Thursday, December 22, 2011

House GOP Members and Tea Party Politicians: Defeat Them All (Dead Politicians Walking: GOP, R.I.P.)

How does lthe House GOP expect ANY(NE to give them any respectg at all, or to vote for ANY of them? They have shown temselves over and over again to be blustering cowards: talking loudly and crrrying a little stick (the converse of Teddy Roosevelt, and I have clenaned up the quote I would dearly have liked to use, with another word for "stick" that comes close to rhyming wiht it).

You know by know that Speaker Boehner has announced that, despite the "good fight" (DEFEAT THESE HOPOELSS COWARDS), the House GOP ois going to "cave" and approve teh Seante two month extension of teh "payroll tax cut", along with extension of unemplymnment benefits and FRAUDULENT "tgwo year" (meant to be lpremanent) extension of teh "doct fix" on Medicare reimbursement. Note how foresighted this blog has been. Not only did I expect this betrayll--only the end game of a betrayal on teh "payroll tax cutg"--but I told you the situation: "Coeards die a thousand deaths, while a brave man dies but once". The GOP has just died anotehr death, but I believe it may be a fATAL one. Oh, it is possible that the GOP can still win eletions, because Obama and teh Democrats are locked inot a LEFTISM that HAS to FAIL. But the GOP is now locked into "lefitism light", and that, too, has to fail. As fare as I am concerned, teh entire world of GOP incumbents represent "dead politicians walking", as part of a dead political party (despite the gift victories teh Democratrs may continue to give them in some elections, ONHLY after Democrats FAIL.

What do I mean about Tea Party politicians? I mean what I said. yep. I would vote AGAINST Michele Bachlmann for anotehr term in Congress. I would vote against EVERY INCUMBENT in Congress. As you know, if you read this blog, this is not becuse I believe in that FRAUD about "cooperation" in Congress. I jutt believe in honesty and principle, and GOP House members, INCLUSDING SUPPOSED ATEA PARTY MEMBERFS, have shown they have NO honesty or principle (if it takes any COURAGE)l. Sorry Michele, I would vote AGAINST you, and advise people in your district to do so Now, I MIGHT sitll vote for Michele Bachmann for Prfesident. However, that is NOT because I think she would be a GOOD President. I don't. I jsut think she is outside of teh "establishment", even if she WANTS to be in it, and taht we really have to elect such a person to the Presidency to shake things up. The establishment stil thinks "politics as usual" is a WINNER. I think they are wrng, but that is ONLY if both VOTERS and HONEST politicans CHALLENGE the establishment. This latest betrayl by the House shows that we have NO "leaders' willing to challenge the establishment at this time (always excluding Ron Paul., who I would defiinitely vote for to be Preisdent--again NOT because I think he would affirmatively be a GOOD Preisdent, but becauwe he would shake up the establishment).

"But, Skip, the Twa Party did not approve of wht Boehner and the GOP leadership did". You areally are NAIVE, aren't you. Boehner, and teh House GOP, are so COWARDLY (and dictatorial) taht they are not even proposing to TAKE A VOTE on the disgracefu Seante bill. This is obviuosly to AVOID Tea Party politicinas from having to go "on record". That DISHONESTY alone is enough for me Again, DEFEAT ALLL INCUMBENT TEA PARTY POLITICIANS. My mind is made up. ALL INCUMBENTS NEED TO GO. And new incumbents need to be DEFEATED until we finally get a bunch who will STAND for SOMETHING. I do think the Democrats stand for something, although they will sometimes do their best to conceeal it: Big Botenment, Big Spending, Defiictits and Debt, and Class Warfare. The problem is that GOP politicians pretty much stand for teh SAME THING--jsut not so obvious. Yu have Mitt Romney (of all people) out there BELEATING about the "middle class", and how they need a "special break" 9even though Romeny's "special break" would hardly help them at all--Democrats are BETTER at briberfy, wich is why the GOP is a dead party walking). Yep. The GOP has BEMBRACED MIDLE CLASS BRIBERY as a political ="strategy. Prolem: Democrats are BETERR at it.

