Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GOP Abandons the Debt and Deficits as an Issue

Remember that it was only this last siummer that the GOP put this nation through HELL--over this blog's objections--supposedly "firghting" the raising of the debt ceiling: a "fight" the GOP showed it hasd no intention of fighting to win.

This blog told the GOP what it HAD to do, and it failed to do it. What the GOP had to do was focus on SPEDNING and the deficit for THIS NEXT YEAR. There was an easy way to do that. That was to put the "debt ceiling" in sync with the SPENDING bills for this current year. That is, the GOP should have made Congress SAY how much things like the Obama "jobs bill" wre ging to require the debt ceiling to be raised, and how much all such bills would increase the deficit for next year. Instead, the GOP chose to LOSE the "debt" and spending issue completely. Oh, PEOPLE are still worried about it, and they KNOW that Democrats want to tax and spend, but the focus of the "debate" (helped by a partisan media) has shifted totllay away from holding the line on the deficits and debt. And look at the "supercommittee" farce, and the sham "deal" that ended the "debt ceiling" fight in total defeat (if the GOOP had really meant to accomphish anything with that fight over the wrong issue at the wrong time). What the GOP should have been"fighting" (lol, the way they "fight") was the BUDGET and SPENDING bils for this current year (the one that started in October). THAT fight would still be going on, as we head into an election eyar. Instead, the focus in on the GOP AGREEING that this next year's deficit, AND the required increase int he "debt ceiling" that is comng AGAIN, do not matter. What else can you conclude when the official GOP position is that the fraudulent "payroll tax cut" , and probably the extension of unemployment benefits, HAVE to be extended another year. What you DON'T hear members of the GOP--in general--saying is that theese two things willl REQLUIRE an ADDITIONAL raising of the "debt ceiling' in the amount of abujt $150 BILLION dollars within about the next year.

Yes, the GOP "positon" on the "payroll tax cut", and probably the extension of unemployment benefits--along with going along with the further FRAUD that all we have to do is 'pay for" such things over the next TEN YEARS, when we are not paying for the government we have--makes the GOP out to be DISHONEST HYPOCRITES. Balanced budgett? Not from these people. Boy were they ever right when they say that TEHY will NEVERF "balance the budget", and need to be "forced" to do it. HOW can you ever explain that big, fraudulent (a word applicable to all of this stuff, which is why I keep using it) "ib fight" over raising the debt ceiling, and then acting like it is not even an issue when you do something that will REQUIRE the debt ceiling to be raised in about a year by aln ADDITIONAL 100 billion dollars (beyond the amount it will have to be raised even without the "apyroll tax cut" or the "extension of extended unemployment benefits"). Are members of the GOP going to be HYPOCRITES enough to make an issue out of haivng to raise the debt ceiling again, when they have DONE NOTHING to help the situation (even when they clearly have the power to do somthing, as in refusing to add to the deficit by repeating the FAILED, one-time (lol) "stimulus" of the "payroll tax cut". The extension of uemployment benefits has also been SOLD (Nancy Pelosi) as a "stimulus", and can be rgarded as another FAILURE in that regard.

Look at what the GOP has done in less than a year. They ADDED 150 BILLION or so to the required raise in teh debt ceiling by that "deaL" at the end of 2010. That, if you don't remember, was when this fraudulent "payroll tax cut" was CREATED. The GOP said then that all we have to do is WAIT until the new GOP House got in office, and we would see somACTIOION to reduce the debtanddefict. .................................................................Sorry, I was on the floor laughing. The "action" was a SHAM deal on LAST YER"S SPENDING, where the GOP FAILED to reduce that spending at all in another fradulent "deaL". Then there was that debt ceiling debacle. Then there was THIS YEARS SPENDING bills, where the GFOP has NOT succeeded in "cutting" ANYTHING (of significance). In fact, if the GOP follows through on there intentioin to pass the extension of teh "payroll tax cut" (if only Democrats will let them have some sort of "face-saving", sham "deal"), the GOP will have ADDED to this current year's deficit by more than 100 BILLIION dollars. No, if th eGOP is going to be so STUPID as to say a "stimulus"--a one-time, fraudulent (except that the money is not received by the government, while lthe ecconomy receives NO benefit because it is not a long-term cut in TAX RATES)--"payroll tax cut" creates a "tax increase" when it is allowed to expire, then the GOP cannot possibliy calim to be a party that wants to cut the debt and deficit. All the GOP is ding is let itself be INTIMIDAGED by its own rhetoric, and by the twisting of that rhetoric by Obama and the media--into buying into a FANTASY that the "apyroll tax cut" is some sort of "conservative" idea. The whole IDEA of the 2010 "deal" was that the "payroll tax cut" would EXPIRE. Was the GOP--which could have stopped that "simulus" failure, and saved $100 billion dollars right then--DISHONEST in its rhetoric explaining why it "busted the budget", an dincreased or debt? Answer to that question: YES. The GOP was dishonest, because they have never really intended to be strong about this debt/defict business.

