Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paul Ryan and the Debt: Dishonest Hypocrite (Defeat Him--Part of the "Defeat the GOP" Series)

Since December of 2010, Paul Ryan has participated in two separate BETRAYLS of conservative principles, in covling the payroll "tax cut" and extending extended unemployhment benefits, which alone have added 300 BILLION dollars to our debt. Yes, in those two eals alone Paul Ryan has voted to INCRWEASE the debt ceiling by 300 BILLIOIN DOLLARS.

That is not all. Paul Rayn was part of the GOP FRAUD on the debtg ceiling debacle,--part of that FRAUDULENT "deal" on raising the debt ceiling. That is not all. Ryan was also part of the SPENDING bills for 2011 and 2012--two separate votes where the GOP had a VETO poer. NOT ONE DIME coud be spent in those tow bills (the bills for the rest of the 2011 fiscal year and for the 2012 fiscal year) without the appproval of the GOP House. Hou much did yan and the GOP House "cut" from spending for 2011 and 2012, WITH THIS VETO POWER? The GOP "cut" NOT ONE THIN DIME. In fact, they voted FOR increased spending.

Yet, Paul Ryan is out there as if HE and the GOP had not done these things. He is saying we have a "debt drisis". Message to Pual Ryan; You are a DISHONEST HYPOCRITE, and the peole now KNOW that about the gOP. You think you can aCT like this, and then to be trying to "save" us from a DEBT CRISIS,.........................................................................................................................................Sorry, on the floor luaghing/crying in my usual fetal positioni...............................iT WON'T WASH. dO YOU, pAUL rYAN, know THAT YOU WILL HAVE VOTGED twice TO INCREASE THE DEBT CEILING BY AT LEAST 300 BILLIOIN (total), with the December, 2010 "payroll tax cut" bill and the "deal" in the works for the present "payroll tax cut bill"? This is in addition to voting for increasing the debt ceiling by voting FOR the spending bills for 2011 and 2012? Make no mistake. Those Ryan votes were a vote fOR an INCREASE IN THE DEBTG CEILING. The "debt ceiling' is a SYMPTONM-not a "cause". We could increase the debt ceiling by 100 TRILLION dollars, and it would not mater, UNLESS we SPENT THE MONEY. By the same token, if Ryan and the GOP vote to SPOEND TH EMONEY, and undermine Social Seucrity by cutting the funding, then the debut ceiling MUST be raised. To anser my own questin, Paul Ryan knows this. He is a DISHONEST YHYPOCRITE. If you vote to ADD to spending, or cut the funding for Social Security, you are voting to INCREASE THE DEBT CEILING. That is because we HAVE to increase the debt ceiling to COVER what Congress has voted for.

Paul Ryan, as a dishoenst hypocrite, does not even stop there. I actually heard him say that the GOP "budget"--which they have the VETO POWER to FORCE upon the ocuntry if they were willing to take the heat of Democrats and Obama "shutting down the government"--will "pay off" the debt. Ryan, you LIE. And you know it.

What does the fraudulent Ryan budget do--a budget the GOP has no WILL to actually ut in effect? It does soemthing abut Medicare in TEN YEARS. It does not even "balance the budget" in TEN YEARS. Just as much as the Democrats, the GOP has bought into this "Soviet-style FRAUD tof the "ten-year plan", while INCREASING the debt for CURRENT YEARS. Again, the GOP has ABANDONED the "debt as an "issue". The people are just not this stupid. They MAY vote AGAINST Obama and the Democrats. They will NOT vote FOR the GOP.

I actually heard a "journalists" (lol--not worth going on the floor in a fetal positioin) say: "The GOP wants to put this payroll tax cut matter behind them, so that they can concentrate on bigger battles such as the DEBT." Read that sentence over and over agan, and see if YOU can keep from luaghing/crying. Any GOP "battle" over the "det" will be a FRAUD. The GOP has already proven they are COWARSDS. But it is much worse than that. How can you be so CLUELESS as to CAVE on the DEBT by ADDING more t;han 100 billion dollars to it with yet another budget-busting deal--not even PRETENDING to "pay for it"--and then calim wyou want to fight "battles" over the DEBT? That is INSANE. The GOP is INSANE (to think voters don't see this HYPOCIRSY and COWARDICE). As I have sttated lately, the GOP has already LOST me FOREVER. However, they are now in the process of LOSING MANY OTHERS who have previously been more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt than I am.

Ten years? We don't have ten years. Taht is what is especially laughable about Paul Ryan saying there is a "debt crisis". Wehn Paul Rayn and the GOP talk about ten years, while cutting NOT ONE THIN DIME NOW (actually INCREASING the debt NOW), they are REPUDIATING the idea that thee is a "debt crisis". Bottom line; Paul Ryan and the GOP want to TURN US INTO GREEECE based on the same frauds Obama and the Democrats use. The only difference is that, IN THEORY, the GOP would do it a LITTLE SLOWER. But IN PRACTICE the last kyear shows that there will be NO DIFFERENCE. Ten years from now is FANTASY. This year is REAL, and the last year was REAL. Paul Ryan and the GOP live totally in the world of FANTASY--no different than Obama and the Democrats. Ron Paul says he would CUT ONE TRILLOINI dollars from the budget in ONE YEAR. I believe he would actually try. That is what you MUST do if you really believe there is a "debt crisis". Paul Ryan does NOT believe it. He is a GOP estalbishment guy, who I would not vote for as dogcatcher of Mt. Ida, Arkansas. For Paul Ryan and GOp politicians, this is all POLITICS. The idea is to adopt Lincoln's famous saying, tunedon its head: "You CAN folol MOST of the people MOST of the time." Message to Ryan and the GOP: maybe not.

