Sunday, February 12, 2012

Athens Burns

See my previous article. The reason for this follow up is that you should realize that Reuters, and Yahoo "News', are UNRELIABLE sources of informatin. Therefore, you might have some doubts about whether Athens is reallyh "burning", or whether some suburban Tim Allen immitator is just burning trash in his back yrad. However, I decided to "surf' DRUDGE ( before going to bed, and here is the Drudge BANNER headline:


This still leaves a lot of factual uncertainty as to exactly HOW serious this is, but I think you can assume that something fairly significant is going on. This merely confirms what I have been saing: This idea that all government central planners have to do is wave a magic wand and "solve' problems is absurd. It is even more absurd when the "magic wand" is known by EVERYOBODY to be FICTIONIAL (as with "Bailout Ben' BUYING our OWN debt to prop up Wall Street and our financial system) .

If we canot face reality, we are doomed. Why don't I jsut say: WE ARE DOOMED. Well, I feel like saing that, and have sort of done so several times. However, I hate to sound like a kook preacher standing on a mountain top predictoing the end of the world on a certain date. And I have not even mentioned IRAN, where our Preisdent...........................................sorry, on the floor in that fetal position again......writes BEGGIN letters to religious fanatics whining: "Can't we just talk?" Nope. Reality has not only left the building; it has left the world. Yet, people are REALLY DING, in Greece, in Syria, in Egypt, in Afghanistan, and in so many other places. Reality does have this habit of asserting itself. I jsut wish we had some "leaders' who understood this.

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