Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama: Blackmailer-in-Chief, Relying on Corrupt Media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, et. al.)

You may not realzie it, but this is as yet another case of this blog being corrrfect, IN FORESIGHT. We are talking about President Obama, and his outrageous threatened EXTORTION and BLACKMAIL, as Obama directly threatens to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT unless he gets what HE wants on the "payroll tax cut" and related issues. This is the act of a DICTATOR wannabe, and teh only way Obama and the Democrats think they can get away with it is becakuse of a CORRUPT,m dishoenst media.

What did this blog tell you during that "shut down the government' battle over teh 2011 omnibus spending bill for the rest of the fiscal year (where the GOP LIED about "cutting spending", which the GOP has yet to do)? I will refresh your memory. The dia made it obvious that they were going to BLAME the GOP for any shutdown of the government, even though the GOP House PASSED a bill to keep the government going. As this blog told you then, under our Constitution, really money should not be spent unless both houses of Congress AGREE on what money should be spent. If EITHER house of Congress does not vote to spend money, then that money should not be spent (and WILL not be spent, unless that house of Congress CAVES--as both houses of Congress have to AGREE on spending money before it is spent. In fact, the HOUUSE has preference in the Constitution on MONBEY bills.--as certain kinds of bills of that kind are supposed to originate only in the House. It is unclear when we arrived at this disastrous idea that soemhow there is a "right" to have money spent that one house of Congress does not want to be spent. Even if you don't agreee with me on that (fool that your are), you can see that there is NO reason to say that the House is responsible for "shutting down the government" by refuklsing to appropriate money that the House--exercising its responsibility under the Constitutin--does not want to spend. WHY is it not at least as persuasive, if not more so, to say that the SENATE and/or thee President are the ones shoutting down the government when they refuse to accept the spendng limits set by the House? The most you could possibly say is that both are responsible for shutting down the government, beazuse they refuse to accept the position of the other (both the House and the Senate). Yet, the CORRUPT media was intent upon PROPAGANDA that it ws the GOIP House that would be resonsible for "shutting down the government" if the GOP House did not accept what the Preisdent and the Democrats in the Senate wanted. This was partisan propaganda on the part of the media, tut my analysis did not stop there (as I predicted the future yet again--to the extent Obama and Democrats do not read this blog for IDEAS).

What this blog told you, way back in the spring of this year--as that budget/spending "battle" was occurring--was what would happen if a President gts the idea that all he has to do to get what he wantws on ANYTHING is to threaten to "shut down the government" to get what he wants. The example I gave was ObamaCare. Why did Obama fool around with BRIBERY (through Pelosi and Reid) on ObamaCare? Why did Obama not just say that he would REFUSE to accept any spending bill--mening the government would have to, sort of, shut down--until the Congress gave into his wishes on ObamaCare? What is there to stop this BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION if a President KNOWS that he can count on the most CORRUPT and DISHONEST "journalists" who have ever lived to COVER for him? As I said then, in such a situation, it would clearly be the PRESIDENT "shutting down the government" to BLACKMAIL and EXTORT Congress nito passing a SEPARATE bill that the Preisdent wants. You may have thought--since you were a fool then too--that I was overstating my cae--that no Preisdent would be quite so arrogant as to think he could get away with FORCING Congress to pass a favorite bill by saying he will not isgn a spending bill to keep the government going unless his "favorite" SEPARATE bill is passed (like ObamaCare OR the "pyaroll tax cut"/unemployment benefit extensions). Well Obama and Senate Democrats have now done exactly what I predicted.

The spending authority for the Federal Government ends THIS FRIDAY. One of those ridiculous "omnibus spending bills' to fund the government for tis fiscal year (already begun in Octover) has PASSED both the House and the Senate. Now John Boehner PROMISED that we would nto have any of these ridiculous"omnibus spending bills" at the time of that previoius battle over the last year's spending, because the GOP House would pass 17 separate bills ON TIME (meaning an "omnibus spending bill' would not be necessary, with al of the games that go into such bills)) Boehner, of curse, would blame Democrats for not bein able to kkeep his promise, but this blog has told you long ago that Boehner NEEDS TO GO. I digress. The point is that BOTH the House and the Senate have PASSED an omnibus spending bill to fund the government. AND, the House and the Senate have AGREED to a "comprmise" of their two different bills. Again, it would be a digression to go into how the GOP has FAILED to "cut spending " for this year. This is a DONE DEAL. Hold on. Senate Democrats, with the encuragement of Obama, have BACKED OUT of the "deal". Why?

What Obama and Senate Democras have done is say that Congress MUST pass a SEPARATE "payroll tax cut" and extension of unemplyment benefit, or else Democrats will NOT go ahead with funding the government. In other words, Obama and the Seante Democrats are saying that THEY wil SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT unless a SEPARATE bill (or bills) ACCETABLE TO THEM is passed. There is no other way to ut it. This is EXTORTION and BLACKMAIL, and makes a mockery of the Constitution. Obama is acting as a DICTATOR, making good on his UNCONSTITUTIONAL "promise" to keep Congress in session until Congress passes bills accetable to Obama on things UNRELATED to "keeping the government going". This is exactgly wlhat I predicted could happen during that outrageous media "coverage" of the previous "shut down the government" battle. Needless to say, the GOP cannnot let this happen, or they might as well simply resign in mass (my suggestion being that yoiu RESIGN THEM if htey give in, as they have in the past, to this even more outragoeous blackmail and extortion).

