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CNN and Wolf Blitzer: Anti-Mormon and Anti-Christian Bigots (The Evil Network Spreads Evil)

See the previous article, to which this is a companion article. I still don''t believe Wolf Blitzer and CNN could be this clueless about good and evil (much less religion and its proper role in politics--not to mention CHILDREN and the difference between the "beliefs" of a child and the beiefs of an adult, as it is ONLY th eevil people of CNN who want to confuse the two in a sitaution where there is not even anything wrong witht the beliefs in question). You should have no doubt that, in this story of good and evil, CNN and Wolf Blitzer have ut themselves firmly on the side of evil. I still can't believe they did it, but I personally HEARD it live, on Blitze's CNN show on Thursday.

Blitzerf and CNN treated it as a major story that Marco Rubio was once an atheist. Sorry. I got that wrong. CNN treated it as a major story that Rubio's father was a Muslim, with polygamists in his family, and that Rubio was himself once a Muslim as a child (or at least went to a Muslim school) Hurh? I got it wrong again? Sorry, I keep getting mixed up with Obama, who definitely did not have a Christian background. This CNN story (Ill gt it right this time) was about how Senator Marco Rubio had been a MMormon (because his family joined that church after going to live in Las Vegas) from about the age of 8 to about the age of 12. I could never make this up. WHY is this "news?" I will tell you why at the end, but it should NOT be "news" (unless you are doing some sort of family biography of Mraco Rubion, which was NOT the case here, as the GIGOTED CNN and Blitzer were deliberatgtely suggesting taht this was major POLITICAL "news"). Just how CLUELESS is CNN (not to mention evil), and how al abut AGENDA, to actualy make a CURRENT EVENTS story about Marco Ruibo's religious beliefs at the AGE OF TEN. President Obama, and the early religous beliefs of Obama--not to mentino the religoius beliefs of his family, including his father--are much moreinteresting than teh BRIEF flirtation of the Rubio family with the Moormon religion In fact, Obama's PRESENT religous beliefs are much more interesting than those of Rubion (see, again, the previous article). For CNN, however, it is ONLY the religoiouis bliefs (not matter how far they have to reach) of GOP politicians that matter, and CNN is willing to make the GOP ALL about religion. Nope The GOP--stupid a they may be--do NOT do that. It is CNN that does that, because CNN thinks it is a WEAPON against the GOP. And thethink--evil as they are-that they can get away with it. What is WRONG, or even RELEVANT, abut Marco Rubioo being a Mormon (as if yu can eve say someting like that about a ten year old) at the age of f10? It gets wore.

"Say what?" you ask. How can it be WORSE? You would not think so,but for Wol Blitzer and CNN it can always be wrose. CNN itself, including Blitzer, had an eplanation of why it is 'important" taht Marco Rubio was a Mormon AS A CHHILD (beyond the obvious implication that the "tiant' of Mormonism is a lifelong thing). Again, I still don'g believe this "explanation"--as evil a thing as I have ever heard on televison. yep. I am calling Wolf Blitzer an EVIL peron on an EVIL network. The "explanation? Well, Blitzer and the other CNN buy brought up that Marco Rubio is a leading candidatge to be the Vic Presidential candidate on a GOP ticket (probably especailly if Mitt Romney is the nominee, although it is entirely ossible Rick Santourm would also find him a good choice). CNN actualy had the nerve to say that this "news" on Rubio being a Mormon wouldsrmon might be a "problem", because there is usualy an attemp;t to "balance" the ticket in terms of religion (meaning Obama should probably have not chosen another atheist, although I thik he did with Joe Biden).

This is obviously INSANE. Even for CN it is INSANE and EVIL. How can it possibly matter at all to anyone, that Marco Rubio's familyy was briefly Mormon when Rubio was a yong child In factr, why does it even matter to cNN? Well, I already gave you the clues on this one. CNN is composed of anti-Mormon BIGOTS (as this blog has informed you in the past). That partly explains why CNN thinks it is a HIT on Marco Rubio to connect him with the Mormon religion, as CNN has made clear int he pat is its attitude toward Mitt Romney Rick Santorum CNN simply labels as "tto Christian", as befits The Anti-Christian network. Here, though, there is someting else at work. The ridiculous Vice Presidential reference of CNN tells you al you need to know. This was a PREEMPTIVE strike lby the desicable Blitzer and CNN on Marco Rubion as a Vice Presidential candidate. CNNN and the Democrats are, I believe, actauly afraid of Marco Rubio (an Hispanic, and popular in Florida) as a Vice Presidential candidate. Hispancis, as you probably know, are mostly Catholic (as I think is true of Rubion in his ADULT life, although I am not either sure or interested). This was a crude, obviuos, and evil attempt to "taint" Rubiio as a "Mormon". Hey. That is exactly what CNN and Blitzer SAID.

