Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama Gone Wild: 800 Million Dollars for 'Arab Spring'

The above headline is not mine. It is the present banner headline on Drudge (

Yep. our Preisdent, who jsut presented a FANTASY budget that nevertheless tells you who he is, is evidenty proposing to SPEND(which is what he does bvest--or worst) 8000 million dollars for the "Arab Spring". If o uwant to know what that means, go to the article linked on Drudge. I farnkly don't care. It is isane (as Drudge's headline strongly implies).

Now if this were a HIDDEN fund for covert support for REVOLUTOIN Iran, I might go for it. With Iran, however, our Presdient sends LETTERS that might be written by elemntary school children (probably whre he got the language for them).

I did like the Drudge headline, as I often do. That expalins this post.

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