Look at the record. The GOP, at the end of 2010, BETRAYED their supposed "philosophy" that hasd just won the party an election. They ADDED to the defict and the necessary increase in teh debt ceiling by at least 150 BILLION dollars with a "payroll tax cut" and furtehr extension of unemployment benefits. They have ADOPTED the FRAUD that you can' "pay for' ONE YER additions to the deficit and debt with a "ten year plan" (Soviet Union styple), even though we NEED taht money to pay for the defiicts we NOW HAVWE. This, alone, is reason enough to vote against the GOP.

"Hey, Skip, you still ahve not said wy the TEA PARTY politicians are responsible for this. Oh not? The vote in the Seante was 89 to 10. The "vote' (non-vote) in the House is essentially UNANIMOUS. Waht do I mean? I mean that if the Tea Partyy peole) wanted to make a STINK about this, they could FORCE Boehhner to do a real vortte. In fact, they could EMBARRASS Boehner and the GOP. YHou say that wouold be political suicide? Maybe it would be, and maybe it would not be. But it would show some BACKBONE, and dome principle. As it is, the Tea Party politicans have ALLOWED this to take place, when they could have at least made an ISSUE out of it. Yes, Michele Bachmann, this means YOU. Where are YOU "calling out" John Boehner? You say that this would KILL your chances for teh Preisdential nomination? Agan, maybe and maybe not. But your LACK OF PRINCIPLE in calling out the GOP "leadership" will surely KILL your Presidential bid. WHY should "conservatives" vote for you I fhtey want "politics as usual", an dCOWARDDS, then they can vote for Mitt Romney. He has a better chance to defeat Obama then yo do, and you have shonw no more ability to SElL real conservative principles (or to call out the GOP establishment when they BETRAY those principles). Rick Perry has the advantgeage that he is not part of Congress. You, Michele, ARE part of Congress, and have a perfect right to CALL OUT John Boehner on taking away your vote. But I don't expect you to do so because you are a COARD. Taht applies t ALL of the Tea Party politicans. Npe. DEFEAT THEM ALL. No exceptions. No excustes. DDEFEAT ALL INCUMBENTS.

Look at what the GOP has done. We start with that BETRAYAL of teh resons they were lected in December of 2010. We were PROMISED things wil be different. Then came the 20911 spending bill debacle, where the House GOP thereatened to "shut down the government" to achiveve real spending reductions, and then cut NOTHING (after several "shrot-term" extensions). Then came the fraudulent debt ceiling debate, where the GOP again CAVED with this rididicuolous "supercommittee", and MINOR SHAM CTUS ten years from now. The GOP has actually CT NOTHING form spending--instead ADDING tro both spending AND the deficit (this new bill alone ADDING close to 200 BILLIN dollars to the 2012 DEFICT). Plus, we now KNOW (as do the Democrats) taht the GOP does NOT mean what it says. "Never" now means "until we decide that we have put up the good fight for long enough".

Where is the GOP now? I have already told you. They are at the MERCY of the Democrats (so much so that the Democrats might OVERRECH, since even a RAT--accurate descripton of GOP incumbents--will fight whe CORNEERED). . In fact, this possibility of Democrats overreaching, and not LETTING the GOP "cave" becazuse even the GOP can't see any way to do it on Democrat terms and survive, is why todya' s"deal" makes it MORE LILKELY thaqt we will have NO 'payroll tax cut" for the final ten months of the year (although you would expect further SHORT-TERM extensions). For example, what if Democras--now knowng that the Huose GOP is compoased of COWARDS only interested in whta they perceive necessary to "protect" their politial future--now DEMAND a "SURTAC FOR MILLIONAIRES" to "pay for" (lol, except the GOP has fully bought into this fraud) the "payroll tax cut" and the rest of the bill. POLLS (which now seem to be a religion for the GOP, as well as for the unfair and unbalanced network) are going to "show" that the UBLIC wants to PAY FOR this stuff with taxes on "millionaires and billiionaires". And the GOP has now PROMISED that they will do ANYTHING to "give" the public this "payroll tax cut". Why would Democrats not insist upon "payrng for " this bill with a surtax on millionaires and billioniaires.? I know. We are back to CORNERED RATSD, where the GOP may have dug themselves in with PLEDGES to the oint they just can't do it. Taht is how we could yet get NO BILL (becuase the Democrats might not let the GOP "cave" on every OTHE possible "issue'). However, as stated, even if Democrats "take pity" on the GP, and don't drive them to the wall on that surtax on millionaires and billionaires, Democrats are in a positn to DEMAND anything else tghey want. It is a POLITICA DISASTER, and Democrats know it. It doid not have t be, and I REJECT the idea that "conservatives" are responsible for it. It is actually the estalbishment that has created this abosolute disaster. But I will say one thing: If the TEA PARTY was not going to stand up to what they said, as with the debt ceiling, then they SHOULD NEVER HAVE PUAHED THE MATTER THIS WAY. If you are going to "stand on principle, then you had BETTER do it. Otherwise, you are admitting ou are a COWARD--the worst of all possilbe worlds. Again, DEFEAT TEA PARTY INCUMBENTS--ALL OF THEM (including Michele Bachmann, an dpeole like her).

