Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yahoo "News" and AT&T: Leftist Propaganda (BOYCOTT AT&T and Yahoo)

If Congress does not take action, economy could take another hit" (Comes from somehitng called "The Lookout-, or some such thing, but I am glad to give Yaho "News" full "credit" for this disgraceful propaganda, as it was FEATURED on Yahoo/AT&T today)

You don't see that the above is PROPAGADA of the most pernicous and blatant kind? You should not admit to beeing that stupid and/or ignorant. What is the Obama CAMPAIGN position? Obama, of course, is no longer interested in "governning" (if he ever was--doubtful). He is only intrested in CAMPAIGNING on a CLASS WARFARE, "blame Congress" "platform.

The quoted headline could have been lifted directly from an Obama speech, and probably was.

"But Skip, doesn't 'everyone' agree that the headline is true?" Nope. That is another Obaama line. Read this blog. Here is the correct headline: If Congress passes yet another STIMULUS bill, adding to the deficit and our debt, then economic recovery could be IMPOSSIBLE".

"But Ski," You whine, your suggested headline is a political positioin." No, it isn't. It is thr turth. But, I admit, it is a CONTESTED truth--repreenting what the argument is all about. Obama, the leftist media, and establishment GOP politicinas continue to belive that GOVERNMENT can "wlve" all of our problems: the magic wand theory of government. This is despite the fact that theory AND experience show this to be FALSE.

Thus, Obama (and some cowardly GOP politiicans and "CNN conservatives"--the same thing as a "Cooper Indian", as described by Mark Twain n his famous critique of James Fenimore Cooper) position is that we should pass another 500 BILLIBON dollar "stiulus" package (NOT a "jobs bill", as it has laready been proven it does not create jobs) package. Yet, this SAME "stimulus" package FAILED, over the past year (including the supposed "one-time", "termporary", one-year "payroll tax cut" and the extension of unemplyment benefits again) , to produce ANY "improvement" in the economy. All it succeeded in dong was adding to the deficit.

You see the point. You may diagree with me on the merits, but that is what the ARGUMENT is about. All Yahoo "News' and AT&T are doing is TAKES SIDES with blatant propaganda.

The headline, by the way says NOTHING. It is an exercise in both incompetence and propaganda. "Could?" And with proper genetic engineerring, pigs could fly. "Could" is the refuge of a "journalistic" SCOUNDREL without even the COURAGE of hsi or her own convinctions. It is a word that makes the headline MEANINGLESS, I KNOW these people ("journalilsts": swine from the Devil's herd). They MEAN "could" to mean 'will", but they don't DARE say "will" (because they are COWARDS, as well as propagandists). Thyus, hwen faced with criticism such as mine, they can whine (whiners, cowards AND swine from the Devil's herd): "We didn't take sides. You read the headline wrong. It said 'could'."

"Journalists" are despicable peole, as are the people of AT&T and Yahoo. Yes, I continue to include AT&T, because AT&T coninues to PROMOTE its "partnership" with Yahoo on providng this "featured" news on the AT&T internet "default" page. AT&T mus face the consequences of its decisions, including promoting LEFTIST PROPAGANDA.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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