Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wall Street Journal: Economic Fascists and Political Idiots

I, although this blog did not then exist, vowed to boycott the Wall Street Journal some 30 yeas ago, and have ever since. The "news" pages of teh Wll Astreet Journal, like the "news" pages of teh unfiar and unablanced network, are simply "mainstream"leftist "journalism". The editorial pages, like the editorial shows on the unfair and unbalanced network, are merely useless. It is fittig that bouth the All Street Journal and the unfaira nd unbalanced network are now owned by the same company. The ediorial pages of teh Wall Street Journal are further handicapped by the ECONOMIC FASICISM ('partnership between big business and big government) adcoated there, because the Wall Street Journal regards itself as a PROPAGANDA outlet for Wall Street, lieke a union newsletter, pushing what the editors think is in the best interest of Wall Street. Since Wall Street has bought fully nto the idea that BAILOUTS aer waht governments need to give to big banks and Wall Street, on a continuing baseis, that is what the Wall Street Journal advocates. For example, teh stock market went up mre than 300 Dow points on Monday just because tehEuropean central palnners agreed on a BAILUT fund for European banks (and, therfore, Wall Street and similar insitutions n Europe). As this blog has consistently told you, thewese are the Stupides Peopleon Earth. However, the particular focus of this article is on the Wall Street Jurnal editorial page article today saying that the GOP House has committed political insanity by rejecting the "abomination" (see previous article) of that Seante two month extension of the "one-time" (lol) payroll tax holiday rushed into law at the last minute last December as lpart of anohter debt-increasing, budget busting bill.

Isn't the Wall Street Journal right? It got lots of PUBICITY from the entire "estalbishment", including the unfair and unbalanced network,, for its severe criticsim of teh GOP House. But you already kewn, or should know, that the Wall Street Journal DISTRUSTS conservatives and the Tea Party that they think has too much influence in the House. The Wall Street establishment said similar things when the House--not even contorlled lby the GOP--first REJECTED teh Wall Stret bailout in the faill of 2008. That was the GOP/Wall Street establishment position, and those lpeople--despite their protestations to the contary, have "learned" NOTHING from the Tea Party revoluton. It will destory them in the end. "But, Skip, you are evading the questin of whether the GOP House has not committed plitical suicide by rejecting that Seante twomonth extension, because people are gong to blame the GOP House for losing their 'tax cut'--no matter how BAD the bill is.". Nope. It is the GOP members f the SENATE who have come to the verge of committing political suicide.

First, this blog has spent MONTHS explainng why that BIRBE for the "middle class" (really for the 'rich" , poor and every other woker) is truly BAD policy. The Wall Street Journal editorial report, with Paul Gigot (on the unfair and unbalanced network), pretty much agreed with me on every particular. Still, they said the GOP "had to pass this BAD law. You can refer to previous blog articles on why the "payroll tax cut" (not really a "tax cut", but an attak on the funding mechanims of Social Secuirty as a wealth redistribution scheme) is a truly BAD idea. I will cotnet myself here with the obvious note that the GOP has ABANDONED the Tea Party focuses on debt, deficits and spendng by endorsing this concept, AND has full addopted the Obama/Democrat/media Big Lie that you can"fully pay for" ONE LYHEAR ADDITIONS to the deficit and debt over the next ten years, when we NEED every single dime of those "pay for" items, and more, to PAY FOR the deficits we alrady have. Endorseing this concpet alone is enough to KILL OFF the GOP (in time). In fact, it is enough to KILL OFF this country (in time). But, again, I will not go further into that ponit at this time. What about teh idea that the GOP House is going to be BLAMED for "sabotaging" the "middle class tax cut" that is not really a tax cut, and for decreasing the amount of money 160 million Americcans will see in their paychecks starting on January 1 (that somewhat fictional, for some, $1000 for 160 million Americans over a full year, although the Seante bill is NOT over a full year)?

It is BECAUSE the GOP has not exposed the fraud of the "payroll tx cut" AND the continual extrension of extended unemployment benefits, that the GOP is in this political mess. As I have repeatedly said: "Cowards die a thousand times, while a brave man dies but once.". By being cowards, and refusing to really take on this issue, the GOP has set themselves up to die a coward's death. Paul Gigot actually said essentially that, without admitting (as he should have) that he was one of those COWRDS (along with the Wall Streett Juornal). Even so, you cannot make up for cowardice with MORE COWARDICE (on the premise that the American peole are no "sophistcated" wnough to understand the real facts". It would actually be, and have been, a POLITICAL DISASTER for the House to accept that abominaton of a two month extension passed by the Senate.

