Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Religion, Communism and Leftist Theology: Lysenko

Despite this blog's articles, did lyou ever doubt that there is such a thing as leftist theology? Never doubt taht. For an example that killed MILLONS (maybe tens of millions) of people (as the religoin of "global warming" threatens to do today, to the extent it has not already done so), we again have to look at Joseph Stalin and Lysenko.

You remember Charles Darwin, who leftists often PRETEND to love because he developed the Theory of Evoluton. Leftists believe that the Theory of Evolutoin can be USED against religious conservatives, e en though the idea that the evolutoin of human beings cannot be fully explained by the Theory of Evolutoin is hardly radical 9and has never doe ANY HARM). Well, Stalkn--from a Commmunist point of view--did not like the Theory of Evolution eihter, but not just with regard to whether it explains how human beings came to be. From a leftist point of view, the problem with Darwin is the concept of NATURAL SELECTION. It sounds, and is, a lot like the theory of free market capitalishm, as aplied to bioilogy. The theory of free market capitlism--the "invisible hand" of Adam Smith-is based on the idea that tkhe self-interested decisions of millions of peole can BETTER allocate economic resources--over the long haul--than any government that ever existed. The correctness of this theory has really never been challenged, except to argue it is too 'harsh". Sarwin's Theory of Evolutoni similarly says that there is an "invisible hand" ALLOCATING BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES --not basedon central planning (which would mean God, or the equivalent--but based on "natural selectoin'. This was distorted into "survival of the fittest" (as has been the theory of free market capitalism). But that is not the fundamental concept. The fundamental concept is that living creatures, without the intervention of any Big Government agent, "evolve" by simply trying to live their lives, as biological resources are ALLOCATED by the "invisible hand" of natural selection causing the biological characteristics hat are needed to be FAVORED (in reporductoni) over those bioilogical resources (characteristics) that are counterproductive to survival. Similarly, the "invisible hand" of AdamSmith allocates ECONOMIC resources without the intervention of any fallible human agent. That is actually what made Salin's application of Couumnist theology WORSE than the idea of an INFALLIBLE Christian God either directing or bypassing evoluton (which undoubtedly occurs). Stalin, as is true of Obama and today's central planners, was a mere falible human being.

Enter Lysenko, Soviet biiologist with a cmpeting theory to Darwin's. Lysenko's ida was that biological entities can be TRAINED to have desirable characteristics, and that those ACQURIED CHARACTRERISTICS (through what amounts to Big Government TRAINING) could be passed on to the succeeding generations (vilating not only Darwin's Theory of Evoluion, but Mendel's theory of genetics). You can see how Lysenko's "theory" FIT Commmunist THEOLOGY. As a Communist, Stalin believed that peole could be TRAINED-educated to be good Communists. Darwin was a HRETIC ( to the Communist "ideal"--the Communist THEOLOGY). This is sstill the leftist theology: all you have to do is "educate" (brainwash) people the right way, and you get a perfect world. None of this "survival of the fittest crap", where resources are allocated by COMPETITION.

But look at the DISASTER this means/meant for AGRICULTURE. Stalin, for theological reasons, made Lysenko the "god" of Soviet biology, including agriculture. It was basically a CRIME AGAINST THE STATE to oppose Lysenkoism, as it is a crime against Obama's theology to oppose the RELIGOIN of "global warming". Lysenko was in charge of Soviet agriculture, and tried to put his ideas into effect (ignoring Darwin, genetics and natural selection). The result was as you wouuld expect. Soviet agriculture FAILED, and millns of people DIED of starvation (not that distressing to Stalin, as Stalin made sure the "right' peole DIED--sort of like Syria using agriculutare to kill peole instead of guns). Lysenkoism is a perfect exampleof what hapens when leftist theology takes over. It happes to be true of economics as well as biology.

Rick Santorum is right. There IS an "ideal" in leftist theology which is a matter of FAITH. But it is not a faith that has anything to do with the Bible, or leading a moreal life. It is much more DANGEROUS. It is a FANTASY idea of how the world SHOULD work. It is not based on reason, and it dESTROYS cocieties and people. Yes, it often KILLS people.

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