Monday, December 19, 2011

Scott Brown: Defeat Him (Defeat the GOP Series)

This one cant be any surprise. It was always in the cards taht Scott Brown (who I think my older daughter voted for in Massachusetts, mainy because he is a hunk--even though she would vote for Brack Obama) would make it on to this blog's 'Defeat the GOP list (a list so lng that it might as well be summarized by asking you to defeat the WHOLE GOP). Scott Brown bean to betray conservatives teh day he was elected, and has never let up.

But why now? It is, again, that INSANME Senate bill to e"extend" the one-time (lol), temporary , payroll tax HOLIDAY (NOT "tax cut). The Senate made it obvious that you should vote against essentially everyone in the Seante by passing one of the most disgraceful bills in the history of this country. Of course Scott Borown was part of the 89 Senators who voted for this particular stupidy. No, we should ot be "extending" the FAILED Social Security tax STIMULUS at all. It adds more than 100 BILLIN dollars to the 2012 defict, AND to the debt ceiling RISE that the GOP may TALK against next time (while continuing to ADD to the debt and deficit, and betraying the Tea Party and conservatives alkie). But IF you are going to pass an extension of teh payroll tax holiday, which was supposed to be a one-time stimulus but FAILED to justify its const, then it was INSANE (certifiably, clinically insane) to pass a TWO MONTH extension (after the Congress has done the same thing time after time after time to avoid taking responsiblitiy for actually taking definitive actioin). EITHER an extension for a year, OR not passing the extension at all (of either the payroll tax holiday or the extensin of unemployment bgenefits) would be BETTER tthan that disgraceful "tgwo month extension". Not passing any extension at all would be, by far, BEST, but this "twom month" bu;;siness is INSANE. Mewmbers of the Senate should be DEFEATED for even THINKING abut this bill, and bringing it to a vogte, much less passsing it.

But Scott Brown did more, as he PANDERS to the leftists in Massachusetts. Brown TRASHED teh House for stading (mildly--not enugh to actually DEFEAT the bill entirely) for actaully standing up for their principles.

No one, Scottt Brown, deserves to be DEFEATED more than you do. You are probably the single most deserviing member of teh "Defeat the GOP" club that this blog is putting together (being in this "club', of curse, meaning that you should be DEFEATED).

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