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ObamaCare: The Worst Bill in the History of the United States, as Democrat Obsession with Social Issues Threatens to Destoroy the United States

See my previous article posted in this blog, as to whic I stand by every word--except, perhaps, the assertion that this was a matter of Obama taking the language of the bill (deliberately dsigned this way, as the previous article said) and unilaterally IMPOSING his own "values" on the country. Now that happened, but WAS it "unilateral", or did the massive ObamaCare bill cotaain a specific provison REQURING that women be given "free" (a lie) contraceptive care?

I am not sure, which is an INDICTMENT of both the 'news" media (including the unfair and unbalanced network) and GOP politicians. Further, this is NOT hindsight on the part of this blog. Articles in this blog, AT THE TIME (of the ObamaCare bill) told you, correctly that the MAIN obligation of a true "jolurnalist" (no such creature now exists) was to EXPLAIN the DETAILS of the bill. That was alos what GOP politicians needed to do, beyond the correct attack on the concept of the bill. Both FAILED as baldy as people can fail. Thus, since the article posted yesterday, I have heard "news" reports implying that there is a sPECIFIC provison in the ObamaCare bill on contraception (which Obama has constured to includ abortion, at least tot he extent of the "morning after" pill).

Even now, the media is basically UNINTERESTED in the real questions. Exactly what is the language of teh bill upon which Obama is relying? Why was it in th ebill at all? In other words, with all of the FIGHT abut abortion in the fight over ObamaCare, HOW could a provision like this (sliding over into abortion) possibly get into the bill "without notice". Can it be true that BOTH the GOP and Democrasts CONSPRIED to ignore the "issue' in ObamaCare? Of course it can. DEFEAT THEM ALL. It is disgraceful if our politicians did NOT know that there was a specific, FANATIC provision in ObamaCare making "contraception" the most "important" health "issue' in this country--more i"important" than cancer or anything else. Again, apart from abortion, the issue here is NOT 'contraception" (which most people favor--even Catholics). The issue here is FREEDOM. Just where to Democrats get off saying that contraception is so 'important" that it justifies taking away people's FREEDOM? This, alone, is enough for you to vote against EVERY DEMOCRAT. The fact that GOP politicans did not highlight the individual parts of tthe ObamaCare bill, as well as the many other reasons given daily in this blog, tell you that you should vote against EVERY CURRENT GOP MEMBER OF CONGRESS, as well. DEFEAT THEM ALL. Now you cannot 'defeat", exactly, the "newss" media, except you can. You can IGNORE THEM. You can bascially refuse to pay attention to anyhhing they say, and hod them in UTTER CONTEMPT (which most of you-"you" including th enetire country and ot just readers of this blog--do).

IF ObamaCare containted outrageous language ofn contracepton, in additon to its vague language makng the President a virtual dictator over our helath care system, includng our health insurance system, WHO put that language in and WHY? The media will not tell you, because they are INCOMPETENT, EVIL and UNINTERESTED in acaul facts. I will tell you, without even any special knowledge.

This is a POLITICAL PAYOFF for Planned Parenthood. This provisin, if exists (and this regulation, whether or not a specific provsions exists in ObamaCare), was designed to FUND Planned Parenthood, which is why Planned Parehtnood is out there so vehmently defending this regualation. Look at what this regulatoin does. Not only does it "guarantee" Palnned Parenthood payment for contraception "services", but it was designed to RUN THE COMPETITION OUT OF BUSINESS. The idea was to FROCE Catholics, and other religioius organizations, out of the "family plannning" and "family counseling" business, by making them choose between their principles and exiting the business. Nope. The regulatoin is a disgrace. Any specific provison in the bill is a disgrace. The whole thing is additonal proof that ObamaCare is the worst bill to ever come out of the Untied States Congress. This is enoguh to COMPEL lyou to vote against VERY current Democrat in Congress. As sated in this blog, you should also vote against every current GOP member of Congress, and the GOLP has hardly distinghished itself in actualy INTREPRETING the specific provisoins of the ObamaCare bill. The GOP--DEFEAT THEM ALL--was too busy ATTACKING Sarah Palin for CORRECTLY stating that ObamaCare was a takeover of our health care system that fully authorized the idea of 'death panels", as the ogvernment DECIDES every single thing that will be covered by your health insurance. DEFEAT THEM ALL. I beg you.

