Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Unethical: ABC "News" and Yahoo "News"

See the previous article. Yes, the (digital) ink was not even dry before this blog was accused of BIAS (lol). I consider President Obama to be "rich", and he will certainly get much RICHER after he lieaves office (see Bill Clinton, who is ow probably almsot as unethical as Mitt Romney). However, there is o doubt that Mitt Romney is RICHER thann President Obama, meaning that ABC "News" and Yahoo "News" must believe that Mitt Romney is MORE unethical than President Obama (who, himmself, is MUCH more unethical than I am on this ABC/Yahooo scale on which the richer you are the more unethical you are).

Since I did ignore Romney i my previouis article, you can take this as a "correction", although I am disputing the claim that it affects my 99.9% accuracy rating.

Oh, i am perfectly aware that ABC/Yaho put a QUESION MARK (the refuge of "journalistic scoundrels--of unethical people) at the end of their headline: "Are rich people unethical?" However, the very first sentence of the ABC article made clear the ABC/Yahoo ANSEWER to the question.

No, by the way, I would NOT call Mitt Roney "unethical" myself. I do think he has this "leftist Wall Street" mindset which I have called "economic fascism" (theory of "partnership" between Big Government and Big Business/Wall Street to run your life), explaining why Romney was for the Wall Street bailout. In this attitude, Romney and Obama are very similar, atlthoug Obama puts more emphasis on the GOVERNMENT side of this parnership, than Romney.

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