You will notice that his is my own "scorched Earth" camaign against the GOP (Grand, Outdated Party), and I will maintain it until at least next November. But my own personal campaign is not why I say the GOP is now a "dead paryt walking". That is my OBJECTIVE assessment of the future, based on wlhat is a fatal compromise of any MESSAGE. The GOP now has NO "message", except the Rommeny one: "We can MANAGE teh government better tha Democrats, evn though we agree that the Federal Government is rfesponsible for waving a magic wantd and 'solving' all of our problems." This "message" cannot succeed over any length of time. It can ONLY "succeed" when the public is DOWN on Democrats. The GOP cannot actually "govern" with that message. EVENTUALLY, ther WILL be a real third party, and the GOP will head for the dust heap of history. I am ready to support a third party NOW, and will (Ono matter if I have to support the LIberterian Party. But tenough of the PUBLIC (less "extreme" tha me) are READY for a third party that I now think it is inevitble, IF the country does not COLLAPSE first (and maybe after such collaprse). s

You know this already, if you read this blog. Ture, I now don't expect the GOP to pull out of a DEATH SPIRAL (even if lthey win in 2012, in a "last hurrah" of "politics as usual'). But my problem is that I now am convinced that it is TOO LATE for this coutnry to pull out of its own DEATH SPIRLAL. You don't win elections saying this, and I expect NO pollitician to say it., but I don't see any way to recover from wereh we are. If there WERE such a way, and we could cedrtainly TRY, the attitude represented gy the "payroll tax cut" indicates that we don't hafe the WILL to even make a good try. What happens after a COLLAPSE? I dont' know We basically start over. Prfobably NO Social Secuirty, Medicaid or Medicare. It will be a vastly different country. That is where I am convinced we are now doomed to end up. I told you I was a PESSIMIST!!!!!As I have said before, it is liek a football team down 21 ponts in the final quarter, and acting with NO HURRY. We jsut are not showing any sense of urgency: acting like "plitics as usuaL" and BIRBES stil can get it done. Not a chance.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). And yes, "Defeat All Incumbents" would apply to Barack Obama. And if I really tought it would be done, I could vote for the GOIP candidate on that basis. As itsis, however, I cannot vote fore Mitt Romney--poster child for "politics as usual"--even though I can't vote for Obama. My borthers (4 of them) all think Obama has to go. Again, that is the ONLY chance the GOP has with their "non-message". I really do want to see what the GOP does with this next "debt ceiling" debate. It will be rank DISHOENSTY to yell about the "debt celing", after the GOP has voted for things FORCING the debt ceiling to be substantially raised next time. What am I saying? It was rank DISHONESTY this summer.


mss said...

Don't they have to vote. How does the speaker pass a bill without a vote?

Skip said...

You would think they would have to vote, wouldn't you? You would think they would have to call all of teh Hosuse members back to votge. But the games that can be played here are evidently limitless. There is a procedural device that teh Speaker used to get arround a RECORDED vote, which-[-frankly--I don't think any of thos COWARDS wanted (not just the Speaiker). I did not bother to look into EXACTLY waht this device was. I am morally certain it could not be used if enough STINK was made about it bey members of teh Speaker's own party, including a PUBLIC outcry. Again, did Michele Bachmann CALL OUT the Speaker on this? I don't think sso. This was "politics as usual", and is yet anotehr reason I say to defeat them all.