Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dridge: All iIn for Romney

In the earlier article today, I mentioned the Drudge headline on Santourm and SATAN. I have often praised Drudge hedlines, but I have also often noted that it is hit or miss. As i do with this lbog, Drudge tries to be deliberately provocative with his headlines. And they are all about AGENDA (even as Drudge gives you more variety in his overall cited articles than you get fromt he mainstream media).

In this case, the headline was a BAD msitss. No, the "news' was hardly wrothy of a headline at all. Santroum's veiws on Satan are IRRELEVANT to this election. A "banner headline' on this subject is absurd, and can only be explained by AGENDA. Dubt me? Never do that. There was an eqully strange Drudge headlien a day or two ago linked to an aritlce with the headline: "Santourm aide makes gaffe, criticizing Obama's 'radical Islamic policie'. " I assure you that was an anti-Santourm headline, and again not worht a "banner headline". ARe we now gong to start maknig banere headlines out of every "gafffe" of any ADE to political candidates? It boggles the mind, especially in a case like this. It is OBVIOUS that even th e aide (much less Santorum) merely meant to say that Obama polices are HELPING radical Isllamists. Tat is the ositin of EVErY GOP candidate, with the possible exceptin of Ron Paul It is Mitt Roney's positn. It is newt Gingrich's position. No sane person would believe that Santorum, or even an aide, thought that Obama plicies themselves were "radical Islamic plicies". Jsut a verbal mistake. But Drudge POUNCED on it, more than CNN This means that Drudge is now into ROMNEY PROPAGANDA. I had knot known that Drudge was part of the GOP establishment, but it appears taht he is. I had known that the unfari and unbalanced network is part of the GOP estalbishment, and THEy are definitely "all in" for Romeny(algouth acitng nervous aobut it as Romney stumbles). .

Oh. Where did Drugdge get his SMEAR of Santorum? He got it from Politico--a FAR LEFT website that this lbog has criticized several times as disonest political hacks (correclty criticized). No, that headline was a SMER job by Drudge, in aid of Romney (or possibly Gingrich, although that would be stupid, as Gingrich cannot make it now). It is not jsut the "news" stories, but the ten pont banner headlines. That signals PROPAGANDA. Sure, that is true of some Drudge headlines on Obama and the Democrats, but those headlines are sometimes clever. These headlines were merely embarrassing.

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