DEFEAT PAUL RAYN. As I have said repeatedly, this blog has no "untouchables". I know that Ryan is an "icon" of consrevatives because he at least was wiling to proopose DOING SOMETING (in the FANTASY future) about Medicare. Thik of how SAD that is!!!!!! Ryah is BETTER than MOST of the GOP, who have run away from really pushing Ryuan's Medicare "reform", and Ryan is a DIHSONEST HYPOCRITE. What does htat make the other GOP politicians, including Mitt Romney (dragged kicking and screaming into "supporting" the Ryan "ten-year" "reform of Eedicare)? Even the Ryan/GOP House proposed "cuts' in MEDICAID are way too samll, in CURRENT YEARS, to make a dent in the deficit.

Look at what the GOP has done since December of 2010. They have "cut"--despite having a VETO POWER over ALL spending--NOT ONE THINK DIME from spending. They have ADDED 300 BILLION additonal dolars to the deficit and debt by these "payroll tax cut" bills. They wold ADD 1.5 TRILLION doollars to our defict/debt over ten years. "Skip, I (Hacker Boy) have to break in here and note our obvious lie. The payroll tax cut and extensoin of unemployment benefits are onlyTEMPORARY. You can't assume that they will continue for ten years."

Why not? I am serious. Who says that these are nto PERMANENT YEARLY ADDITINS to our debt and deficits? Remember, that "deal" in December of 2010 was supposed to be a ONE-YEAR, "temporary" cut in the funding for Social Seucrity, and a ONE YEAR extension of those extended unemplyment benefits. That COST was figured on ONE YEAR. Well, Paul Ryan and the GOP LIED, didn't they? I know that Obama and the Democrats are deciving as well, but the questin here is whether Ryan and the GOP are any BETTER. We are now (assuming this WIRED "deal" goes through) at TWO YERS, and COUNTING. Why should the GOP have the courage to STOP next year? there is NO EVIDENCE that they have such courage. For the nextg FIVE years, at least, the GOP is not even prosing to "cut" 150 BILLON dollars a year form our spending. Yet, with t;his one vote alone, they are propsoing to ADD that amount to the yearly debt and deficit--with NO indication that they will have the WILL to stop. This is dishonest hypocrisy at its worst. Notice that the GOP has NOT "cut" even 100 billion dollars from the deficit for 2011 or 2012, despite having the POWR (veto power) to do so. The GOP has cut NOT ONE THIN DIME for 2011 and 2012. Al they have done is ADD to the deficit and debt. Why should you believe the future will be any different (until we collapse, like Greece)?

Paul Rayn even has the nerve to say that Obama is using "accounting gimmicks" to conceal what is happening with Obama's (fictional, but more fictional than Ryan's?) budget. This whle teny-year scam is a GIMMITCK to aovid CURRENT PAIN (mainly to aovid current political pain for GOP members of Congress for thish the only "crisis" is their own electino). But look at this "Mecicare doctor fix", which waws part of a FRAUDLUENT GOP "deal" to "cut' Medicare way back at the end of the Clinton Administration). Gimick, Ryan? You want to talk about GIMMICK, you DISHONEST HYPOCRITE you. Everyone says that tto impose these cuts on reimbursement to Medicare doctors wll HURT seniors, because doctors simply won't treat Medicare patients. The merits of this argumetn are fascinating, and a lesson in FRAUD in these Soviet-style "tgen-year plan" budgets. But that is not the pont here. The point is this: Is there ANYTHING in th;e ratinaleof this "Medicare doctor fix" that says the need for it will disappear in two years? Of course not. But this bill originally (who knows what CHRISTAMAS TREE elements will be in the final bill) propsed only a TWO YEAR suspension of these cuts in Medicare reimbursement to doctors. Why? You know the answer to this: because these are DISHONEST HYPOCRITES. The idea was to LIE aabout the COST. The cost is intended to be PERMANENT, but Congress i s going to PRETEND it will only be two years to enable Congress to LIE about 'paying for it'. Notice that the "aying for it" is a LIE (back when they were even pretending to "apy for' this bill). That is beause, by limiting--in one lie--th e"doctor fix" to two yers, Congress could then purport to "pay for' the TWO YEARS over TEN YEARS. Notice the additinal LIE in pretending to 'apy for' a tow year addition to the debt oover ten years, when you NEED the money over that ten year period just to "pay for" current yearly spending over that time. Even 'paying for' this over TWO YEARS (the time of the additions to the debt of a two year bill) wold be a LIE (as we NEED the money to help cover our current deficit). To even pret3end that you are "paying for" a TWO YEAR bill with TEN YEARS of "cuts" (which may never happen) is an Orwellian Big Lie.

Message tot he GOP: Forget about trying to convince peole that our "debt" is a big issue for you. You now have NO CREDIBILITY at all on the "issue", which yo have ABANDONED. It is now all "political-speak", and the peole realize it. Most people now agree that the best thing to happen to this country would be for 100% of INUCMBENTS to LOSE. That means EVERY GOP current member of Congress, as well as every Democrat. The problem, of course, is to, in practice, bring about this result. Unfortunately, it won't happen. However, there are more people like me every day: peole hwo will NOT go along with "politics as usual", and who are willing to say: DEFEAT PAUL RAYN, and almsot every other present GOP member of Congress.

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