Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CNN, Anti-Christian Hypocrites: Wolf Blitzer is Not a Christian (Rick Santorum: Guet Hero; Drudge,: Guest Villain)

I happened to be surfing Wolf Blitzer's CNN program this afternoon (never a good idea for my mental health, but always a good idea for moaterial for this blog). Blizer again proved, as this blog has stated before, that CNN is the anti=Dhristian network, and that Bliter himself is not a Christian (partly exlaining why he defends Obama so vehemently on the accusation that Obama is not a Christian, which Blitzer BEWLIEVES to be true in the sense of believing that Obama does not realy believe in all of that religious hogwash). This particular surfing expeditoin again KPROVED this blog's FORESIGHT assertion that CNN would ATTACK Rick Santorum as if RELIGOIN and "social issues' are what Rick Santorum is ALL about. This is PROPAGANDA--partisan propaganda from people who are NOT Christians--pure and simple.

Is RickSantoru runing a campaign saying Obama is Satan, or talking abut Romneyh's Mormnism? Nope. Sure, it is clear Santorum actually BELIEVES in his stated religion, as Obama does nto, and that Santorum believes faith is imortant in America, but Santourm has NOT made this POLITICAL campaign about religion. Contgrst that with the anti-Christian HYPOCRITES of CN, including the despicable Blitzer, who want to DESTROY Santorum by "labeling" him as merely a "Christian" candidate. Wil this BACKFIRE? it hould. It has NO EFFECT on ME--an AGNOSTIC.--becaue I know EViL PROPAGANDA when I see it. And Christians (those of you who actually believe in your religon)? It seems obvius to me that you should VOTE FOR SANTORUM, as a person who actually BELIEVES in this Christian religion (while NOT running a campaign based on voting for him BECAUSE he is a Christian, and his oponensts are nto, as my evangelist barber insists Romney is not--and we know Obama is not a Christian).

What is this all about? It is about the anti-Christian HPOCRISY of Blitzer and CNN. When is the last time you saw CN made a DRUDGE headline aMAJOR story, WITH APPORVAL? The present Drudge banner headline is something like: "SANTORUM GIVES SATAN WRNING". More abut Drudge later, as Drudge seems "all in" for Romney. More about Romney later, as well, as I am coming to DSPISE Romney (who I supported in 2008, to my shame). There arapear to be NO lenghts to which Romney and his supporters will not go, including ATTAcKING SANTORUM NO HIS REILIGIN (eseentailly what this is about). It turns out that Santorum gave a speech to a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY (Santorum being a Catholic) some four years ago. NO, although CNN mentins it as an afterthought, Santourm did NOT do this as part of a political campaign. Santorum wass NOT running for anything in 2008. As part of that speech, Santorum WARNED his listeners that Satan is always on the attack. He warned that Satan especailly targets the good, decent and powerful, which is how Santorum described the United Staes of America (HORRORS!!!!--my sarcasm disease recurring). President Obama would never describe the United States of America in those terms--to his shame (if he had any).

Let me be as lunt as I possibly can: Santorum mrely was stating CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE (not jsut Caholic doctrine) to a RELIGIOUS AUDIENCE. It is CHRISTRIAN DOCTRINE that Satan is always on the attack, and that a person always has to guard against the indisiouis blandishments of Satan. Sure, you can say that the New Testament is more about love and redemption, but this is still CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. What is WRONG with waht Santorum said? NOTHING. Wolf Blitzer: You are an EVIL man on an EVIL nwetwork. To the extent rreligon is entering polics DIRECTLY it is because of YOU, "journalists" like you, and networks like yours. The PLAN here is not to convince peole Satan does not exist. The plan here is to make people UNCOMFORATABLE voting for Rick Santorum because they don't hear oliticians talk about 'Satan" much. It is like the CNN attempt to make people uncomfortablie with Sarah Palin by uusggesting she beloonged to a congregation what believed in "speaking in tongues". It is even like the CNN/mainstream media attempt to make people uncomforatable in voting for mitt Romney, because he is a Mormon (religion which is not only supsect to many Christians, but which is STRANGE to peole). Make no mistake. Wolf Blitzer is an EVIL man on an EvIL network (work of Satan?), and this is a SMER. That is also how Drudge meant it (wil be the subject of another article, as wil my own "no believf in turning the otehr cheek" attack on Romney.

