Monday, December 19, 2011

Marco Rubio: Defeat Him? Or probation? (Defeat the GOP series)

The unfair and unbalanced network (albeit an unreliable source) said thqat Marco Rubio was part of those89 Senators who passed that truly disgraceful "extengin" of the payroll tax holiday and extended unemployment benefits. See blog articles over teh past few days as to how BAD that vote was.

Pep. That vote would be enough to get Marco Rubio on the "Defeat the GOP" list--this blog's new series of GOOP politicians who shoudl be defeated. That was what the blog author wanted to do: put Rubio in this Hall of Shame. However, the blog author was overruled by the governming board of the blog, who insisted that Rubion should only go on PROBATION. This is because Rubion has shown signs of being the "great conservative hope" to succeed Ronald Reagan--as well as signs that indicate conservatives are engaging in wishful thinking.

Therefore, Marco Rubio is now officially ON PROBATION. If you people think that there are ANY "sacred cows" in the GOP which this blog is afraid to "earmark" for DEFEAT, you are wrong. Rubio skated by this time. His next fall from grace will be his last (as far as this blog is concerned).

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