Why? Look at what is going on. Obama and the Democrats are KILLING the GOP on this "debate" over "paying for" this bill by taking money from the poor and middle class. In fact, the Seante bill is "apid for" mainly with a FEE on MORTGAGES (which, IF a good idea, is really necessary to help "pay for" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and cannot possibly "pay for" NEW additons to our debt and deficit). The pont is that Obama and the Democrats planned to USE those tow months to POUND the GOP over the ways the GOP plans to "pay for" this bill for an entire year. Because teh mainsteam media will not rally go into the FACTS of waht we will PAY in the future to "pay for" this present BRIBE, and since teh unfair and unbalanced network will not really cover that aspect heavily either, DEMOCRATS can get away with this kind of two month GIMICK (wihout questions being raised about the "pay for" provisions). But once we get past the "deadline", Obama and the Democrats are going to again start POUNDNG the GOP on this "surtax" for "millionaires and billionaires". Forthe Wall Street Journal, Charles Krauthammer, an dsimilar IDIOTS, I will pint out what the POLLS say aoubt that surtax on millionaires and billlioonaires, as dietinguisehd from some sort of measures in increas the cost of MEDICARE (or whatever). The GOP actualy has a BETTTER chance, if tehGOP establishment were not SABOTAGING the effort, of at least breaking even on a ONE YER extension of the "payroll tax cut" NOW than the GOP has of winning the argumetn over millioniaires and billionaires. If teh GOP CAN'T win the EASIER argumetn over wlhy it is insane to only pass a tow month extension, rather than do the job completely, then how is the GOP goiing to "win" the fight over millionaires and billionaires? Do yo see why I say a coward dies a thousand times, while a bravve amn dies but once. As they have done since December of 2010, the GOP is etting itself up to die a thousand times. IF they are going to do this disastrous, and deficit expanding, "payroll tax cut", then they MUST get it done NOW. Otherwise, they are going to be fighiting the same fight well into an ELECTION YER.

But it is WORSE than that. If the GOP gives in to this ridiculous two month extension, then what do Democrats and the mainstream media KNOW? Right. They KNOW that thaey have the GOP on th erun. Thus, they can try t FORCE that "surtax" on millionaires and billionaires. Failing that, they can go for yet another "short-term" extension--perhaps WIOUT 'payirng or it" (lol--none of this is "paid for" so long as the deficits we HAVE are not "apid for"). Reemember, to the extent I can figure out his insane proposal, Charles Krauthammer essentially proposed taht the gOP not worry about how this bill will be "apid for". Thus, we will endu up with 1 of three things, or some combination:

1. A surtax on millionaires and billonaires.

2. Continuous "short-term" extensions, until the GOP finally gives up adn passes a SHAM bill with SHAM "pay for" provisionis (aS with teh spending bill in the spring of 2100).

3. The GOP will give up on 'paying for" the entire year, and simply NOT even PRETEND to "pay for" this bill for the entire year (as they did at the end of 2010.

Thus, if it is sane (as the establishment part of it is not), theGOP CANNOT let the Democrats get away with this disgraceful two month "extension". The Democrats then have NO incentive to "netotiate" in good faith, since they KNOW that they can always just propose another extension. Meanwhile, Democrats will be POUNDING the GOP on this issue.

How does the GOP gain by what the House has done? Easy again, assuming that the GOP is going to abandon principe and pass this WELARE/BRIBE for the middle class disguised as a "tax cut". The GOP,by standing firm (by no means a sure thing) MAY be able to forece the Democrats into some sort of "deal " for the entire year. Sure, the "deal" is not likely to be that faovrable to the GOP, but the GOP is in a better position NOW than they willll eve be agian (in tow months, or three months, or whenever a final "deal" is struck). And Obama and the Democrats will be UNABLE to POUND the GOP for the next several months over this "issue", and the "favoring millionaires and billionaires" argument, although the GOP is going to have to face that on the coming extension of the "Bush tax cuts'.

"Okay, Skip. Everyone KNOWS taht the GOP will be betteroff "winning" a one-year extension right now, rather than accepting the two month Seante atrocity. However, the problem is that the Democrats are going to call the bluff of the GOP. They are gong to try to BLAME the GOP for a TAX INCREASE on Janruary 1."