The GOP is reduced to trying to tout a SOVIET UNIION-style "ten year plan" of its own, relying totally on FUTURE supposed "cuts".

Nope. The GOP has LOST the "issue' of our debt and deficits. They SAID that they had learned from the free spending, defict ignoring GOP politicians of the past. Hell, the GOPP politicians of the past were PIKERS compared to this group. They have learned NOTHIGN at all, and that includes many GOP politicans who call themselves "Tea Party" suppproters. Why should the "Tea Party" support the GOP? I see no reason, except to the extent that the Tea Party has been corrupted by a scent of actual POWER. Lord Acton: "Power corrupts,m and absolute power corrupts absolutely". GOP politicians--really all politicians, but Democrats say they "believe" in goverment, and so cannot be said be be corrupted in that sense--seem to be IMMIDEIATELY corrupted into Big Government, defictg spending guys and gals the moment they set foot in Congress. Or esle they got elected by concealing their real principles (no principles) in the first place.

"Skip, you are too hard on the GOP. At least they are not as bad as Obama." True, although that merely means that they will destroy tis country SLOWER. In addition, it irks me aht the gOP is so STUPID. They may win the 2012 electin by default, but they deserve to lose it. As stated, they have THROWN AWAY the debt/defict issue that WON in 2010, and gave the GOP control of the House. They have shown voters that they have no more princiiples than when they controlled the government, even though they say that they have "learned". They LIE. If the GOP wins in 2010, it will be because Obama has FAILED so badly (pretty likely, really) that the American people jsut can't stand it anymore. But the GOP is not helping itself ith this poll-driven, fear of media driven COWARDICE that shows most GOP politicans have no principles. No, they have proven they do NOT even believe in "limited government", reduced deficitgs, or rediucced debt. It is always prmises about the "next election", even as to matters that COULD be prevented NOW. I actually heard Steve Forbes (no conservative he, depite his pusinhing of a "flat tax" the GOP is in the process of makng impossible) give an interveiw (to CNN, I think). He was aksed about this "payroll tax cut", and the "extension of unemployment benefits". He bascially said both are a BAD IDEA, but that we "have" to do them util we can get "real" "tax reform" after the next election. Talk abut ADMITTING the COWARDICE of the GOP. Get us RELECTGED (or elected), and THEN we will (maybe--or maybe not) get serious about deficits, taxes, spending, debt and all of the rest.

I jsut dan't stand it. I can't support a party like this. Steve Forves is a typical Wall Streeet gy (wanting to satisfy the economic fascists who now run Wall Street, and WANT government bailouts and "stimulus". But he is also a tyupical member of the present GOP political class. He is more interested in who is ELECTEED than anything else, without seeming to realize that this lack of ADVOCATING real policies based on real principles is FATAL to the things Steve Forbes SAYS he wants. If Steve Forbes does not think he is able to convince people that rel tax reform is better than a "payroll tax cut" GIMMICK, how does Steve Forbe expect the GOPP to be able to convince people that their ideas are better than the Democrats? Hundreds of billions of dollars WASTED on a "baed idea"---in comparison to ral tax reform--makes real tax reform much more difficutl. Plus, how can the GOP explain why it is so bad to "tax the rich", if they can't exlain why the debt-creating fraud of a "payroll tax cut" is a bad idea? No, the GOP is howing that it is incapable of actually presenting its position to the American peole.

The GOP is in a positon to win in 2012 DESPITE ITSELF (because the Obama/GOP policies are FAILING. They may win on that basis, but it will be a short-lived an Pyrrhic victory unless they actually, somehow, learn to argue their own supposed principles. right nowm, the GOP has even abandoned its supposed" core" principle that won in 2010: the idea that our debt and deficits are out of control, and that the GOP has "learned" how to stop expanding them.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight) . Oh, you may have noticed that I used the"R" word in my previouis article. But that was only in QUOTING Yahoo "News". The word is still BANNED in this blog. I use GOP, which stands for "Grand, Outdated Party". Any "violation" of this policy is an ERROR, and the person responsible will be severly disciplined. Luckiy, the primary (really sole) blog author is BLIND (for reading, anyway), and thus cannot even KNOW when he has vioiled blog policy by inadvertently using the "R" word to refer to a GOP politican. Neat isn't it? I should have played this" blind" card much earlier in life. How cna I imose "sever discipline" on myself, when I am incapable of knowing whether I have inadvertently violeated blog policy or not?

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