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Payroll "Tax Cut" Bill: Another Reason to Defeat All Members of Congress, and to Ignore the Incompetent, Corrupt Members of Our Media

Remember that fraudulent payroll "tax cut" bill? I wil refer yo to previous blog articles on just how bad the bill is. Suffice it to say that you--if you are a GOP member of Congress--are a DISHONEST HYPOCRITE (Mitt Romney, thi smeans you, even if you are nnot a member of Congress) to talk about the "debt ceiling" at the same time you want to REQUIRE that hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars be added to the debt ceiling in the next year because of this particular bill. Dishonest "conservative" after dishonest "conservative" AGREES wth this blog on how bad this bil is, and yet says that thegOP "has" to seel out the country to aovid being beaten in the election. Enough. The pont of tihs article is what was said about htis TWO MONTH (a truly disgraceful thing, whih is ALONE suffficent reason to DEFEAT every single incumbent member of Congress) extension of the payroll "tax cut" bill at the end of 2011.

What were we told? I will tell you, since no one else will. We were told, and you are expected to forget, that Congress would "diligently" work on a "final" bill extending the payroll "tax cut" (lol) for an entire year, along with those other deficti increasing portions of the bill (REQURING a raise in the debt ceiling--FYI Mitt Romney, who supports this atrocity). The idea that the "time pressure" was just too much, and that Congress would "work diligently together".........................................................sorry, on the floor againin my fetal position, laughing/ as not to come up again against this deadline. HAH. I told you that it would not happen. Congress WANTS to come "up agaisnt the deadline", and WILL. Read my articles at the end of the year. They were written in foresight, and are going to be proven correct (basically already have been).

No. The GOP is NOT going to "fight" over this bill. That was one of the DISONEST parts of that two month extention. It was a "total cave" disguised wth FALSE representatins as to what was gong to happen. I actually heard more than one Congressman say that the bill would be "done" within TWo WEEKS (maybe even before Congress was formallly back in session).....................................................................sorry, agai...........I should not say things that I KNOW will bring on these attacks. The reason the GOP WANTS to come up against the "deadline" agan is to JUSTIFY another SHAM bill. That is what they did with the 2011 "spending debate". It is what they did with the "debt ceiling debate". It is what they did with this "debate" at the end of 20011, on a bill they needed to DEFEAT (not pass with fraudulent representations). The GOP is going to say: "Waht choice did we have? Democrats pushed us to the wall. They know we are COWARDS. We can't cvhange orur nature, and--whine-the American peole don't want us to take away their BRIBE. They won't accept us taking that money out of their monthly chekck. We HAVE to pass this bill. We "fought' it as hard as we could, to 'pay for it' (a lie), but we cold nt afford to have the American peole believe we wanted to impose a 'tax increase' (yet another lie) on the American middle class." you can see that I added a few pejorative words, but otherwise this IS exactly what the GOP members of Congress are going to say. DEFEAT JOHN BOEHNER. DEFEAT ERIC CANTOR. DEFEAT THEM ALL.

There is another possibity, although the above "answer" is still what you are going to get if GOP members of Congress are challenged. I SAY that this payroll "tax cut" bill has still not passed, even though we are already heading toward March. Do I KNOW that to be tru? No, becasue the other possiblity is for this bil--a SHAM BILL which obviusly increases our debt, with only SHAM "cuts--will pass Congress IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, without either the GOP or the "news" media botherng to take notice. Do oyo realy think that the GOP is gong to 'fight" srouisly over this bill, when they have put themselves in a position that they MUST pass the bill? Don't be silly. How is the GOP gong to explain that they (from the media/Democrat pont of vie) DECREASED the amont in people's paychecks, after sayig that they AGREED that shoud not happnen. Some things are beyond my imagingation.

Does that mean that the bill WILL be extended the full year? It does, provided DEMOCRATS give the GOP even a SHAM way out. As this blog has told you, "A coard dies a thousand times, while a brave man dies but once.". Democrats are in postion to make GOP members of Congess DIE A THOUSAND TIMES, like the cowards they are. Waht is the one RELIGIOUS principle that the GOP members of Congress refuse to abandon, even as they abandon ALL othe principles? Right. NO TAX INCRFESE. It is even the mistaken excuse for approving this budget-busting, debt creating payroll "tax cut" bill. What if Democrats INSIST on "apying for" the bill with that "surtax" on "millionaires and billionaires". I WOULD, if I were a Democrat, at least to the very end (insisting upon someting like the PLANNED PARENTHOOD PAYOFF--see previous article--for letting the GOP off of the hook). Why should Dmoecrats not do this? The GOP ha put itself in this impossible position. GOP memmbers of Congrress have PROMISED that this bil WILL PASS. Now THAT is a lesson in "negotiating" strategy (lol, as I lie here in a fetal positin).

Thus, the bill WILL pass, unles DEMOCRATS make it impossible for the GOP to pas it (preferring the campaign issue). The only questin is likely to be the GOP "explanation", if the GOP bothers to even try to give one (instaed of adopting the "dead of night" strategy to dishonesty in politics). What if Democrats absolutely REFUSE to pass a bill which does not contain a surtax on millionaires and billionaires? Obama's proposed "budget"..............................................................sorry, the Democat Senate has not even proosed a budget in more than 1,000 days, and the Obama budget is a joke. I told myself I would not end upon the floor again, but this was too much for me.. the Obama proposed "budget" already--headline today--proposes a TAX FIGHT over increasing taxes on "the rich" in this election year. How can Democrats aovid the temptation to hold firm on this payroll "tax cut" bill, on which the GOP has put itself in such a bad positon? THAT is how we could end up with NO bill, with Demcrats blaming the GOP for "protectiong millionaires and billionaires" on the backs of the middle class (as Rmoney spins in the wind). The odds are that teh estension will pass, even though the "apying for" will be a JOKE (as it is anyway, since the debt will be increased NOW and EVERY "pay for" is over "ten years').

I jsut can't stand it. DEFEAT THEM ALL. Defeat EVERY GOP member o fCongress (preferably n a primary), and EVERY Democrat member of Congress. I know. How can there be 10% wo actualy "approve' of these peole? I told you to ignore polls. That 10% HAS to be the MENTALLY RETARDED, isname, drunks, an dpeole who did not understand the question. Think of the INCOMPETNET=, STUPID media who keep highlighiting this pll (while ingoring the unpopuliarity of Congress when Bush was President) as if it MEANS something. Sure, Congress is unopular. I am telling you to DEFEAT THEM ALL. But the media wuld HATE the Congress I want. In other words, it does not ELL you antything about where peole want this coutnry to go to say that tey "disapprove" of Congress. DUH. Means nothign, unless you DEFEAT THEM ALL.

Stay tuned on this payroll "tax cut" bill. It is actually one of the more disgraceful performances Congrress has ever put in, and enough reason in itself to vote against every single one of thsese bozos (both on the merits, and the way the bil has been handled).

P.S No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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