Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greece to People: Can't you Take Joke (Bailout Manina as "Bailout Ben" Philosophy Rules the World)

You know that "austerity" vote in the Greek Pariliament that "caused" Athens to burn (see blog articles on Monday)? That vote was almost surely a FRAUD. It was like an Oama SPEECH on "living within our means", or a GOP speech/"deal" on the debt ceiling or spending "cuts'. Greece has done this before. They have "voted" for "austerity" measures that just don't happen. Too bad the peple can't take a joke, and take these votes seriously (to the extent tkhe peole are not part of the charade--the excuse for things to never get done).

Remember Obama's LIE (the tragdy being it is not even the mot blatant lie he has uttered): "No balouts". What this is all about is a BAILOUT of Greece to "save" European banks and, yes, WALL STREET. EVERYONE believes that "Bailout Ben" Bernanke, Fed chairman, the patron saint of BAILOUTS and PRINTING MONEY, is acting SECRETLY to put the Fed behind the Greece bailout. How much AMERICAN taxpayer money is being provided as part of the Greece bailout? We will probably never know. Our dishoenst, incompetent media is nOT INTERESTED--especially in the DETAILED FACTS which need to be exposed. One of the "big" stories yesterday was how the European "bailout fund" would provide a "substantial part" of the bailout money to Greece. Say what? "Substantial part?" What does THAT mean? Again, our media is uninterested in the full detials--in following the money laundering going on here.

This austerity vote in Greece had ONE purpose: to GET THE BAILOUT MONEY. The EU "required" the votge as a condition of approving the next instatllment of the bailout money. However, this is a case of the old saying: "If you owe a bank $100,000, the bank owns YOU; if you owe a bank one BILLION dollars, you own the bank." See yesterday's article. The economic fascists on Wall Street (including "Bailout Ben"), and around the world, do not think they can AFFORD to face reality: to acknoledge Greece's obviouis bankruptcy. Terefor, "Bailout Ben", the Obama Administration, and the "policy makers" (central bankers?) of Europe CANNOT LET GREECE GO UNDER. It is like the GOP and the payroll "tax cut". These peole simply cannot face letting Greece "expire".

therefore, the FICTITIOUS charade continues with Greece. There is no londer ANY Greek "economy". The economy is DEAD (except for bailout (printed) money. So HOW can Greece ever "pay bak" its massive, and increaasing, debt? It CANNOT. Everyone knows it. The idea is simply to STRETCH OUT the "problem" until it sort of fades away. This is really EXACTLY like the Soviet-style "ten-year plan" that bout Democrats and the GOP kep outing for bringing OUR debt under contorl. The idea is to ALWAYS put the "day of reckoning" off to the future, or CONCELA the adverse consequences of things like PRINITNG MONEY (as "Bailout Ben" has helped the politicians do, at enourmous hidden cost).

No. Greece is NOT "serioiurs" about real austerity. Greece wants to be just like "Bailout Ben", and his disciples in the EU. However, Greece is not BIG enough to do these things on its own. However, as stated, Greece IS "too big to fail" , as far as Europe and "Bailout Ben" are concerned. Thus, Greece will be FORCED to "muddle along" in so sort of Limbo twilight world, where its problems never really get "sovled", but never really are allowed to climax either. It is like being a zombie, or on lifetime "life support" without even the relief of being in a coma. This is the real reason--the RIGHT reason--people have for PROTESTING. Some of them-I saw an interview----even realize this. Greece is being sentenced to LONG-TERM Torture for the benefit of the world's BANKERS (and Wall Street-type people).

Is this BAD, except for the Greek people? Yes, it is bad. This "bailut philosophy" is DISASTER. It is DOOM (in the end). Trying to avoid immediate doom, the economic fascists of the world are making long-term doom CERTAIN. You can't keep operating on fantasy. At some point, reality greaks through. Bailouts merely encurage irresponsible behavior, until the house of cards falls. The "central planners" of the world have embraked on a high wire act, wihout a net, where an ultimate fall is INEVITABLE.. (I continue to mix metaphors with the best of them.)

This idea that all e need to do is have MEN like "Bailout Ben" MANAGE the econmy of the world the right way to aovid collapse merely guarantees collapse. MEN do not have enough knowledge or wisdom to CONTROL the economy of the world. Both theory and experience prove this to be a FANTASY--a disastrous fantasy that mrely spells doom.

Did this blog again tell you: WE AER DOOMED. I am afraid so. It is not only hat we may already be too far down this road to "save" ourselves withotu MAJOR pain (see Greece, which is still NOT taking real meausres to "save" titself for even the future). The problem is that we have shown NO desire to stop going down the same roaad. The correct message of this blog has been that the GOP has no more will to stop going down this road to dooom than do es Obama. Ture, Obama wants to hurtle down the road like a high speed express, while the GP wants to engineer the local. The end destination is the same, and th speed may be about the same (or worse under some types of GOP leadership). That is because the GOP will FIGHT Obama's high speed express, if only for POLITICAL reasons. The GOP will NOT "fight' its own local. Thus, the "local" may ARRIVE at DOOM first. (Some one SLAP me quick. These metaphors are out of control.)

When you look at real people suffering real pain in Greece, realize that it turly is all a CHARADE to the central bankers and Wall Street people of the world, who think they can CONTROL it all. These truly are The Stupidest People on Earth.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). You people have GOT to stop making me "search" the internet to verify facts for these articles. I will blame YOU for the final demiseof my eyesight, or my final fetal positoin madness. You say you have not asked me to write these articles, or to research with eyes I don't really have? You say I am INSANE to do this for the handful of peole who read this blog? Maybe so. However, I still will balme YOU for the results, as the Greek peole seem to want to blame SOMEBODY besides themselves. I feel an obligation to you, handful that you may be, to be more interested in the FACTS than our media. Realize that you probably get more actual FACTS from this blog than you get from "journalists" who can SEE, as this blog "reads between the lines" to distill the actual, facutal situatin for you (which, admittedly, I promptly dress up for you in hyperbole and too many metaphors). Still, you get MORe historicl context in this blog than you get almost everywhere else--not hard since our media does not eve put YESTERDAY in context. It is like they are living totally in the NOW--no past and no future. That must be why they are so INCOMOPETENT as to keep reporting POLLS as meaningful, even though this election has PROVEN they are not.

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