Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama: President Apology

Every time I, or anybody else, turns around, President Obama is apologizing for the United States of America. Long ago, his went beyond annoying.. I am willing to state it bluntly: A man with this kind of attitude toward this country--not to mention toward the majority religion (Christian, although Obama is one of the FEW people in this country to claim to be a GENERIC Christian instead of a member of a specific Christian religoin)--should NOT be President of the United States.

Yes, I am talking about the amazing performance of the President of the Untited States, and his whole administration, ABASING themselves with ergard to this "Koran burning'" in Afghanistn. Our President will NOT stand up for Christians peersecuted in majority Muslim countries, or just people like the peole of Iran who got no support from us when they protested their dictator's rigged election, but who will virtually CRAWL (and have hiswhole administration CRAWL on their bellies, apologizing to the CORRUPT head (Karzai) of teh Afghanistan government (where two Americans were just KILLED---not as part of the war--with no "apology".

There is something absurd and pathetic about this knee jerk reactin from a Preisent so willing to abase his country--whethre we like it or not--before other countries (:and the world). The reaction of the "hate America" left is also revealing. I saw a "defense" of this absurd overreation--and appeaement of the anti-American Mislim MOBS, and it tells you everything you need to know about Obama and teh left. The "defense" is that, yes, we ARE better than these Muslim countries who persecute Christians, and these Muslim mobs who will KILL over mere cartoons or the burning of a BOOK mere paper and ink--as distinguished from the IDAS in the book, which cannot be burned). However, it is because we aREBETTER THAN THEY ARE that Obama is right to "apologize" so profusely. Hogwas. Evil hogwash.

These are mere BOOKS. They were "burned" ACCIDENTALLY, and not the result of ANY high leve policy or encouragement from officials of teh United States (not true of Muslim countries in their persectution of Christians). The person from the left who I heard make this ridiculous "argumetn" about being "better" than these peole (which Obama NEVER says, by the way)was based on an implied ASSUMPTION that is FALSE. The word "better" implies a MORAL fault. What is the MOREAL FAULT here? Noope. It is NOT IMMORAL to ACCIDENTALLY (in terms of not being a deliberate insult to the Muslim religion, although whoever fedt the books to the flames, or put the books in the trash to be burned, might have had some idea of them being treated as trash). How do you disose of Koran BOOKS when they are worn out, or you have some that you just don't have any use for (like there are too many of them)? Is throwing them out witht he trash (or burying them) somehow better than b"rurnign" them? That is abssurd. But Obama and the left are all about absurd. How are you supposed to dispose of a Koran BOOK that you don't want anymroe? If the Muslim religion realy considers the BOOKS (as books--not the concepts in them) as SACRED, then the Muslim religion truly is insane. What if oo yuo print out the Koran from a comuter? Or just down load it on to a computer? When you hit the "delete' button, or burn the computer printout, are lyou "insulting" the Muslim religion?

For Obama and the left, the idea here is bobviously that we MUST "respect" the OVERSENSITIVE "sensibiliteies" of MUSLIM EXTREMISTS. I can't tell y=you how vehemently I reject this ridiculous idea. Eve if, somehow, EVERY Koran BOOK is supposedly SACRED, and only to be disposed of in a particluar way (like destroying an Aermican flag), it is absurd to expect people who do NOT believe in the RELIGION (of whch the Koran is only the tanible record, when in book from) to even KNOW about eververyting that "oofends" Mu;slims. I will go further: As with the Danish cartoons, which I would actually hae liked to post of this blog (or have my cartoonist--hobby--daughterr make me some NEW ones, and post them for me, which she refused to do), I REJCT the idea that it is one of my goals in life to avvoid "offending" Muslims. There are values I have that are MUCH more important that any worry about "offending" Muslims. I HOPE Muslims wil be offendied by this article--not because I am dlieberately trlying to insult the Muslim religin but because too many people in the Muslim religion are STUCK at the pont where the so mcch of the Christian Chruch was at tlhe time of the Spanish Inquision. Burning people at the stake, or killing them in ANY way, becasue the have "offended" your religion is NOT DEFESNIBLE. And I will oppose it to bmy last breath. Too bad we don't have a President with that attitude.

Charles Krauthammer is right on what SHOULD have been done , and he is right only about half the time. (well, maybe a little better than that, but not anywhere near this blog's 99.9% accurccuracy percentage). There was no need for us to ABASE ourselves, and PRETEND (I hope, without being sure) that ACCIDENTALLY, and not part of policy, destroyong Korans in a way "offensive" to Muslms was some sort of major SIN. The left seems to think it was a SIN, even though they don't believ ve in sin, but it was not. It was a MISTAKE. We are "guests" (sort of) in Afhansistan,. That does nto mean ABASING ourselves at every unintended slight. But there is no reason to go out of our way to "offend", even if it is basically accidental. Therefore, as Krauthammer suggests, the thing to do was for the MILITARY COMMANDER in Afghanistan (whose troops were supposedly "negligent") to issue a statement sayng this was an accident, not intended to insult Muslims, and apologizing for not being more careful about Muslim feelings in the matter (however you want to word it, WIOHOUT all of this ABASEMENT). No reason for the PRESIDENT to "apologize, or the officals in the Defense Department. Taht jsut blows it up out of all proporton, and leaves the impression that the Muslim MOB has extorted these excessive "apologies" out of the "great Satan".

