Friday, December 30, 2011

Mitt Romney Reads This Blog

Sure, Mitt Romney reads this blog. This blog writes an article--repeatng what this blog said LAST SRING in connection with the digraceful GOP performance on the 2011 spending bill--saying that the GOP might as well hang it up if they can't make the case for eliminaing "funding' for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (nota to mention Planned Parenthood). Mitt Romne promptly lwent out and USED the example of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as an example of how there are OBVIOUS spendng cuts that can be made, if only there is the WILL to make them.

Hacker Boy (hackng into this disgraceful blog in the interest of truth, justice and the American way, even though Skip keeps saying I am Piers Morgan or some other agent of Rupert Murdoch--an obvious SMEAR based on the Murdoch hacking scandal in the U.kK.)); "Skip, you are despicable (yes, I can qote Daffy Duck too). You know that Mitt Romney does noot read your disgraceful blog. My are the biggest egotist, for the least reason, around. At most, Romney got the idea from the same soure you did: that Wall Street Journal article about how the GOP has FAILED to 'cut' spending."

Skip: "Sorry, Hacker Boy, the Wall Street Journal may have got their idea from ME. It is indisputable that I did not tget this stuff from them. This blog has been saying for MONTHS that the gGOP has CUTA NOTHING, and has BETRAYED every voter who thought they were voting fro reduced spending and deficits in 2010., As stated, I said LAST SPRING that if the GOP cannot evenmake the case for cutting off funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and EMBARRASS Obama and the Democraqts that they were willing to SHUT DOEWN THE GOVERNMENT to fund teh Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Palnned Parenthood, then there is NO GOPP PRINCIPLE for which the GOP can make a case. Tjhhis is another CORRECT prediction, as the GOP has ABANDANED the case against spending since, and has really refused to make a CASE for ANY GOP principle out there (except the general "principle' that the GOP can MANAGFE Big Government better than Democrats). "

Look at Romney (back to the article). I agree with Hacker Boy to some extent. Romney probably did not get this idea about the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasing from this blog. But look at how much of a COWARD Romney is. Romney did NOT start making this an "issue' until the SPENDING bills for this year were already PASSED by Congress, including the GOP House. Those spending bills INCLUDED funding ro the Corporation for Pbulic Broadcasting, and Romney knows it. Romney did NOTHING (nada, zilch, zero) to STOP the GOP from doing this. In fact, Romney did NOTHING to stop the GOP from agreeing to 2012 spending with NO CUTS, along with INCEASES in the deficit by mabye 180 BILLION dollars with this fraudulent "payroll tax cut bill" (which also extended unemplyment benefits and other "stimulus" GIMMICKS). What Romney did, like th eWall Street Journal and the unfair and unbalanced network (from which Romney may have taken his cue), was to WAIT until Congress had already ACTED on spending for this year (through the electin, effectively, since Congress will PUT OFF the next spending bills until the LAME DUCK sessioni after the election). Did I just call Romney a COWRD. Yep. But I hae already done that.

Romney should be ashamed. Yes, he should be ashamed fo rWAITING until all spending bills have been passe dto start criticizng specific spending. But look at the LANGUAGE Romney is using. He should be ashamed. He could get arrested for STEALING. I still don't believe it, and it is this for which Romney should feel SHAME (except I am convinced he has no shame: Romney actually said that if he is elected President, he will go through the budget 'line by line" in order to cut spunnecessary spending. This should give you a feeling of deja vu, as does a whole lot of what Romney says. This is a direct quote from CANDIATE OBAMA--ur Liar-in-Chief. Did I jsut say that I DON'T BELIEVE ROMNEY, any more than I believed Obama? You are finaly getting it. If Romney MEANT it, he would hve gone through the 2012 SPENDING BILLS, "line by lne", BEFORE THEY WERE FINNALLY PASSED, and told the GOP where they should FIGHT to "cut". Romney did nothing close to that. The is the poster child for "politics as usual", and his THEFT of the Obama line (not th efirst such theft by Romney) is merely more evidence for that. Romney has NO credibility that he will actually CTU spending. He WANTED (100% certain) the GOP NOT to "fight" over spenidng this year, because Romney does nto WANT Obama to be out there running againt a GOP Congress wiling to fight for SPENDING CUTS. Did I say Romney was a COWARD? I know I did. Romney has waited for it to be SAFE to start talking about spending cuts. An dRomney has NEVER criticized the GOP failure in Congress (a Tea Party afilure as well--see previous blog article). I know that conventional wisdom would be that you dont' get electged by putting your own party on the spot in Congress. But that mans that Romney was perfectly willing to SELL OUT his country, and that is what he did. Furtehr, the evidecne (this recent sudden talkabout spending) shos Romney KNEW exactly the game he was playing.

No. I could never vote for Mitt Romney as President of the United States, even if he does read this blgo. For him, and really the whle GOP, it is all POLITICAL, and has nothing to do with "principle" at all.

You say I am extreme? Well, I went to my barber today, for my semi-annual haircut, and the CONSENSUS in the barber shop was amazing. There was UNIVERSAL AGREEMENT that the GOP POLITICIANS have BETRAYED us all. The only disagreement with me was on Barack Obama. The others in the barber shop simply could not face four more years of Obama, no matter WHO the GOP nominee is. That is the same attitude of my brothers, who also almost all agree that the GOP POLITICIANS are hopeless. The ONLY way I am "exteme" is that I would rather see Obama back in office than endorse this "politics as usal" being played by the GOP. In the end, I don't think this contry will be worse off under this kind of GOP politician tahn under Obama (espcecailly since at least the GOP has an INCENTIVE to GIGHT Obama, even if they are COWARDS). The GOP has NO incentive to "gight" a GOP President, which is how a GOP President can end up being WORSE than Obama (in terms of results).

Doesn't this mean that the GOP could actually WIN with this kind of "politics as usual", deliberately not "rocking the boat", depnding on the people to be DISGUSTED with Obama? Sure. Problem: If you WIN THAT WAY, then you probably can't GOVERN. First, lyou have the WRONG idea about why you were elected. Look at the GOP in 2010, who professed to KNOW why they were elected, but promptly showed that they DID NOT. The GOP estalbishment still believes in Big Government and no real spending cuts, along with this "paid for' FRAUD. They just think that they can MANAGE teh government better than Obama (which maybe they can, but NOT well enough to prevent this country from going down the tubes).

Sorry, Mitt. I appreciate you reading this blog. I jsut wish you wuould LEARN from it, as all of you GOP politicans SAID you had "learned" from the Tea Party movement. YHOu LIED. Now, unfortunately, the Tea Party "leaders" appear to be "learning" from YOU, . See George Orwell'S "Animal Farm".

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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