"Once a Moromn, always a Mormon>" What else can it possibly meant to say that it matters on religious 'balance" whether Rubioo was a Mormon AS AY YOUNG CHILD? I am not even "reaching" with this conclusion. There is no other conclusioon you can make. CNN directly said that Rubio will be regrded as a "Mormon" by a GOP candidate chosing a Vice President. "Absurd" is a kind word for this. Nope. Tis is al about ASSASSSINATING Mrco Rubio as a Vice President. This was a HIT PIECE against Marco Rubio intended to hurt his chances to be Vice President. Yes, there were probably anti-Rubioo people behind this (probably Democrat, although it is always possible that another GOP politician "planted" the story as an attempt to undercut Rubio). CNN, of courrse, has people with an AGENDA. Those people are capable of this kind of evil on their own, but it is probable they were "nudged" by anti-Rubio people. Needless to say, they are sbject to such "nuding" in a direction which fits their own agenda.

"Skip, you keep using the word 'evil'. You don't even believe in Good and Evil. Ah, that is where you misunderstand. It is true that I dont' believe in "pure' Good and Evil forces in the universe, although I don't discount the possibility I am wrong. If I am wrong not to "feel" the existence of those "pure" fors of Good and Evil (with a capital "G" and a capital "E"), then I will meet Wolf Blitzer in Hell (along with most of the rest of CNN and the mainstream media). I do, however, believe in "good" and "evil" (with a small "g" and a small "e"). I believe in good actions and evil actions. When I say that Wolf Blitzer has proven himself an evil person, and CNN an evil network, I am NOT speaking figuratively, or intending to exaggerate. I MEANT IT (literall). This Rubio absurdity is one of the clearest examples yet of what I mean.

What about Marco Rubio? Thsi blog has recently expressed my disappointment with Marco Rubio, along with Tea Party politicians in general. In my view, Rubio has recently shown himself to be much more of a standard politician than a man of principle. You can look the articles up . I am hardly a PARTISAN of Marco Rubio. I have basically caleed for his DEFEAT as a member of Congress (along with the defeat of basically every GOP member of Congress). However, that does nto meant hat i would not vote for Marco Rubi for Vice President, or even for President (if he were facing someone like Barack Obama). No, I would not vote for Romney because he cose Rubio. But Rubio is like Santourm: mainy a standard politician who has shown himself conservative ENOUGH that I could stand to vote for him (desite my disappointment). No, Rubio is NOT as good as Santorum, if ony becuase Santorum saw the FRAUD in this ridiculous "payroll tax cut", but Rubio (subjet to further BETRAYALS) is not someone who has YET caused me to permanently DISOWN (no matter who he is running against). You can see, from that very lukewarm "endorsement", that I have no reason to CAMPAIGN for Marco Rubio to be the Viec Presidential nominee. But I know an EVIL HIT PIECE when I see one, and I am always going to call CNN on this kind of agenda evil.

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). It is enirely possible that I have mixed up "Mormon" and "Muslim" (for real, rather than deliberate sarcasm) in some places in this article and/or the previous one. You can see how that would be easy to do. CNN has RIDICULED peopole who call Obama a Muslim, or who question Obama's "Christianity" (which I think is obivosly subject to questin, if it were relevant). Well, the only possible response to this CNNN "news" ittem about Marco Rubion being a "mormon" is RIDICULE. I have done my best to do that. If lyou don't think ridicule is appropriate here, as well as the word 'evil", then maybe you should take a look inside yourself. The HYPOCRITES of CNN obviusly never do that or they would have to RIDICLUE THEMSLEVES> You can't say that preisentObama is "obvisuly" a Christian, and that his relggion should not be "questioned", and then go out and try to make an issue about Mrarco Rubio's CHILDHOOD religon (not nearly so long lasting as Obama's ADMITTED atehism, which Bill Maher and I believe continues).

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