Monday, February 13, 2012

GOP Hypocrites/Cowards and the Payroll "Tax Cut": Update

"Gop leaders to propose payroll tax cut extension without funding offsets, as two sides trade blame"

This is a follow up to the previous article. The above heaedline is from the website of the unfair and unbalanced network,. Yep. In desperation again, I made the sacrifice (with my eyesight) of actualy searching the internet.

Look at the many ways this blog was RIGHT in December (not to mentin the months before that):

1. From any point of view, that ridiculous 2-month extension in December was a MISTAKE, and the 89 Senators who voted for it (or at least those in the GOP) proved themselves TOO STUPID to be in Congress. Mitch McConnell: "We will pass a bill, and arrive at a deal.". GOP in general: "We will never pass a bill that is not 'parid for'." (lol and col--laugh-ut-loud and cry-out-loud)

2. The ONLY leverage the GOP had was the year-end deadline. That was esepcially true once the GOP made clear that they had abandoned all oppostion (the correct postioin) to this payroll "tax cut" fraud. If the GOP had shown a wilingness to let the "tax cut" expire in December, they had a good chance for a "deal". When they showed weaknees, they had NO CHANCE. This blog toldl them that in December. Too bad they are so very STUPID. Marco Rubio, this means YOU.

3. This bllg toldl you in December that it iwsa insane to suggest that-ass the incompetent, dishonest media was leading you to believe--all that was needed for a "deal" was to have MORE TIEM, reather than face a Christams deadline. This bog told you, and it was obviuslyy true, that the two-month extensin was ALWAYS going to come down to another DEADLINE. The only difference was that the GOP would have NOTHING as they faced the new deadline. It was only a matter of WHICH DEFEAT they wanted to acknowledge. The defeat they have so far chosen is the predictable one to ABANDON ALL PRINCIPLE ON THGE DEFICIT AND THE DEBT. Blunt factual statement: Outside of the Paul family, you can countg the GOP members of Congress who really care about the deficit or the debt, except as a hypocritical campaign issue, on one h;and.

4. As I told you in December, WHAT can the GOP do when Democrats INSIST upon the surtax on "millionaires and billioinaires"? The GOP has already CAVED-in December. It is like Barack Obama begging Irfan to "talk". The GOP is in a DESPERATE situ;ation entirely of their own making: the making of nearly EVERY GOP ember of Congress. The above headline tells you the addtitonal DEFEAT that the desperagte GOP has chosen. The Democrats MAY not take the risk of calling this aditional bluff, even though they--with actual PRINICPLES< even it wrong-headedones--have called all previous bluffs. But what will the GOP do if Democrats say NO. Wh;at will the GOP do if Democrats say: "Don't you CARE about the deficit and the debt (knowing that the GOP members of Congress do NOT CARE, except politically)?? You wwouldn't 'pay for' the Bush tax cuts. Now you don't want to 'pay for ' this bill. You are hypocrites. ALL you care abut is protecting millionaires and billionaires." I can't telly you how much I WANT Democrats to take this postion. Not ony would it serve the gOP members of Congress right,--although not nearly being enough PUNISHMENT for this level of beetrayal of principle and stupidity--buta it is the ONLY way we MAY be able to DEFEAT this terrible bill.

I could go on. Read this blog's weekend articles on the subject. Then read this blog's articles in December, November, and earlier. Try to find a SINGLE statement I amde that has proven to be wrong. Even my criticisms of the MERITS (lack of merit) of this bill have been seconded by almost every conservative who has addressed the subject, only to have them often endorse the STUPPIDTY of the GOP putting itself in the position. Example: Karl Rove, who said this is a BAD bill, but that the GOP had to pass it to get through the electin. Does it really SURPRISE you that Karl Rove is willing to SELL OUT his country for an electin? No, it did not surprise me either. Nor--as reading this blog will have told you--does it surprise me that GOP members of Congress--almost ALL of them--are willing to SELL OUT their country (along with almsot every principle they profess to believe in) for the purposes of an election. Whath YOU may have been surprised at, and I was not, is just how STUPID GOP members of Congress have proved themselves to be. Th eonly motivatino for this STUPIDTY seems to be that the main goal of the GOP estalbishment is to dESTROY THE TEA PARTY. I hink they may have succeeded. In fact, THAT may be the one principle that the GOP estalbishment uts ahed of winning elections: NEVER LET CONSERVATIVES ACTUALLYL GAIN POWER IN THE PARTY.

The GOP estalbishment may not be surprised to know that I reciprocate. I have principles. They do not, except that principle that they DONT belive in conservativsm. One of my recent principles, starting with ewhen I disowned President Bush in 2006, is that Hell will have to freeze over before I will EVER vote for a GOP estalbishment candidate again. I don't care if satan himself is the opponent (Obama almost qualifying). Actually, I jsut lied. Hell COULD freeze over, and it could be on the "news at eleven", with pictures, and I STILL would never again vote for a GOP establishment candidate for ANY office. ype. That means I will NOT support Mitt Romney for President, under any circustances. I have other reasons for not supporting Newt Gingrich, but I don't think I am going to have to worry about that.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). What is the GOP excuse for being this STUPID?

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