that coward, Krauthammer's word) that the Seante was tryng to guarantee for them (however disgracefully) . ForKrauthammer, and the GOP establishment (including TOO MANY of the Tea Party), it is all about POLITICS and POWER. That is why the GOP , and too many 'conservatives", have refused to fight AGAINST this "payroll tax holiday" betrayal.

As this blog has said: "A coward dies a thousand times, but a brave man dies but onc" Krauthammer, almost the entire GOP, and too many conservatives, seem itnet on proving this to be a true statement.

The GOP, and conservatives, could have WON this "debate", had they ever actually stood up against the fraud of this "extgension" of this supposedly "onetime" payroll tax holiday . By being COWARDS on that, they have put themselves in this positoin where Krauthammer thinks the GOP will LOSE the "politics" of it. "Hey Charlie, what about SELLING OUT TH E COUNTRY, which YOU, the GOP, an doto many "conservatives" seem willing tro do for POLITICAL GAIN (or to avoid what they perceeive as political looss).

I assure you I am right on this, and it is not the first time. Charles Krauthammer is a COWARD. He is unwiling to ARGUE for conservative positions that he thinks are political losers. He is a GOP "establishment" kind of gu.y. But this is the worst I have ever seen him do. How can you AGREE with this blog about the Seante vote being about the most disgraceful i the history of this coutnry, and not be willing to STAND WITH THE HOUSE PROUDLY for the House callling out the Seante (maybe--nott yet a concluded vote as this is being typed) on this ATROCITY? This is cowardice beyond my ken, and a kind of pessimism even I (pessimist that I am) do not share. I belive that the GOP, and people like Krauthammer, COULD have sold the American people that this "payroll tax hliday" extension would COST them mroe than what they would seee in their paycheck. They did not even TRY. They sold the American peole short. Even if you are RIGHT about the American peole being too willing to be BIRBED, the GOP simply can't win elections (consistently) buying into thiese BRIBES. And the COUNTRY cannot afford "politics as usual". Yet, that is exactly whate we are getting. We aare getting it from GOP politicians,as well as Democrat politicians. But we are also getting it from people like Charles Krauthamemr. I do not forgive that kind of COWARDICE, even when the perons AGREES WIH ME RIGHT DOWN TH ELINE ON THE SUBSTANCE OF TEH DISGRACEFUL SENATE VOTE.

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