Saturday, February 18, 2012

Muslim Extremists and Monitoring; Associated Press and Yahoo Are Anti-Amiercan

Notice that this week yet another Muslim extremist was arrested for a terrorist plot. Here is a current featured NATIONAL hedline, courtesy of the "Anti-American , despicable Associated Press (complete, official name) and Yahoo "News" (Boycott Yahoo):

"NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast"

You know the AGENDA behind this headline as well as I do: the idea that Muslims are being "persecuted" for their reiligion merely because of common sense "monitoring" (while, in Msslim countries, Christians are affirmatively PERSECUTED, and prohibted from freely practicing their religion, almost as a matter of course in almost ALL Muslim countries).

Here is this blog's reactin to the abvoe quoted headline: GOOD. Worst possible reaction to headline, and the agenda behind it: To announce that the NYPD will sTOP all such monitoring.

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