Doubt me? Look at what Obama and the Democrats are dong for Planned Parenthood!!!!! Then look at the COWARDS of the GOP, who--despite the POEWER to do so--have beeeen too COWRDLY to "defund" Planned Parenthood (which still receives Federal MONEY, in additin to the intended WINDFALL from this "consequence" (intended) of ObamaCare. Why should you vote for these COWARDS (GOP members of Congrress). I will not. DMOECRATS evidenty have the courage to take the political hit o nbehalf of FANATIC attempts to push their "social issues", and satisfy Planned Parenthood. The GOP is not willing to take anyhy "hits" at all. .They are COWARDS-each and every one onf them. No, you have nNOT seen even Michele Bachmann out there YELLING and SCREAMING about Planned Parenthood, or even such things as funding for the National Endowment for the Arts or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. DEFEAT THEM ALL

"But, Skip, if we 'defeat them all', how does ObamaCare get repealed." Well,first, "defeating them all" would give the GOP massive control of the Senate. And it would mean the defeat of Obama (part of "defeat them all", although here I simply cannot stomach my own advice, because I refuse to vote for a GOP estalbishment politican until I have absolute proof that Hell has frozen over). "But, Skip, DEMOCRATS will never take your adive. If conservatives vote to 'defeat them all', it will just mean massive Democrat victories.". Maybe so. But, if so, we are DOOMED. What does it MEAN when polls assert that "Concress" has a 10% "approval rating" if people refuse to ACT on it. IF most INCUMBENTS lost (in primaries-where EVERY GOP member of Congrss should aface a primary opponet, who should WIN), the MESSAGTE might beging to get through. As is said of handling mules: "First, you hit the mule across the head with a 2 by 4, just to get his attention.'.

You think the GOP has problems? Look at the oor DEMCRATS. If Obama does get reelected, this latest falp shows that he is going to DESTROY the Democratic Party. Obama even directly SAID that the is putting off all of these major decisions, INCLUDING the "final" regulations on ObamaCare, until AFTER the 2012 electon. That was DELIBERATE. But this latest surprise out of ObamaCare shows you exactly what is going to hapen to the Democratic Party once Obama is released from the restraints imosed upon our Liar-in-Chief by the necessities of reelection. In the 2014 electin, if Obama is Preisdent, Democrats may not win even TEN of the total nubmer of elections held for members of Congress. Indeed, this is a reason that conservatives wll be better off, in the long run, if Obama is elected, rahter than someone like Mitt Romney.

Problem: In the long run, we ae all dead. In other words, Obama will--I am confidant--DESTROYU the Democratic Party for at least a generaton. Maybe he will even pave the way for a third aparty of conservatives that can WIN. However, in the process. Obama will likely DESTROY THE COUNTRY. That is why this supposed "lack of enthusiasm" for GOP candidates fails to impress me. I see a LOT of entusiasm out there for DEFEATNG OBAMA with ANYBODY That is the position of most of my brothers. As stated in this pragraph, it is actually a POWERFUL argument that we simply cannot afford 4 more years of an UNLEASHED Obama acting as dictator (with the law--ObamaCare--behind him). I don't condemn people who think this way. I jsut can't stomach, myself, voing, eve again, for a GOP estalbishment candidate. "But, Skip,, who determines who is a 'GOP establishment' candidate?" That one is easy: I DO. Hey, I never said that Obama and I were that different in the ARROGANCE department.

I have digressed, as usual. Bottom line: ObamaCare is the worst piece of legislation to ever pass the Untied States Congress, and that it could even hapen is an indictment of EVERY member of Congress (especialy the Democrats, but even th GOP) and of a "news" media totally UNINTERSTED in giving us actual INFORMATION about what is hapening in Congress.--abut the real meaning of bils. You will remember (DEFEAT THEM ALL) that Democrats, GOP members of Congress, and the "news" media ALL gave a totall FALSE idea of what was in the TARP "baillut" legislation. We were "assured", without any demurrer from the media, that the President and the Secretary of the Reasury were not being given a "blank check", but that the "purchase of tocic assets" (whta the DEBATE had been about) was gong to have "strict oversight". Well, it turned out that Treausry and the President (both obama and Bush) did not like the "oversight", and deicided to treat the bill like the BLANK CHECK it really was. Taht was how we ended up with the direct balouts of banks and the rest. ObamaCare is a similar "blank check", only worse. I said tat the time that you should DEFEAT any person who supported that fraudulent TARP legislation: another good reason to OPPOSE Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Am I digressing aain? it only appears that way, since this is ll aobut the SAME DISHONEST SICKNESS that pervades Washington and ur "news' media.

No proofreading or spell checking (bd eyesight).

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