Monday, February 27, 2012

Obama's Campaign Trips

"Who do you think is paying for Obama's campaign fundraising trips? You are!"

The above quoted headline is NOT one of my headlines, altthough I was lperfectly aware of the facgts. It was what Rush Limbaugh calls a "randome act of journalism" by a mainstream medaia surce. It was one of those "featrued" headlines on my Yahoo "News" default page. I don't know how it slipped through.

Yes, it is perfectly true that ALL recent Presdients have done the same thing. But, as usual, Obama has taken it to a new level, becaause the JOB of being President is not what he likes to do. Campaigning is what he likes to do. So you, the taxpayer, are paying for MORE trips taht are really fund raising and campaign trips than ever before.

And Obama was supposed to be "different"!!!!!!!!

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