So what. Yuo heard me. So Waht. If this bill does not pass, what is going to happen.? Are Democrats really ging to simply be albe to say: "it's all over--no 'tax cut' for you." Don't be silly. Dmocrats are ging to have to NEGOTIATE the same way they would have to negotiate if this two month extension occurred, excpt the GOP will be in a BETTER POSITION. The pressure will be incredible to do a RETROACTIVE bill. And it will need to be done SOON. If the Senate bill is passed, Democrast are going to take this right down to the 60 day deadline, and then maybe pass ANOTERH SHORT_TERM EXTENSION. If Americans hae LOST their "tax cut" BRIBE, and unemplyment beneifts have stoopeed., then Democrats will be FORCED to make a QUICK deal. And the terms the GOP will get, while probably not good, will be BETTER than the GOP could get if they let the Democrats put them behind the eight ball.

"But, Skip, look at the DAMAGE the GOP is going to suffer as the media, and everyone, tells the people that the GOP is responsible for depriving them of their "tax cut" and unemployent benefits."

So wha.t. Yu heard me again. This is what comes of paying attentino to PRESENT POLLS. Who cares if Obama's "approval rating" rises to 60%, and the GOP Congress drops to 30%, IN EARLY JANUARY. For Charle Krauthammer (see previious article), the Wall Street Journal, and the unfair and unbalanced network: The election is not until NOVEMBER. That is an ETERNITY from January. And what is gonig to happen in January, if the House GOP remains frim? Thre will be a DEAL, and the GOP will actually have LEVERAGE to force a deal. Sure, the people MAY (if the estalbishment continues to sabotage their own party) "blame" the GOP for a DELAY in gettin gwhat they have been told they should want (their BRIBE). Howevefr, the people will almost certainly GET what they "want", and SOON (much sooner than if the COWARDS of the GOP "blikn"--waht I mean by ding a thousand deaths). The American people will FORGET tat theGOP delayed their oney a few weeks in JANUARY, if tehy get their money. Again, it is imossible to believe that the Dmoecrats iwll DARE simply tell the people to EAT IDIRT--taht they will do nothing because the GOP refused to go along with that 60 day extension.

In actual fact, the SAME thing is going to happene with or without the 60 day extension by BILL. If the GOP does not force Democrats to come to the table NNOW, then negotiatons will occur in January. However, the GOP will actually have LEVERAGE (because of the pressure on BOTH sides, instead of just the GOP) with which to negotiate. With the formal 60 day extension, theGOP will have NO leverage. They will be totallly at the mercy of the Democrats and Obama.

See what I mean?? It is NOT the GOP House that is STUPID (except in abandoning fiscal responsiblity in faovr of sham stimulus and bribes). It is the Wall Street Journal, Charles Krauthammer and the unfair and unbalanced network. This, as usual is a FALSE deadline. Even without a formal extensin, the negotiations will continue in January (if not before). And what the GOP DESPERATELY NEEDS is to get this particular "ifght" OVER WITH. It merely makes peole like me MAD at them. Meanwhile, it gives Obama and the Democrats an opportunity to contiue to POUND themm Sure, the "deal" that finally happens is going to make peple like me ANGRIEER tha ever at theGOP. However, this situation is only going to GET WORSE the longer this goes on--especially if the GOP loses ALL leverage (as they will with this Seante bill). Therefore, it is the Wall sTreet Journal, Careles Krauthammer, the GOP members of teh Senate, and teh unfair and unbalanced network who are being POLITICALLY NAIVE AND STUPDID HERE. The GOP House Has actually dnoe the only thing with any chance of success., IF they are not under such pressure from the GOP establishment that they revert to COWARDICE.

Bottom lie: The GOP House MUST hold firm here, or the GOP is facing doom in 2012 (not the other way around). Sure, they may face doom anyway, becasue they simply can't get any coherent messagge out--hang abandoned the messsage of 2010. But it is insane to set yourself up for continuous pounding, and that is what the COWARDS of the GOP have done every since December of 2010. Remember what they said they had LEARNED in December of 2010, sahing that that deal ws the LAST really bad deal they would have to enter into? Well, they lied. Beyond that, thwey have been POLITICALLY STUPID. It is actually the BEST cjoice now to FORCE this "payroll tax" business to get OVER WITH. Any otehr course is gharanteed, slow otion, DISASTER. The Americcan people will FORGET January, if they get their bribe. The wil NOT forget a slow motion disaster that extends all of teh way to November, and Democrats expand upn their advantage, to press the GOP in we same way on every issue. The ONLY poll that matters is the one next November not that I care whether the GOP wins that poll at this point, but this blog has a reputation for being RIGHT that I want to keep).

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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