Thursday, December 22, 2011

Karl Rove: Go Away Now (Repeat Blog Headline)

This blog, as of at least a lyear ago, has DISOWNED Karl Rove as a dishoenst political hack who only believes in his own power. This is merely a repeat of that positon: a repeat of the appel for Karl Rove to just GO AWAY, to never be heard from agan. As stated, that should certainly be the attitue of conservatives. It is not jsut that Karl Rove is NOT a conservative. The problem is that Karl Rove regards real conservatives as hes ENEMIES (and real conservatives shoudl reciprocate). I do reciprocate. Message to Karl Rove: I despise you, and have since Bush's disastorus second term.

Why now? REad the prevous arrticle on the unfair and unbalanced network (the blog ban on the "F" word backin effect). Karl Rove is actually part of the FULL COURT PRESS by the unfair and unbalanced network designed to put pressure on teh House GOP to pass that disgraceful Seante bill. Thus, Karl Rove has een reatured on teh unfair and unblanced network, as he often has been in the past, to ATTACK teh GOP conservative House members for now bowing to Rove's "political wisdmom" (lol--this is the "architect" who virtually destroyed the GOP during Bush's two terms--especially the second one).

Nope. Message to Karl Rove: Just go away. Fewer and fewer peole are paying any attention to you, and you have become nothing but an embarrassment to conservatives (which might, admittedly, be said of the entire GOP establishment at this point--cerainly of the unfair and unbalanced network).

See my previous article on boycotting the unfair and unbalanced network, and last night's areticle on the political STUPOIDITY of the Rove/McCionnell appproach, as to why Karl Rove needs to go. Byt the way, in that previous article on the unfair and unabalanced network, I forgot to mention one of the things that made me very ANGRY. The anchor on the unfair and unbalanced network (woman anchor) kept talking aobut how, on January 1, 160 Americans would start seeing this decrease in their paychecks, and how that would be disastrous to the GOP. Uh-huh. And what about NEWXT YEAR? Thsi tw month extensoin, of course, would not even "give" Americans $1000 per year. Further, this anchor LIED by saying that Americans would start losing $40 per week. That is ture ONLY fo rAmeircans earning $1000, 00 a year. For the "average" American, it will be $20 a week. But what else is new? The unfair and unbalanced network LIES. Even the $1000 figure is somewhat of a LIE, since mere arithmeatic would show that 160 million Americans gettting $1000 would COST 160 BILLION dollars. I dont' THINK that the "payroll tax cut" (the 2% one) costs that much. However, "journalists" are so UNINTERESTED in the FACTS here that I am not eve surfe. People earning, say, $20,000 a year will only get $8 a week. Further people buyng houses will PAY a FEE to "pay for" teh Seante bill But the ancor for the unfair and unbalanced network is unemterested in tehse FACTS. She was just interested in the PROPAGANDA (the OBAMA propaganda--as exxhibited by Obama dragging "families" to a "news event" aobut hoow the GOP House is going to "hurt" families when paychecks aer reduced on January 1`) that the unfair and unbalanced network is pushhing.

I can't stand it. BOLYCOTT the unfair and unbalanced network. As to Karl Rove, ignore him (if you can---boycottng the unfair and unbalanced network will help you there). Karl Rove iwll be glad to know taht my 89 year old mother--who has FDR as her hero--HAATES Karl Rove much worse than evenI do. She regards him as a useless, self-absorbed pompus ass. I could not have said it better myuself.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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