Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Are Goth Not Christians: Bill Maher and I Agree

This is the last, for now, of my series of articles on the evils of trying to make religous DOCTRNE, and statements, part of political campaigns (as the mainstream media, including CNN, have become OBSESSED with dong). Thus, you had CNN actually posting, and promoting on air, an article entitled: "The Gospel according to Herman Cain" (back when Cain was the conservative favorite). Waht CNN and the rest of the media, alng with the GOP estalbihsment, are ttrying to do to Rick Santourm is turly criminal. See my prevous articles today where I again todld you that I do not turn the other cheek (not gbein g Christian). Thus, while I recognize this stuff is truly evil, I am willng to fight fire with fire.

Bill Maher is a noted atheist (calling himself an "agnostic" like me, but really virulently opoosed to religion, and espeically the Christian religion). A while back, Maher said that President Obama is not a Chrisitan but rather a "secular humanist" (meaning Obama's real religon is leftist ideology, which is also ture of Bil Maher). I, as an agnostic, have agreed with Maher ever since. Barack Obama is NOT a Christian. there is really hardly any doubt about it. Now I a not sure if Bill Maher has given into leftist pressure and taken back his correct assertin that Obama is not a Christian, or said he was jsut joking. Doesn't matter. Bill Maher was correct. Barack Obama is clearly not a Christian, and the media does not really believe he is a BELIEIVING Christina (despite their attempt to ridicule he idea).

Okay, I KNOW Obama is not a Christian (to a moral certainty). This is not really because of Bill Maher, but because I, myself, know a person who is not a Christian when I see one. Barack Obama clearly does not believe in any relgion (no, not the Muslim one either). But did Bill Maher really say that Mitt Romney is not a Christian? No. I mad ethat up. At leat, I have no informatino that Bill Maher has said that. Romney is a Mromon. I have no real doubt about that, although I would not hazard an opinin as to whether Romney really "buys into" the entire Mromon religoin. Romney's LIFE, however, wuold seem to indicate that he pretty much LIVES the Mormon religion, in his personal life, which means he has lived a more "Chrisitan" life than most Christians seem to live. But is a Mromon really a Christian?

My barber is an evangelical Christian who has actually StUDIED tehe Bible, and the Christian religion, for many years. He assures me athat Mitt Romney is NOT a Christian, because the Mormon religin is not a true Christian religin. I admit I don't know. As an 11 year old child, I took Bible classes. I was raised Presbyterian. But I do not know enough about either th eChristian religion or the Mormon religon to say whether Romney is a really a Christian. However, I am willng to take my barber's word on it. Now even my barber admits that Romney appears to have led a "Christian" peronal life,a s far as conduct is concerned. As far as CONDUCT is concerned, my impression is that the Mormon religin is closer to fundamentalist Christian religions than it is to "liberal" mainline religions. Taht sort of makes the Mormon religin a direct competitor of fundamentalist Christian religions, which may explain the sorrt of aniosity between them. One also has o recognize that fundamentalist Christians probably have very good reasons for believeing that the Mormon religoni does nto fit intot there totally Bible-based religion.

CNN, of course, has made a pont of putting on Christian "theologians" who label the Mormon religon a "cult", and CNN made mucyh too mcuh of that pasotr suporting Rick Perry asnwering a RELIGIOUS question about whether the Mormon religon is a Christian religin. Tis blog called that EVIL, and it was (on the part of CNN--ot the pastor, who had a perfect right to his RELIGIOUS opinion, which was not relevant to the POLITICS CNN was supposedly reporting on). No, in the overal scheme of things, it does not matter whether, THEOLOGICALLY, the Mormon religion is really a Christian religin.

But people in glass houses shoudl really not throw stones. Romney has no business raising RELIGION as a political issue. Maybe he is not. But his MINIONS cllearly are, including the GOP estalbishment. A lot of what Romney and his supoorters are ding--nto jsut on religion--is makng me DESPISE ropmney. Again, I acutally suported Romney in 2008. My opinion of him has gone DOWN almost every sday since McCain was nominated. It has really PLUNGED this electin campaign. And it is now getting lower BY THE HOUR.

As I said, I don't turn the other cheek. And I do generally turst my barber's views on the Christian religion. He has StUDIED the subject, to my own personal knowledge, for DECADES. Oh, my barber agrees that Obama is nto a Chrhristina, but then so do alost all of the peole of the mainstream media (though they would never say it). If Rick Santourm is gong to be attacked on his religon, then I am perfectly willnig to "attack" Mitt Romney for not being a Christian. You will note that the media simply staqtes that the "large" (not that large, I think) Mormon population of Arizona will vote for Romney, as th eMromons in Nevada apparently did. The media seems to think this is a NATURAL thing, but to sstil assert it is UNNATURAL for evangelical Christians, and othe Christian conservatives, to tend to back someone who they think is raily close to them on religon. In fact, as th is blog ha sponted out, evangelical Chrisitans seem REMARKABLY TOLERANT of other religons--being perfectly willing t vote for the Caholic Rick Santorum and the Caholic Newt Ginrich over theier fellow evangelical Rick Perry. They even seem fariy willing to votre for Mitt Romney.

There yo have it. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are NOT Christians. It is more certain as to Barack Obama, since I cannot be sure exaclty what to call the Mormon religin. It is a rather wild offshoot of Christianity. Still, there is much to supotrt my barber's view taht Romney is not a Crhistian (as to which my barber has NO doubt) . Should yo vote against either man for this reasn> No. But neitehr should the SUPORTERS of either man atatack the RELIGIOIUS statements and views of other candidates. If they, and CNN, MAKE religni an issue, then all bets are off. Then you SHOULD soncider whether Obama and Ropmney are Christians when you vote, ivf only to counteract the eivl attacks on religon by the SUPPORTERS of those men.

P.S. No proofreading or spell chedkng (bad eyesight). As stated (no applause. please), this will be the last article on relign in THIS series, but--also as promised--the HEADLINE will often be repeated between now and Novvember: Obama is not a Christian. Wil I aosl REPEAT the headlie: Mitt Romney is not a Christian? Stay tuned. You can be assured that if Romney gerts the nomination, the media will suddengly discover the same attacks against Romneyh's Moromnism that they made in 2008, and really made ein this elecitn (under the guise of talkng about evnagelicals, who proved to be MOREW tolerant than our media (not great feat). Have I convinced yo to IGNORE the media on religion, and the media view of "social issues' as religgious issues that are more important than thte future of this coutnry? I hpe so. The media is not going to quit, which means I am not gong to quit either.

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