Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mitt Romney: Dishonest Establishment Politician

Did you know that Mitt Romney (as well as Newt Gingrich) favors that disgraceful, fraudulent payroll "tax cut" (undermining the very CONCEPT of a self-funding Social Security system where people supposedly have a stake in their own retirement, even if Rick Perry is right that your Social Security taxes do NOT go to your OWN retirement, but to pay forCURRENT recipients of Social Seucrity payments)? Rick Santorum has OPPOSED this payroll "tax cut". Why does that make Mitt Romney one of the most DISHONEST polilticians (not personally dishonest, but in terms of what he says) who has ever lived?

It is because one of the NEGATIVE ATTACKS that Romney makes on Santorum is that Santroum voted a number of times for raising the debt ceiling. As readers of this blog know, this is actually one of my main beefs with DISHONEST TEA PARTY POLITICIANS, as well as with mitt Romney and the entire GOP establishlment. This NETATIVE ATTACK by Romney is essentially a LIE. Why is it a lie, when Romney was never in Congress to vote on extending the debt ceiling? It is a LIE because raising the debt ceiling is a SYPTOM, and not a CUSE. The GOP controls the House. The House of Representatives, supposedly controlled byt he "Tea Party" (I hope not, as far as my opinion of that movement is concerned) MUJST approve EVERY DIME spent by the Federal Government. Why does the debt ceiling HAVE to be reaised? Right. If we vote to SPEND the money, we MUST raise the debt ceiling. No, one the GOP in the House mae an ISSUE out of "raising the debt ceiling", I wwould have NOT voted tho reaise the debt ceiling without MAJOR spending cuts. But the gOP cut NOTHING (I mean ZEROP) from spending for WITHER 2011 or 2012--NOT ONE THIN DIME. In fact, they voted to INCREASE spending. What does that have to do with extending the payroll "tax cut", where the votge in the Seante (for this really fraudulent two month extension) was 89-10 in the Senate and passed by what amounts to a UNANIMOUS vote in the House (in that any SERIOUS OBJECTION by ONE House GOP member would have required that the House be reconvened for a vote)?

Remember, again, that Romney SUPPORTS the full year extenson of the payroll "tax cut". That payroll "tqax cut" (along with the accompanying extensoin of the 99 weeks of unemplyment, whre we pay peple not to work) was originally started in 2010 in one of those "Christmas deals" by the GOP. Romney was not objecting to that "compromise", and now affirmatively faovrs extending this DEBT CEILING RAISING BILL. You heard what I said. This one bill, over two years (Romney faovfring extgending ti for the full additoinal year) will ADD 300 BILLION DOLLARS to the amount lthat the debt ceiling MUST BE RAISED. What if we don't/didn't raise the debt ceiling? .............................................................................................................Sorry, I was on the floor laughing/crying again. IF the GOP had the COURAGE...............sorry laughing on the floor ataully refuse to raise the debt ceiling, it would be IMMEDIATELY cutting more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from our spending (including stopping BRIBES like that fraudulent payroll "tax cut'). Ron Paul has propsed CUTTING ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from our spendin gin ONE YEAR. Romney has not. That is because Romney is DISHONEST. IF Romney were in Congress, \where he WANTED to be, Romney would have voted for the same debt ceiling increases tlhat Santroum votred for. At least Santorum has the COURAGE to OPPOSE adding 300 BILLIN DOLLARS tro the debt (required raise in the debt celing). Romney has favored it, and has proposed (jsut like the GOP in Congress, where Santorum is NOT these days, but where Romney supporters like McCain ARE) NO serious "cuts" in spending or our defict. Oh, just like the GOP members of Congress, Romney SAYS he wants a balanced budget, but he has NO proposal for actually bringing it about, nor any "criticism" of the FAILURE of the GOP in Congress to cut ONE DIME from our defict.

No. I am sorry. Mitt Romney is one of the most dishonest politicians who has ever lived. You simply can't "criticize" Rick Santorum for voting for debt ceiling increases, when the GOP has shown that is a DISHONEST FRAUD (to act like you really are gonig to do somethinbg about the debt ciling incrases, when yuou don't CUT SPENDING or stop budget busting measures like this payroll "atax cut' bill.

YHou say that Rick Santorum has no real record of stopping spending or controlling the deficit? I agree with you. That is my main criticism of Santorum: ;he is too much of a standard GOP politician. But Romney is the POSTER CHILD for establishment GOP politicians. I can support Santorum, as a solid conservative who has at least fought SOME of the right batles. Romney has shonw NO inclination to fight ANY real battles. For Romney to make it an "issue" that Santorum is a "standard GOP politician" is BEyOND HYPOCRISY. It makes Romney, as stated, one of the most dishoenst politicians who has ever lived.

I continue to endorse Snatorum, despite my eyes being open as far as how "radical" he really will be in taking on our deficit and debt. I cannot support Mitt Romney--against Obama or anybody else--even though I supported him against McCain in 2008. That is because Romney has become MORE DISHOENST since 2008. The man hardly can say a word without it being like scraping chalk across a blakboard for a conservative.

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