Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taxes and Media Lies: The Payroll "ax Cut" Bill (Boycott Yahoo)

Here is a mainsstream media LIE feattured on Yahooo "News" this morning (this being a folllow up to the bog post this morning):

"Congress ends tax battle with passage of bill"

Yahoo evidently thinks that featureing lefitst propaganda from REUTERS (source of the above story) is "diversity" away from the former Yhaoo practice of almost exclusively using the "Anti-American, deespicable Associated Press (complete, official name) for Yahoo's "featured" articles on my AT&T "welcome page". There is, of course, almosmost no difference between Reuters and teh despicable AP, although it is impossible for Reuters to be WORSE.

Oh, the LIE? It is objectively NOT TRUE that this was a "tax battle." This is a STIMULUS BATTLE, and--to a degree--a SPENDING battle, but in NO sense a "tax battle". It is not just that the payroll "tx cut" is a cut i SOCIAL SECURITY funding (although that is true) This bill was SOLD, in December of 2010, as a temporary, one-year STIMULUS bill to help the economy . It is absurd--you are a LIAR--to call this a "tax battle". Is there any "battle" over what the payroll tax should be? Nope. See the previous article today. This is meant to be a BRIBBE to the American peole, and that is how it was sold. By its own terms, it was NEVER meant to have anything to do with the PERMANET taxes people pay, or ven the long-term taxes that people pay. It was, and is, a STIMULUS bill in the traditin of the Bush/Democrat "stimulus" payment of 2008, although by structering the payments this way (for POLITICAL support), Obama is BENEFITTING THE RICH more than Bush did (see the previouis article this morning).

In fact, the GOP--to their eternal shame--NEVER really fought a "battle" over whether the fraudulent payroll "tax cut' would be extended. Rather, the GOP, early on, said that they WANTED the BRIBE to be extended. There only "battle"--turned out to be a FRAUD on their part--was that they were insisting that SPENDING be "cut" to "pay for" the loss of revenue (to Social Security) caused by this GIMMICK.

Now, if you read this morning's article, and prior articles in this blog, you know that Obama and the Democrats DO really want to DISCARD the self-funding aspect of Social Secuirty, and turn it into a WELFARE SYSTEM. However, no such "battle" was fought, and Democrats would (mostly) DENY that the intent here is to ADD 125 or more BKIION dollars to the debt/deficit EVERY YER, and to eventually ELIMINATE the "payroll tax" (fudning mechanism for a self-funding Social Seucirty system) altogether. To even suggest this is about TAXES is to label hourself as both INCOMPETENT and a LIAR.

Again, this is all about a STIMMULUS, and that is all it ihas ever PUBLICLY been about (with the hidden subtext that leftist Democrats reallyu do want to eliminate Social Seucrity as we kown it, and turn it into a straight WELFARE SYSTEM).

On, the first paragraph of the Reuters story makes clear it is PURE PROPAGANDA. That paragrpah calls this paryoll "tax cut" extension a BOON to the economy AND to President Barack Obama. Again, you will REMEMBVBER (Reuters obviously does not, or does not care) that this BRIBE was in effect ALL OF 2010, WITHOUT seeming to help the economy AT ALL. Reuters just MADE THAT BOONN BUSINESS UP, taking Obama talking points directly from his text. I would almost bet that Reuters used the LIE of $40 per week. They definitely used the figure of 160 million Americans getting "ree money" (for which they are already paying in higher food and gasoline prices). See the earlier article this morning as to these LIES. about $40 dollars per wekk" and 160 millino Americans (where mere multiplication would indicate this would COST at least 320 BILLION dollars over one year). It is bad enough that this will ADD at least 150 BILLION (the entire bill, which includes other additons to our debt) to our debt/deficit in ONE YEAR. But mere arithmetic tells ou that OBAMA LIED (as usal) over how many Americans would "benefit" how much.

It remains true, by the way, that the GOP has "cut" HUNDREDS OF BILLINS less money from the deficit/debt than they have ADDED since December of 2010. And yet those HYPOCRITGES still keep saying that our "debt" is their top priority. THEY LIE. They have NO principles. Their "top priority"--their ONLY priority--is to GET REELECTED. Demonats, of course, never had any intention of doing anything about the defict/debt, and still don't. They LIKE Big Government and Big Spending: acting like this is not real money, but "free".

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Oh, Paul Ryan: BITE ME. (DEFEAT PAUL RAYN, if you did not read the prior article calling for that very thing.).

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