Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fox News: Boycott Fox News, the Unfair and Unbalanced (Insane) Network

I have granted myself another (bama-type "waiver" as to the continuing ban of the word "Fox" from this blog. This is because Fox News keeps getting WORSE, and there is no way to make absolutely clear wo I am talking about boycotting without using the name. On this "payroll tax cut" fraud, Fox ntwews has been WORSE than CNN--which is as bad as you can be. Fox News is NOT worth listening to, except for the purpose I occaisonally SURF it: namely to get MATERIAL on how BAD thee people are.

A case in point is today's absurd "compromise" suggestoin from Mitch McConnell (GOP Senae minority leader and sishonest political hack--DEFEAT HIM). CNN accurately reported what McConnell hasd said, albeit with the usual implication that the whole problem here is the GOP House (excactly the same positon being ushed by Fox News in a FULL COURT PRESS of PROPAGANDA jsut as bad, or worse, than anything being out out by CNN). But CNN was not "excited" about McConnell's statement, correctly noting that DEMOCRATS had not even endoresed the "idea'. Fox News, completely uninterested in facts, but only in AGENDA, repoorted McConnell's statement as a more than reasonable comproomise, by lwhichg the GOP House and Seante postiions could be "bridged". So much for the LIE: "We report, you decide" For Foix News, this was a "grakthrough", which the House would be insane to reject, withouit even attempting to "report" objectively the status of the situaion, and what would haoppen oif the House were sTUPID enough to follow McConnel's idea of how they could "back off". I despise these people (Fox News, althugh the descriptionig certainly applies to McConnell and virtually every GOP member of the Seante). I am now willing to state flatly: Fox News is ANTI-CONSERVATIVE, and NO "conservative" wshould watch them (at least if you are looking for real news "sympathetic' to conservative causes, or objective in any way). Even if you are not a conservative, there is NO reason to watch Fox "News". You don't get "news'., Waht you get it "CN Light". If you want that, you might as well watch CNN (which I am doing more and ore), and get the real hard stuff. (referring, by analogy, to HEROIN and not to "hard news", which you realy can't get anywhere--except maybe this blog, if you strip out the deliberate provocative language which I put in because I am NOT pretending to be an objective "journalist").

What did McConnell say? He suggested taht the Democratic Seante "appont' conferees, to "negotiate" with the House already appointed conferees on teh "payroll tax cut" extension bill, but that the House then PASS teh Senate two month extension to allow the "conferees" to netotiate a final bill. Notice, as Fox did NOT tell you, that the McConnell "idea" accomplishes NOTHING. It is FANTSY, and not reality. See this blog's previous article. The problem here is that once a two month extension is PASSED, then the pressure is OFF as to getting a final deal done. Democrats are eprfectly free to drag this out for months, and even to say that the "conference" has FAILED. Remember the "supercommitttee"? McConnell is jut proposing another PUNT to yet anotehr "supercommittee". He should be ASHAMED, as should the entrie GOP group in the Seante and teh Fox "News" network, but these peole have no shame. Fox did not bother to "report' on what would REQUIRE the McConnell supercommittee" (you can't ridicuue the man; he ridicules himself) to reach any quick result? No, and McConnell knows tis (dishoenst political hack that he is), if teh House passes the Seante bill it does not matter what "conditions" are put on that. It wil be the SAME as if the House had never gone through this drama at all, and jsut passed the Seante bill (which McConnell, of course wants). If that happens, every GOP member of teh HOUSEE should be defeated.

"Wait a second, Skip, you say thaqt there is something different abut the present House position that this bill go to a House-Senate conference. Isn't that exactly what McConnell is proposing."

No, it is NOT. McConnell is DISHONEST. Right now, if a CONFERENCE is held, the payroll tax holiday (BRIBE/WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION PAYMENT), the extended unemployment benefits, ADN teh "doc fix" on Meidicare will all EXPIRE as of Jauary 1. That is a REAL (sort of) deadline. The same thing will be true if thte new "supercommittee" cannot agree by January 1. So long as NO "extension" is PASSED, Americans will not get these "benefits" that they supposedly want so desperately (fools that the GOP, Fox News , Obama and the Democrats believe them to be). So log as NO extension is passed, in other words, th ePRESSURE wil BUILD for any committee to DO SOMETHING, because peole will be LOSING SOMETHING every week taht no "deal" is made. Once a short-term extension is passed, the PRESSURE is OFF, and the politcal GAMES will begin again. See my previous article.

Thus, Speaker Boehner and the House GOP are RIGHT. The ONLY way to END the UNCERTAINTY, and stop the political games, is to PASS A ONE YEAR EXTENSION (or pass none at all, but that correct positon has been abandoned by the GOP--which abandoned any pretense of being aginst raising the defict, debt and debt ceiling with that abandonment of principle). Again, it DOES NOT MATTER whether the bill is passed RETROACTIVELY after January 1, or passed (as it should be and could be) before December 31, the ONLY way to keep the pressure on to pass a ONE YEAR bill is to NOT pass a short-term extesnsion. That was OBAMA'S original positonion, which the despicable Fox News does ntot ven mentin (because of their FULL COURT PRESS to overcome the House positon), and it is really the CORRECT positioni. Otherwise, you have the "supercommittee" all over again. But teh GOP will be in an even worse positon, because they will already have shown that they will GIVE IN to whatever the Democrats finally demand.

Fox News is not even rpesenting the correct positoin I state in last night's blog article: that it is a POOLITICAL DISASTER for the GOP to "back off" on the House position. It merely gives Obama and the Democrats a whip hand to drag this onn as long as they want, with the knowledge that they will CONTROL the final bill. What happens if Obama and the Democrats MISCALCULATE on this? Then we might have the supercommittee all over again, or the 2011 spending "fight" all over again, whre we keep talkng aobut further "SHORT-TERM" extensions, maybe ending up with not passing any bill at all. That will only be if the Democrats refuse to LET the GOP pass a bill by demanding political suicide. But that is exactly what happened on the "supercommittee" fiasco, where the GOP would have been gald to pass a SHAM bill if the Democrats would have let them.

You are not herering ANY of this from Fox 'News" becausee Fox "News' is totally in teh CNN tank on this one (as are Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove and teh GOP members of the Seante). It is the HOUSE that wants to GET THIS DONE in the ONLY way you can guarantee that will happen (either beofre the New Year or right after). Everyone else is PLAYING POLITICS (while falsely accusing the House GOP of that).

Bottom line; BOYCOTT Fox "News" I beg you. It is a totally useless "news' source, unless you want to know the GOIP ESTABLISHMENT positoin on an issue (really simply the ESTABLISHMENT positoin on an issue, as there is NO DIFFFERENCE between the GOP estalbishment positon and the Democrat establishment positoin, wih only slight nuances). Fox "News" is heading for a big fall as people understand tahat they are no more getting real, factual "news' from Fox than they are from CNN. Moreover, the GOIP is headling for a big fall--I think by the betrayals they have already made, but certainly if they BACK OFF of keeping the pressure on here. Waht the GOP "establishment", and teh totally poll-driven Fox "News", do not seem to understand is that what matter here is how things look in NOVEMBER, and NOT what the polls look like NOW. If the House backs off NOW, it will conceibably DESTROY them nexte NOVEMBER (even if it hurts the polls now). Even if Obama saves teh gOP next nNovember, this kind of "politics as usual" will DESTORY the GOP eventually. McConnell is the psoter child for htis terrible "politics as usual", and Fox "News" is the PROPAGANDA ARM.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking, as usual (bad eyesight).

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