Monday, December 19, 2011

Mike Leigh: Defeat Him? Or Probation? (Defeat tehe GOP Series)

Mike Leigh is a GOP, TEA PARTY Senator from Utah. He is also a Seantor who--according again to the unfair and unbalanced network--an unreliable source--voted with those 89 Seantors to pass that turlyl disgraceful "two month--lol, so I don't cry--extens" of the payroll tax holiday (not "tax cut"),. See the previous two articles, and really the articles in this blog over the past several weeks. Noote, again, that the "payroll tax holiday" was supposed to be a ONE-TIME STIMULUS that was ADDED in a similar disgraceful "deal" at the end of 2010. It shoudl never have been passed then, and NO "extension" should ever be passed, AFTER the experience of the past year. What experience? The "one-time" payroll tax holiday stimulus has FAILED to provide any real "stimulus", and certainly not enough to justify its COST. Again, see the previous two articles.

Again, the author of this blog wanted to include Leigh on the "Defeat the GOP" list. The governmng board , however (which is likely to be disbanded soon, if i keeps this up) , chose to overrule the blog author. Thus, Leigh has also ben put ON PROBATION. As stated int he previuos article, this is not because this blog is araid to call for the DEFEAT of a Tea Party politican. This blog is more than ready to do so. It is jsut that the governing board thought Leigh deserved a "second chance"--a LAST chance---because of his outstanding previous credentials. Message to Mike Leigh: Make no mistake. This blog is READY to call for you r DEFEAT . You just can't make votes like this and expect this blog to support you . I will not. That is NOT how you were elected--on the promise to be a betraying COWARD.

I will go further,. As you can see from recent articles, this "payroll tx holidday" debacle has about gotten this blog to the point of declaring the whole TEA PARTY MOVEMENT as a FAILURE. The Tea Party should be POUNDING these GOP cowaqrds. Have too many of the Te Party organizers and acitivists become a victim of the maxim that "POWE CORRUPTS" In other owrds, is the Tea Party (at least those who have become prominent in teh Tea Party) now more intereseted in POWER than in principle. You cand tell I am close to giving you a final answer on that question.

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