Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tea Party GOP: Defeat Them ALL

Yep. I have absolutely had it with supposed Tea Party GOP politicians. This blog is now officially caalling for votes to DEFEAT THEM ALL (who are current members of Congress).

Look what they have done. John Boehner, as usual, got them to vote for a FRA:UDULENT (because he never intended to FIGHT for the bill, becasied the fact that the "apyroll tax cut" is a FRUAD in itself) extgension of teh "payroll tax cut" simplly to "kick the can down the road". Now the GOP in the Senate, with the House expected to follow, has PUNTED with a TEO WMONTHH extension of the "payroll tax cut" and extended unemployment benefits. I have quoted before: "Cowards die a thousand deaths, while a brave man dies but once." The GOP, specifically including TEA PARTY politicians in teh GOP, are COWARDS. And they are deliberately making sure that they die a thousand deaths. How can ANYONE vorte for ANY of thiese people? I can't. And this is another example of bog foresight. I have told you mr MONTS (not that it was hard) that the GOP was gong to BETRAY you on this. And they have. And they have done so with hardly a peep of Tea Party opposition. Can we conclude that the Tea Paryty has now passed into the dustbin of history? If the Tea Party lets the COWRDS who supposedlyy represent them in Congress get away with this, then we can conclude that.

Do you remember the "spending bill" fight at the beginning of last year, after the GOP said "ghings will be different"--while entering into the deficit ADDING and DEBT INCREASING deal at the end of 2010 (which instituted this "one-yer", "stimulus" "payroll tax cut" in the first place? What happened? The GOP had promised that they would make up for their BETRAL on the debt and the defict by taking on SPENDING in the new Congress. The FIRST thing they did was vote for a TEMPORARY EXTENSION of the previous, Obama/Democrat SPENDING. This has becoem STANDARD for the DISHOENST COWARDS of the GOP.

First, you vote for a "short-term extension" of whatever Obama/Democrat deficit increasing measures are in place, and theyn-after you have totally muddled up any principle involved, and made it impossible to have any public support--you bETRAY lthe people who elected lyou. TEA PARTY POLITICIANS, THIS MEANS YOU. I would not votte for AnY of you as dogcatcher of Mt. Ida, Arkansa. Is that an overstatement? Maybe, but only slightly. Again there were 234 votes for that fraudulent GOP "jobs bill". No, it is NOT enough to vogte "against" some final version of one of these "compromises"--like this two month extension. You are just making a "safe" vote. Unless you are screaming and yelling about YOUR OWN LEADERS, and making them pay for theeir betrayls in terms of public excoriatoin, then you are participating in this fraud. There are, MAYBE, about TEN GOP members of Congress to whom this blog is being unfair with this over-generalization. That is abut all: TEN. If your memeber of Contgresws can convince lyou he ir she is one of those ten, then maybe he or she is (or maybe you are a gullible fool). I lleave it up to you to figure out which is true, so long as you realize the general principle here is to DEFEAT THEM ALLL.

Again, look at the pattern. Last year, at the same time of year, the GOP made a deal to INCREASE the deficit and the debut by about 150 BILLIN dollars, which inlcuded this "weath redistribu;tion" (even though MORE of the "brnefits" of that go to the RICH than the poorer workers) "payroll tax cut". The GOP made that promise to "cut spending", and then the new GOP Houase promptly EXTENDED teh OLD SPENDING for two months. Then THEY DID IT AGAIN. (another short extensionlk in "exchange" for some alleged small "cut"). Finally, the GOP passed that FRAUDULENT "deal" on spending for the rest of the fiscal year that CUT NOTHING.

Now the GOP is repeating the same pattern. Extend the "payroll tax cut" for two months, along with the extension of unemployment benefits, and BETRAY us even further after those two monts. I just can't stand it. These peole can't even think up NEW GAMES. Tey keep coming back to the SAME OLD GAMES AND FRAUD, and they still want people to vote for them Wll, I will NOT vote for them .Hell will freeze over first.

But the main point of this article is that this conclujsion applies to alleged TEA PARTY members of the GOP as much as it dooes to any of the rest. I will NOT vote for those cowards, who have betrayed ever principle upoin which they were elected. I would prefer they be DEFEATED in a PRIMARY, but there is one overall principle: DEFEAT THEM.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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