Monday, February 20, 2012

Americans, Including GOP and Media, Sell Their Soul for $15 a Week: Media Lies and Our Liar-in-Chief

I still can't get over the blatant LIES regarding this fraudulent payroll "tax cut" bill. You should know th e Orwellian Big Lie by now: 160 millioin Americans will receive an extra $40 per week in their paycheck. This was not only a LIE, but an OBVIOUS lie. Do the arithmetic yurself: $52 per week is (appproximately) $2000 per year. Multiply $2000 times 160 million Amiercans. Yoiu get a total of MORE than 320 BILLION dollars, and that does not even represent the full cot of this bill (with unemployment insurance and Medicare "fixes" adding tens of billions more--NOT "kapid for" in that same year (as if we did not need any "pay for" to cover the fact we are SPEWNDING more than 1 TRILLION dollars more than we are taking in). Yep. if ou listen to the PROPAGANDA, this payroll "tax cut" will ADD a wh;opping 320 BILLION dollars to our defict/debt in ONE YEAR. It tells you a lot about the GOP that the GOP did NOT CARE how much it adds to the deficit/debt. That is because they have no principles, other than reelection, and thought that this "deal with thedevil" was essential to the GOP election prospects (showing how truly stupid the GOP is). This is the ONLY "principle a GOP Congressman has : REELECTION.

You did not hear our media say that this payroll "tax cut" bill will add 320 BILLION dollars to the deficit over one year? You did not hear the unfair and unbalanced network tell you that? Well, you hardly heard the media even talk about the ADDITION to the debt/deficit represented by this bill, over ONE YEAR--about how that ADDITNO is MORE than the GOP will have "cut" from spending over the two years htat the GOP House has had a VETO power over spending. Indeed, the GOP has "cut" NOT ONE THINK DIME, and will not have done so going into the 2012 eleciton. Our media are LIEARS. However, it is ture that the payroll "tax cut" bill did NOT cost (add to the deficit and debt) 320 billion dollars. The LIE here is that 160 millioni Ameri cans will receive an extra $40 per week in thie weekly check. The yearly cost of this bill is probably around 120 BILLION dollars. It is hard to know for sure, because it is not a certain figure and because the media is UNINTERESTED in giving you the facts. Then there was that ridiculous "two month extensin", which the GOP FASLSELY claimed was "paid for' (mainly out of HOUSING--a fee on mortgage transactions). Anyway, let us take 120 billion dollars as the figure we are ADDING to the deficit/debt over one year. That is not far off, and lets us CALCULATE how much the AVERAGE American gets "extra" in his or her weekly paycheck.

160 million Americans. That does NOT include the very poor, or most of the elderly, who do not receive a substantial paycheck. I have said, in previous articles,that the AVERAGE person, in that 160 millioin, will receive LESS than $20 per week. Unilike th eLIEARS of the unfair and unbalanced network, and the rest of the media, what I tell ou is absoutely correct (and verifiable). Miltiple $1000 times 160 million. You get a result of 160 BILLION dollars. Again, this is much MORE than the yearly addition to the debt asserted in the PROPAGANDA (when the propaganda is not ignoring the issue entirely, which is most of the time). We have accepted 120 billiion as being close to a correct estimate. of how mcuh this "tax cut" GIMMICK will add to the defict/debt over one year. Okay, this means that mere arithmetice leads us to the conclusion that this is NOT even $20 a month ($1000 a year) for those 160 million Americans. That number (1000 times 160 million) would be 40 billion more than our accepted cost of 120 billion (the simple multiplication totalling 160 billion).

In this article, I will not be content with leaving it at that: "less than" $20 per weeek being added to 160 million paychecks. Let us get closer to an EXACT number. What will get us close to 120 billin dolllars (120 more dollars than the GOP has "cut" from spending for 2011 and 2012--you might as well add 2013 right now)? $750 a year, for 160 million Americans, brings you close (unlike the liars in the media, I refkuse to pretend these are exact numbers). $750 times 160 millioin gets you to 120 billioin. Even if you are too lazy to do this multiplication on paper, you can see this is true (in your head). We have already established taht $1000 times 160 million is 160 billion (too high). Half of $1000 is $500. Half of 160 billion is 80 billioni (too low). 750 is exactly twtwen 500 and 1000. 120 billion is exactly between 160 billion and 80 billion. Q.E.D. $15 is the AVERAGE amount (give or take a dollar or two) that 160 million Americans will get, extra, in their pachecks. As this blog has told you, this will COST those 160 millon Americans at least that miuch in HIGHER gasoline prices and food prices alone, and in extra inflation. That is not to mention the damage to Social Security funding, eventual higher intereste rates (unless the econmy collapses), and all of the other costs involved with adding hundreds of billions to the deficit/debt. This is the SECOND year we have done this, and it DID NOT HELP the econmy the first year.

You say that Obama and the Democrats fed this propaganda to the media, and that therefore they can't be blamed (when the cowards in the GOP refused to bring out these FACTS)? As the headline says, Obama is our Liar-in-Chief, and tells these lies routinely. BUT, this is NOT a matter of opinio!!!! It is NOT HARD. This is obvius stuff. The media cannot "report"the LIE of $40 per week without making themselves LIARS, if they don't point out the obvious lie.

As a grammatical matter, my headline is not correct. The media are not sellling their soul for $15 per week. They are selling their soul for AGENDA. The GOP politiicians are not selling their soul for $15 per week. They are selling their soul for ELECTION (wich they expect to be wroth many times more than $15 per week).

However, look at the PRICE both the media and the GOP are putting on YOUR soul!!!!! KYpe. They are confident that YOU are willing to sell your soulf for $15 per week (not even real, as you lose money in the end, whihc is always true of deals with the devil). Now you know. You now know what the media and GOP--not to mention Obama and the Democrats--think your soul can be "bought" for: $15 per week.

The more I think about this payroll "tax cut", the more angry I get. I think most Americans do not want to sell their soul for $15 per week, and recognize this is all a SCAM that will destroy us. But where do they go? The GOP has AGAIN shown they have no principles--certainly not this one: to stand by your principles onf debts and deficits rather than make deals with the devil. Obama is Liar-in-Chief, and will surely destroy this country if he gets another frou years (as another one of my brothers--the pharmacist in the Dallas area--again told me last night, when I said I could never vote for Romney). My borther, by the way, agreees that Santorum is the choice for the GOP nomination, and I WILL vote for Santorum, despite the handicap he has being part of the GOPP (and being somewhat of a politician type from all of his years in Washington). I understqand people who think like myu brother(s). It is a hard choice. But I have made my choice (really in 2006). I simply cannot vote for truly DISHONEST people any ore--not to mention total COWARDS--which means I cannot vote for Romney, OR any of the current GOP members of Congress. It may not be the right choice, but how else tdo you EVER stop the lies? In any event, it is the only chioice I can stand to make. I can't stand to let these GOP frauds continue to get away with it, assuming I have "no placde to go". I DO have a place to go: anywhere away from you.

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