Question you will NEVER hear asked of Obama, but WILL probably hear asked of Santorum: "Do you believe in Satan?" No, these dishonest "journalists" do NOT CARE about the answer. The idea is just to be TALING about something that people are uncomfortable hearing in a political campaing. You may even get this quesiton (for Santourm, and NOT for Obama): "Do ou believe Obama is an agent of Satan?" Once you hear that questin, you know that our media has LOST it. But I thought that when Mitt Romney was asked whether he had premarital sex WITH HIS WIFE, and when Huckabee was asked wheether he believes the Bible sets for thh the literal Word of God. These are EVIL peole (today's "journalists") spreading EVIL. They are dong their best to make this electin about RELIGION, n orer to potect Barack Obama (their guy, anda person who they blieve has no real belief in any reliioion himself). I, of coure, do NOT "turn the other cheek", because I ham not a Christian. Therefore, I am willing to call these people ("journalists") what they are: EVIL. I am also willing to fight on THEIR ground, and take it to Obama (and even Romney) on the issue of religin. Does Obama believe that the Bible i the word of God? Does OBAMA believe that the Theory of Evolution fully explains the devlopment of human beings on this planet? Does OBAMA believ vve that Rick Santourm is an agent of Satan? (Obama certainly talks like he regards the GOP as agents of Satan.) Does OBAMA believe that people have to be constantly on guard against Satan.

You say you would be HORRIFIED if our PLITICAL campaigns became all about questins like I have posed above. So would I. But that is EXACTLY what Wolf Blitzer and CNN are trying to do, while leaving Obama out of it: make this al about RELIGION and "social issues' for the GOP. No, it does not matter waht Rick Santourm says on the econmy or Iran. Blitzer and CNN are ONLY interested in what Santourm has said on "'social issues" and in a religious speech four years ago. The whole PROPAGANDA mission of CNN, and the entire mainstream meida, is to marginalize Santorum as being ONLY abut religon and social issues. In other words, cNN wants to disqualify a person who really believes in his religoin from running for President. Cannot Santorum belive ni his religin, and--at the same time--believe in the right answers for our econmy? Of course he can. Indeed, as this blog has pontedout, say that Santorum makes ou a little uncomfortable with some of his religiuos convinctions, or even on some of his positions on s"social issues". Does that mean you should automatically vote against Santrum. CNN belives it does. But CNN is compowsed of lying hypocrites, like Blitzer and Dihonest Jack Cafferty. CNN believes you should SELL OUT your country rather than vote for a believing Christian, even if you believe that believeing Christian will SAVE this country from ECONOMIC RUIN. CNN simply refuses to consider the WHILE MAN, when "valuating" someone like Santorum. The hypocrites at CNN will tell eple that they should not be "ideological" to the oint of voting against a person jsut because of a few disagreements on ideological positoins, but then CNN will turn around and TELL you that you cant vote for someone who disagrees with you (or CN) on some social issue--even if Santourm is the BEST choice on the economyh. There is jsut no objective doubt here: It is CNN which is OBSESSED with "social issues' and religoin, and NOT Rick Santorum, Rick Santourm merely BELIEVES. CNN does NTO "believe", but CNN wants to USE relgion and "social issues" as the ULTIMATE OLITICAL WEAPON: the "nuclear bomb" of politics. Aain, this is EVIL stuff, and you should BLAME DNN (nto Rick Santorum), along with media peole who pursue the same agenada as CNN, for turnign our politcal campaings into these terrible cesspools of irrelevancies and SMERS.

Maybe we should evaluate our candidates based on ALL of their positns, and nto try to run only SMEAR cmapaigns (both the candidates and,especially, the media) . Maybe we, as voters, should IGNORE this SMEAR stuff, and evluate Rick Santourm based on actuall LISTENING to his WHOLE message, rather than paying any attentino to the MEDIA NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN agaisnt Santorum.

This blog still endorses Rick Santroum. As my borther told me on the phone the other night (mmy borther not being a religioous person either): I have ALWAYS thought Rick Santourm was the best of them (GOP candidates). I jstu had not thought he could win the nominatin. I expect to votge for him.".

My brotehr got it right. My borther, of course, would vote for itt Romney against Obama, while I wouuld not. But that is a CLOSE questin, on which I undestand my brother's positoin (even if I can't agree with it).

P.S No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). no, by the way, it is NOT a proer subject for a POLITICAL campaign whether Obama is an 'agent of Satan". But CNN, and the media, are almost FORCING us in to political campiangs where that kind of totally RELIGIOUS "issue" beomces an integral part of our olitical campaings. Tath will be a gragedy for this coutnry. However, as I have said, I do ont turn the other cheek As Newt Gingrich said on negative ads: I do not belive in unilatreral disarmament. that means that this blog will ARGUE RELIGIN, if it comes downt o that, and do so as a matter of POLITICS.

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