Saturday, February 11, 2012

GOP, Payroll "Tax Cut" and Political Stupidity (Puls No Courage or Principles)--Update

See my previous article, which I wrote WITHOUT searcing the internet (confident I KNEW what HAD to be taking place, and I was rright).

The payroll "tax cut' (not a ture "tax cut" at all, but a wealth redistribution payment which undermines the entire concept of self--fuding Social Security) EXPIRES on Feb. 2012 , after that turly ridiculous, and absolutely stupid (by the GOP{), two month extension that 89 GOP Senators voted for. DEFEATT TEHM ALL. Yep. That includes Marco Rubio. You will ote that Congress now has pretty much the same amunt of time to arrive at a SHAM"deal", or no deal because Democrats refuse to let the GOP off ot the hook, that Congress had when they were arranging that ridiculous two-month extension (assuming Congress were wilkng to work through the holidays). So much for avoiding a "deadline". Indeed, look at how much BETTER off the sitaution would be if there had been NO EXTENSION in December of 2011--as this blog told you IN FORESIGHT. This blog is correct that extending the fraudulent, budget-busting, debt increasing payroll "tax cut" (and extended unemplyment benefits) is a MISTAKE which proves that GOP members of Congress--inclusind so-called Tea Party members--have ABANDONED all c"credibility" (lol......sorry, in a fetal positon again for awhile) on our debt and defict. But, if you read this blog, you know that GOP members of Congress AHVE NO PRINCIPLES. However, and this blog told you this at the time, IF you were the GOP members of Congress, and wanted to really get a "deal" where you could claim SOME "success", the ONLY way to do that was to LET THE BRIBES--oops, I mean payroll "tax cut" and extenson of extende unemplyment benefits--EXPIRE ON DECEMBER 31, 2011. If the GOP had stuck to their guns on that, they wouldNOW have a "deal" (sham though it would be). Ether we would have gotten a deal by December 31, or the PRESSURE would have been unendurable (on the cowards in Congress) to "restore" the bribe that peopple had lost. Remember, I told you this IN FORESIGHT, at the time (not in hindsight).

Well, I now have done that internet search that I saw no need to do before the previous article. What do you think I found? Yep. My previous article was right on. The Bloomberg article I found was datelined Feb. 8, 2012. What the article said was that the House-Seante "conferees" working on a "compromise" were PESSIMISTIC thaqt any "deal" could be worked out in normal sessions. Therefore, the plan was to BEGIN "private negotiations". The Google headline said that negotiations were heading "behind closed doors". The impasse? Exatly what it has ALWAYS been, once the GOP abandoned the "debt" "issue' by agreeing that this extension had to happen. The impasse is over the FRAUD of how to "pay for"the more than 100 BILLIONN dollars that will be ADDED to our debt from this bill. Yuo will remember that the ridiculous two-month extension was supposedly "apid for"...........sorry, on the floor in that fetal positon a fee on HOUSING TRANSACTIONS (thereby offsetting, in part, the attempts to SUBSIDIZE housing in a turly stupid attempt to "solve' the housing crisis). Democrats still want that "surtax" on millionaires and billionaires, and the GOP still wants some ort of SHAM "cuts" to 'apy for" the bill. Nope. It is a LIE to say that we are "paying for" ANY additions to the defict and debt when we are already borrowing 40 cents out of any dollar, since we NEED any money we save or raise to "apy for" the deficti we already have. In addition, it is even more a FRAUD, since the increase in the DEBT is over ONE YEAR, while the "pay fors" (if they happen at all) will be in the form of a Societ-styple TEn-YEAR PLAN. As I have told lyou, it is all a fruad.

But look at the position the GOP has put itself in (as distinguished from where they would have been had they followed my advice in December--the part of my advice on how to get what they said they WANT). The GOP has already CAVED on this issue. They have essentially PROMISED the American people that the GOP will make sure they "keep" their bribe (that those addtional monnies in paychecks keep coming, and that unempllyhment checks keep coming to pay people not to work for almost two years). Democrats are giving every indication that they are aGAIN going to drag this out to the very end, and maybe beyond, relying on the POLITICS of blaiming the GOP for any impasse because the GOP is "protection" millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the middle class. And the GOP--especially the GOP estalbishment, but really every GOP member of Congress--has put itself in this positioni DELIBERATGELY, with malice aforethought. You just don't get any more stupid than this. These peole DESERVE (talking aubt the GOP) whatever they get. A coward dies a thousand times, while a brave man dies but once. This has all of the potential,, unless Democrats somehow let the GOP off of the hook, of causing EVERY GOP member of Congress to "die" (figuratively) a thousand times. Again, they deserve it.

See my previous article, and my multiple articles in December, and for MONTHS prior to December. The Bloomberg article made it very clear that this new set of "negotiatonis" is going to follow the recent pattern of going TO THE DEADLINE. Then the GOP is going to WHINE, and agree to whatever they have to agree to. EXCEPT, the GOP probably CANNOT agree to that "surtax". Even the turly STUPID GOP members of Congeress udnerstnad that is POLITICAL SUICIDE. Almost every one of them will then have a PRIMARY opponent (as they should anyway). If te Democrats want, they can put the GOP to an IMPOSSIBLE choice: Either have Obama telling the American people to lynch you for depriving them of the birbe that YOU promised they would get to keep, or violate you "read my lips" pledge for "no new taxes".

No. I am not rolling on the flor now. I ENJOY seeing the GOP members of Congress SQIRM. They deserve it. What will cause me to go into that fetal position again is if the Democrats, inexplicably, let the GOP off of the hook with some sort of "face-saving" "deal" where the GOP can say that it refused to agree to any "tax increase". Tis is one time I am cheering the Democrats on. "Go, Team, Go.". It is time to hold firm on that "surtax", and make the GP eat worms. No, don't make any mistake here. You need to DEFEAT all of teh Democratic members of cngress, but it is past time that these DIHNOSNEST COWARDS representing the GOP i Congress receive their just desserts.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Yes, it is actually DIFIICULT for me to do an internet search and READ text. You should feel honored that I did it in this insance just to provide you with this update!!!!!! If you believe that, of course, youy are probably a member of the GOP estalbishment. I did it to satisfy my own curiosity as to just how RIGHT I was about the present situation. Now I am wring this to GLOAT over being so right. yep. I am even right about what the GOP would LIKE to do (as evidenced by these "closed door", privatre negotiations) What the GOP would LIKE to do is pass some "compromise", SHAM bill in the DEAD OF NIGHT, witgh as little publicity as possible, and then ignore that it ever happned. The Democrats MAY let the GOP get away with some such thing, or some other 'face-saving" sham. Don't count on it. If I were President Obama, or a Democarat in Congres,s< I would put the GOP to that "choice" I present above. If I were a leftist Democrat VOTER, I would be MAD if Democrats give up on the surtax. If I were ME-hey, I am me--sometimes I forget--I would hope ALL "deals" fall through and the bill FAILS. That would also be the best result for the country, for any number of reasons (including it being the right public policy).

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