Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Insanity: Our World Has Gone Insane (Red Cross Insanity)

"Red Cross urges daily two hour halt in Syrian clashes"

The above is a current "featured" hadline on Yahoo "News" (possibly fromt he AP, although I did not bother to note the original source). I am sorry This is INSANE.

What is the Red Cross saying? That they want two hours a day to go in and drag out the dead and dying? Nope. Agian, this is INSANE. I don't care how "god" our intentions are, you HAVE tp dp better tjan this. Do you really expect ANHONE to be able to rely upon a two hour "daily truce", even if the two "sides" are willing to agre to one? INSANEE. Sure, in our Civil War, you had short-term truces to collect the dead and wounded. But that was "civilized" warfare (oxymoron though that is). Even then, there wsa not a DAILY "two hour" halt to fighting.

Sorry, Red Cross. If you cant' do better than this, you have no reason to exist (which my ;89 year old other, who was once a health department nurse when she ws oung, in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, insists is ture: she hates the Red Cross, and believes there is no reason for them to exist, in the form that organizatin has taken).

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