This blog told you essentially the same thing about the media insane overreatction to that NUT down in Florida, wiht a nothing congregation,, who was going to "brun" the Koran as part of a PUBLLICITY TUNT (which publicity he gt). Again, there was NO reason for ME, or our media, or for ANBODY else in the U.S. to "apologize" for that preacher in Florida proposing to "burn" the Koran. He was merely a person proposing to exercise his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, and--again--I would NEVER apologize to Mulsims for having a country where FREDDOM is more important than claims of "offending" religious fanatics. My reaction would be the same if an atheist decided to burn the BIBLE, as hhas surely happened. Not, as an agnostic, you may think that it is obvius I would nto care. But CHRISTIANS have not "rioted" or KILLED PEOPLE, because of "insults" to their religion. As I say, too much of the Muslim religni is STUCK back at the time of the Spanish Inqusition, in terms of ow the Muslims treat "heresy". . You could even go to the Salem witch trials as another example of this kind of thing--the unwillingness to let GOD decide the "punishment' for religious "crimes". Again, we are talking about merely a TANGIBLE BOOK, which cannot possibly be regarded (bay a sane person) as "sacred" in and of itself. It is what the book REPRESENTS that can be called sacred, and burning the tangible BOOK has no effect on the IDEAS involved.

Buit isn't it INSULTING? Not as insulting as PANDERING to the worst elements of a religion: those elements those elements STUCK in the kind of religious insanity once adoopted by Christians at the time of the Spanish Inquistion (and other times and other places). But this is why the Florida preacher WAS committing a "sin" (morally wrong actin), even though other people in the FREE United States are not resojnsible for it. The Florida preacer was INTENDING to INSULT the Muslim religion. He was INTENDING to "burn the Koran as a SYBOLIC way of "burning" the whole religion. That was, and is, POINTLESS. Rather, its only pont ist o INSULT, and that knd of HATE is not erally defensible (as it is not defensible to burn the American flag as a way of showing your HATE for this country). We have the FREEDOM to do this kind of ting, and I would never apologize for people exercising that freedom. But I would NOT give them publicity, or try to suggest (as our media did) that it is an example of general "intolerance" toward Muslims in this coutnry.

Deliberate insult, just to be insulting, is not defensible. That was NOT true of the "koran burning" in Afhanistan, which was not a matter of deliberate American policy (the reason that a LOCAL "apology" was appropriate). There ws no MORAL FAULT in Afghanistan. There is a MORAL FAULT in deliberate insult jsut to be "mean". However, to PANDER to the UNREASONABLE FEELINGS of Mulims, sunc as in the matter of the Danish cartoons or other books and images, is an VEIL thing. It is like an historian ENDORSING the Spanish INquistinon, because the peole standing for more freedom were insulting the FEELINGS of the fnatics burning people at the stake (like Joan of Arc--in France).

Nope. There is NO defense for Obama having this compulsion to effusively apoogy for his COUNTRY in a continuing overreaction for our "sins" (which arfe often not "sins" at all).

The man is a piece of work. Obama, I mean, and I mean it in the WORST possible way.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Now some of you may have noticed that the first "post" on this article cut off in MID-WORD. That had nothing to do with my eyesight, although it probably had a lot to do with my lack of computer composition skills. My keyboard simply STOPPED WORKING in the middle of a word. Who knows what I did. From experience, the only way to be (somewhat) sure of not losing what I had typed wsa to psot what I had typed (which DID work, as the whole computer was not frozen). Then I had to turn off the computer and "reboot". Then the keyboard actually worked on the Googel form. No, it would not even work in"edit" mode until I "rebooted". These things absolutely amaze me. Oh, and I am SERIOUS abut a quesitn raised it he above aarticle. How are you SUPPOSED to dispose of EXTRA Korans you have, or WRON OUT Korans that you have? I know you could give them away, but surely it is not expected taht Koran BOOKS will last FOREVER. For that matter, is there any way you are supposed to dispose of BIBLES, if--for example, you are a bookstore that simpy ahas to many that you don't know what to do with? Or they are worn out? I am not aware of any such "standard" for disposing of a printed Bible, but that does not menan therat there is not one (in at least some specific c Christian creeds). To me, it is just a BOOK. I would never owrry about throwing any Koran or Bible into an incinerator--not as a stunt but just because I want to dispose of them--especially not to avoid "wounidng" the "feelings" of people who don't like ti. I see no reason for deliberate insult, but I also see no reason to pay any attention to the oversensitve "feelings" of fanatics. And no, I REJECT the idea that I am engaging in deliberate insult if I am not "sensitive" to the "feelignS' of Muslims, to the point of teying to aovid EVERY acitn that might "offend" them. There wyou are back to my exmale of not "offending" the "Inquisitors" of the Spanish INquisitin. I would regard it as a badge of hono to "offend" peole like that. No, I am not saying that ALL Muslimms are stuck int he Muslim wquivlanet of the Spanish Inquisition. I am just saying that TOO MAANy Muslims are in that state, not to mentin those who are AFRAID to stand up t the fanatices. Nowyou might understand SOME of these pople who have a REAL FER of hhat might happen to them (as people like Glileo had when faced with an intolerant ChristainChurch) . What I don't understnad is peole like Obama, and our MEDIA, who give in to both fear and PAADERING. Those peole are people for whom I have NO respect at all.

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