Saturday, February 18, 2012

Obama's Tax Cut for the Rich: Fraudulent Payroll "Tax Cut" Bil (Obama as Liar-in-Chief)l

This blog has explained extensively why this fraudulent payroll "tax cut" is a BRIBE, which merely undermines Social Security. It started off as a TEMPORARY "stimulus" in December of 2010. It DID NOT WORK, except to increase the dEBT and the DEFICIT. Now it is a TEMPORARY "stiulus"--sold as a TAX CUT (see next article)--for supposedly anothre year.. Who says? HOW do the politicians in Congress vote AGAINST continueing to extend this payrolll "tax cut", given the HYPE about how essential it is to the middle class and the economy?I don't see a way. But I have alredy repeatedly addressed those issues, and the GOP (DEFEAT THEM ALL) betrayal of every "principle" they LIED abut having on our debt and deficits. What i have previously mentioned only in pssing is how PRESIDENT BUSH proved himself less lof a "stimulus" guy FOR THE RICH than Barack Obama. I am sserious. Did you know that President Bush, in 2008, actuallly "helped" the POOR, while Barack Obama has proved himsself a friend of the RICH? The media will never tell ou this stuff. I wil. Indeed, it turns out that Oama's 8000 BILLIOIN dollar stimulus program hlelped mainy his REICH friends, and the RiCH friends of Democrats in Congress. That however, is another article. Let us return to this fraudulent payroll "tax cut".

kYou have heard Obama talking aouut that "40 dollars a week", as if it is 'free" money. For Obama, and "Bailout Ben' Bernanke, it probably is 'free" money. They don't care about ou PAYING OR IT in things like higher FOOD and GASOLINE prices. Did I just tell yout to BLAME Obama land "Bailout Ben" for higher food and energy prices? yes, I did. And the record bears me out, including what is happening right now. I digeress (not really). WHO gets that $40 per week? ONLY THE RICH, and the higher middle class. That $40 per week is a LIE. That is what I said. You Liar-in-Chief--aided by the LIARS of the media and the LIARS in the GOP) has LIED to you. It is ONLY people who earn AT LEAST $100,000 a year who get $40 a week, including "millonaires and billionaires". The AVERAGE person gets LESS than $20 a week, EATEN :UP in higher GASOLINE and FOOD prices. The $40 a week is a LIE so blatant that sucn lie alone is enough to vote AGAINST every sinlge person who favored this FRAUD. Oh, the PORR get NOTHING. That is what I said. Obama is supposedly all about helping the "poor", and this 'payroll "tax cut" gives them NOTHING. It may, in fact, KILL them, by depriving them of FOOD (pricing food out of their price range, except tot he extent our food stamp President doles out fod stamps like Marie Antoinette telling people to eat cake). You hae to be WORINING, at at least a decent wage, to get almost ANYTHING out of the Obama "tax cut for the ric=h". Ifyou are not working at all, you get NOTHING. Tat is what the elderly get (those not working, partly because Social Seucrity punishes them): NOTHING. But the elderly SUFFER because of HIGHER Food prices, and other higher prices (in cluding gasoline). My mopther is right. . Barack Obama, FRIEND OF THE RICH, is TrYHING TO KILL HER (my mother being 89 years old). This payroll "tax cut" is a double ATTACK on the elderly. It UNDERMINES funding for Social Security, and DMINISHES the "disposable" income of the elderly. The same thing, as my mother knows, can be said of ObamaCare. (And no, my omother does NOT get thesee things from me--being much moer vehement about these things than I am, to the extent of STILL insisting that Obama was born in Kenya--because she despises him so much rather than because she really believees it, and FDR remains her hero, even as I tell her that FDR started us down this road to ruin.)

Now let us go back to President Bush and 2008. You may remember that President Bush and the majority Democrats in Congress (including Obama, as those majority Democrats presided over a COLLAPSING ECONOMY--for which THEY desrve at least as much blame as President Bush). passed a FAILED "stimulus" (as the payroll "tax cut" FAILED this past year). However, since President Bush and that previouis Cngress obvioiusly had MORE compasson for the poor, and less for the RICH, than President Obama. That 2008 "stimulus" payment of $600 per person (albeit I think you had to file a tax return) did NOT give MORE to the rich than the poor--as the Obama "tax cut for the rich" does. Everyone got the same $600 dollars, INCLUDING THE ELDERLY. Q.E.D. President Bush cared MORE for the (relativey) poor and teh elderly than President Obama does. As this bog has explained to you before, this payroll "tax cut" is really the SAME thing as that Bush/Democrat $600 "stimulus"--skewed more toward the "well off" and "the rich". Rason? You know this one. This payroll "tax cut", which is not really a "tax cut", is intended as a BRIBE--a welfare payment of "free" money, just like that $600--for the "middle class". It is a POLITICAL GIMMICK to do another budget-busting "simulus" that would be POLITICALLY popular. No, I take no prisoners. I tel it to you like it is, even if it means you have to face the fact that you have been BRIBED. No, I am not saying you should not take the bribe. That accomplishes noting, except to suffer the conequences without even getting the "benefit" that causes the consequences. But ou should PUNISH the peole who GAVE the bribe (basicaly ALL of Congress, and Presideent Obama).

Am I missing someting here? Yes, I am missing one thing, which this blog has told oyou before. It is ture that this is an OBAMA TAX CUT FOR THE RICKH (or at least the wll off AND the rich). However, it is MEANT as a WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION BILL. The idea is to PREMANENTLY undermine Social Security, and turn it into a total welfare system. Obama and the Democrats do not WANT Socaial Seucrity to be a self-funding program. They want it to be just another government welfare program. They really would like to do away with the "payroll tax", and "make up" the money out of a more severly progressive GENERAL TAX SYSTEM. That is what I say when I correctly tell you that Obama and the Democrats mean this payroll "tax cut" to be anoterh wedgee toward "welath redistribution"--toward "income euqlity" (see previus article, as all of these articles relate to one another). That does not change a single word I say above. This bill HURTS the poor, rather than "helping" the poror. And it mots immediately helps the well off. But the ultimate GOAL here is wealth redistributin, and "income equlity" (ecept for those who feed off of the government tit).

Do oyou understand that it waw a BLATANT LIE that 160 millioin Americans will receive $0 per week? I hope so. Multiply 160 million by $200, and you immediately SEE it is a LIE. The COST (advertised) is actually more like $700 or $800 dollars for each of those 16 0 million Americans. I even saw 94 BILLIOIN mentined as a "cost" of this BRIBE, but that is surely an understatement not taking into account that ridiculous twon-month extension. At 94 billon, the AVERAGE "benefit" would be only $600 dollars for the AVERAGE American in those 150 million--again, EATEN :UP by the increases in gasoline and food. You see why you should pay NOT attention to our media,including the unfiar and unbalanced network, how simply "report" that $40 per wekek LIE, as if it were not an OBVIOUS LIE. We know we have a Liar-in-Chief. Worse, we know we have a media that LIES to us every day, every hour and every minute--including the unfair and unbalanced network. Do the ARITHMETICX yhourself. It is not hard. That $40 per week is an OBVIOIUS LIE, especailly when yo combine it with the reference to 150 millioin Americans.

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesgight). Message to the GOP: Don't even TALK to me. Talk to the hand. I will suport Rick Santorum, espite you, IF he is the nominee. I will NOT suppport a SINGLE GOP incumbent in Congress, and still advise: DEFEAT THEM ALL.

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