Thursday, February 16, 2012

Congraception and Cancer: Obama and Leftist Democrats are FANATICS Who Regard "The Pill" as More Important Than Cancer Drugs

Do you realize that Obama is saying that the government must MANDATE FREE CONTRACEPTION for women, including morning after pills, but that there is no such mandate for CANCER DRUGS, or ven diagnosis. This is a true example of POLITICAL FANATICISM ( political payoff to Planned Parenthood).

The issue here is another ridiculous government MANDATE based on POLITICS. WHY should "contraceptive care" be MANDATED by the Federal government FREE, when people do not even get FREE (no co-pay) drugs in much more important situations.?

I have an exercise for you: a TEST. Why do you think that the above, correct, illustration I amke does not impress obama and leftist Democrats? Think about it, and see if you can come up with the answer (before I give it to you). No, it is NOT that Obama and leftist Democrats consider their fanaticims on "social issues" like abortion more important than FREEDOM and limiting th e power of government over our lives. That is true, but not the real reason they are unimpressed by this illutration involving cancer care. No, it is not even that Obama and leftist Democrats are PANDERING to the "woman vote"--makng this a BRIBE of young women (although that is also true). Give up?

The real, overriding reason that Obama and lefitst Democrats will be unimpressed with the idea that it is INSANE to give contraceptive care priority over cancer care is that Obama and leftist Democratws WANT the government to be giving "free" medical care to EVERYONE, and they WANT the government to toally control that care. Thus, they regard this insane "contraception mandate" as a START toward TOTAL CONTROL over healh care in this country, which they fully itend to use for POLITICAL purposes, when it suits them. How can they be "impressed" with the insanity of having "free" contraceptiove care,but not "free" cancer care, when they WNAT "fee" cancer care for everyone, AND to TELL everyone exactly what knid of drugs you can have and exactly what kind of drugs you cannot have.

Remember my 89 year old mother's descripting of Obama: "He wants to give things to people 'free', and he wants to tell people what to do." That is the most accurate, short, description of Obama I have heard, and it is dead on. You will remember that my mother remains a big supporter of FDR. She hardlyl is oppposed to "helping' people with government. But Obama has been way too much for her. She thinks our country has gone insane, as SHE (Mdicare does control what drugs she gets, and how much she has to pay for them) is unable to get a drug that she needs (without paying out of her own pocket the full price). My mother is on "full oxygen", becuase of essentially lung failure (obviuoslyl not total). A drug that orks for HER is NOT reimbursed by Medicare. My mother insists that Obama is TRYING TO KILL HER. I don't go that far, although that kind of policy is an inevitable result of a government takeover of the health care system by these FANATICS. Too bad my 89 year old motehr is not on contraceptives. THOSE, Obama and leftist Democrats, fanatics that they are, waant her to have FREE. A drug to keep her alive? She has lived too long anyaway, and is a burden ont eh state (Obama view, and the view of people who think like him).

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