How can Obama and Senate Democrats get away with this naked THREAT to "shut down the government" to get what they want on UNRELATED MATTERS (failure to pass a "payroll tax cut" extention and unemployment benefit extenin not affecting funding for the government at all, and actually being the best thing that could happen to this country for reasons this blog has told you over the past several months). There is only one way that Obama and Democrats can expect to get away with tis NAKED OWER PLAY putting th eentire country at risk for partisan political gain: aCORRUPT and DISHOENST media wiling to blame the GOP for every threatened government shutdown, no matter how obvious it is that DEEMOCRATS are deliberately engineering shuch a shutdown for partisan political purposes. This is not hyperbole. These (modern "journalists") are the most CORRUPT and DISHOENST "journalists" who have ever lived, and I include the "yellow journalists" of the past in that comparison). Obama and the Dmoecrats DEPEND on media PROPAGANDA support for this outrageous extortin and blackmail. Obama, of course, has NO AUTHORITY to "keep Congeress in town" until they pass what HE WANTS. He is trying to assume the powers and authroity of a DICTATOR, and he hknbws it. He is simply depending on the medi, "1984" Orewllian style, to convince the people that this is all the GOP's fault.

As stated, the GOP cannot afford to let the President and the media get away with this. If they do, they will BETRAY every single peron who voted GOP for Congress in 2010. They will FORFEIT their right to any consideration from voters in 2012. Further, they will put themselves in a turly IMPOSSIBLE positon on EVERY "fight' in Congress between now and the 2012 electioons.

The House has now passed the GOP bill on the "paryoll tax cut", and related matters. It is NOT a bill I favor. In fact, I favor voting AGAINST every single GOP House member who voted to extend that fraud of a "payroll tax cut" (stimulus/bribe). But that is not the point here. If the GOP takes ANY ACTIN to give in to this BLACKMAIL such as temproarily extending the spending authority of the government past Friday), then they are GIVING IN TO BLACKMAIL. You kow what hppens when you give in to blakmail. MORE BLACKMAIL. It never ends. No GOP member who gives in to THIS blakmail should even run for election in f2012, an dif they run they should ALL be defeated (even if you think I am gong to far in oppsng the "payroll tax cut" itself). No. You CAN'T "NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS". This is a terroristic threat, and the GOP shold treat it as such. They have passed a bill, and to give in to THREATS a this pont is impossible (if they want to keep self-rspect, or the respect of any thinking person). That means the GOP bill should be IT. They should say so. They should say that they will NOT let Democrats hold the nation hostage, an dif DEMCRATS wnat to shut down tte government, in this unconstitutinal extortion scheme, so be it. I alrady have little respect for the GOP. If they let Obama and tghe Democrats get away with this, they I will have less than NO respect tor the GOP. What do I define as letting the Dmeocrats "et wawa" with this? Easy. I define it as NEGOTIATING under these THREWATS, or doing amything at all to stop the shutdonw of the government on Friday. That deal--bad as it is--is DONE. If the GOP takes any other positon, then they ALL might as well hang it up.

You know what to epect from the media. They will acutally try to blame this on the GOPI heard Sheppard Smith, on the unfair and unbalanced network (more useless every single day) say that "both parties fover extension of the payroll tax cut". NOT TURE. The GOP "favors" it only if it is "paid for". Since the idea that the gOP is propsoing to "apy for it" is a FRAUD, you can say that the GOP does NOT faovr the "payroll taqx cut". More imporatntly, teh GOP "votes" for THEIR bill are based on ALL of the provisions, and the GOP does NOT (even by their standards) "favor" the DEMOCRTAT "payroll tax cut" bill. As this blog has accurately told you, the GOP has gotten itself into this by saying (see blog aticle on Mitch McConnell) that the "payroll tax cut" must be passed (while saing they mean THEIR version). But the GOP has BOUGHT conservative votes with OTHER provisons in the bill. What if they "compromise' on those other provisions? Then the GOP will have AGAIN betrayed conservatives (for about the 10th time in my adult life). No. The GOP, if it is not going to afree to its own destruction, is going to have to dig in and hold the line here. You shluld certainly vote against any TEA PATY GOP politician who lets his vote be "bought", and then lets the GOP give in to EXTORTION and BLACKMAIL. This is really a definng moment for the GOP. They have alrady lost ME. But I believe they are on the verge of destroying their party right now, if they "negotiate" with this kind of political terrorism. And yes, that means TAKING ON THE MEDIA, if the expected propaganda occurs. If the GOP cannot make the case here that it is Senae Democrats and the President who are trying to "shut down the government", then thre is no case that the GOP (as presently constitutedd) can ever make to the American people. They will have exosed themselves as totally useless, and only interested in their election (while blowing that, as a matter of fact). This means that the GOP cannot now "negotiate" even on the provisions of the "payroll tax cut" bill they have passed, because if they do it will be implicitly giving in to this BLACKMAIL. Democrats have actually put themselves in a position whether the GOP is virtually FORCED to refuse to "compromise" any futher), no matter how much they might "wnat to" (as I believe the cowards in the "leadership" do want to).

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