Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Romney Will Lose to Obama

Okay, the headline is misleading, even though I will NOT support Mitt Romneh against Barack Obama (not, of course, being able to support Obama either). Here is the correct headline: "Romney will loe to Obama IF he is able to win against Santorum (and Gingrich) with VICIOUS, NEGATIVE ATTACKS.

Yes, you can say that Romney has "taken out" Gingrich by going "totaly negative", and actually taking on Gingrich HIMSELF (instead of jsut though negative ads he can disingenuously disown). However, Romney PAID A PRICE for those negqative attacks. He never has "connected" with people, and now he is coming acorss as affirmatively NOT LIKABLE. What Romney FAILED to do was SELL himself as the person to actually take on Barack Obama with IDEAS.

In a way, Romney has "gotten away with it" with Gingrich--because Gingrich really has so very much baggage. But for Romney to ATTACK Santorum as a "Washington insider" (which he may be), being challenged by an OUTSIDER (Romney) is ABSURD. It makes Romney LOOK ABSURD and DISHONEST (which he is) . Romeny, as the blog has stated, is the POSTER CHILD for the GOP "estalbishment". For God's sake, Romney has been endorsed by JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never undrestood how OBAMA culd get away with this "outsider" business, when Obama had been PART OF WASHINGTON (Seante) when the economy collapsed under a DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IN CONGRESS. But Romney does not have the advantage of a totally sycophantic media, like Romney just can't get away with DESTROYING SANTORUM. Oh, I don't know whether he can do it or not, with almost total support of the entire GOP estalbihhment. But if Romny DOES do it THIS WAY (toatlly negative), he WILL LOSE TO OBAMA. I ahve no real doubt about that (my only "doubt" being whether Obama might be in som much trouble by Novemember (meaning teh country will be) that ANYONE could defeat Obama--inclulding Ron Paul.

No. Ropmney cannot do it with me. That ship has sailed. However, there are people not as unforgiving as me. Romney COULD convince those people that he is the man to BEAT Obama, IF he shows that he can really come acorss as an impressively PRESIDENTIAL man who UNDERSTANDS the conservative principles he mouths. Right now Roney seems to have ONLY two messages: 1. Look at how BAD the other guys are. 2. I am the "inevitagbgle" candidate who can beat Obama BECAUSE independents are not SCARED of me. Why are "independents" not "scared" of Roney? That is because they KNOW that Romeny has few real principles, and is not really going to "push" a conservative agenda. Romney, as the GOP establishment always does, is merely asserting he can MANAGE th egovernment better than Democrats--without realy "rockng the boat".

Not good enough. I don't think it is good enough even if Romney does nto come across as an UNPRINCIPLED BULLY. If Romey does come across as an UNPRINCIPLED BULLY, however, he cannot betat Obama. (unless ANYONE could beat Obama). No, it does not matter if Rommney somehow SUCCEEDS in BULYING Santorum into defeat. I actually think that could LOSE Romney the nomination, even if it did work with Gingrich. But even if it WINS Romney the nomination, it will probably be the most obvious Pyrrhic (sp.?) victory of all time. In fact, Romney may get poor King Pyrrhus off of the hook ("any more vicotries like this and we are surely lost"). Forever after, a person who destorys HIMSELF winning a short-term "vicotry" will be referred to as a "Romney".

Yes, even Santorum has to watch these "attacks' on Romney as "just like Obama". In a lot of ways, I AGREE with that attack, but Santorum's problem is to actually SELL himself as a CREDIBLE candidate against Obama. Taht means shwong how he will ARGUE AGASINT OBAMA (not Romney). Sure, Santorum needs to keep pointing out that he can CONTRAST himmself with Obama, while Romney has to keep explaining why he has AGREED with Obama on so many things (including the very language of the "middle class" who neeed to be "helped" more than the "rich" and the "poor"). No, I don't think Romney can do it without pretty much compromising himself as a general election candidate. Romney may win. But it will probably be a victory not wroth winning (again, always recognizing that the country MAY be in really BAD shape so that ANYONE can defeat Obama--in which case we dont' need Romney).

When I refer to "we" above, I do NOT mean that I consider myself as part of the GOP (Grand, Outdated Party). By "we", I mean conservatives, even if many conservatives may notconsider me as one of "them" (certainly true of the GOP estalbishment type of "conservative"). I have left the GOP in my ear view mirror (even if I don't drive nayomore) FOREVER (at least barring the "second coming" of Rnald Reagan). Nope., I am one of those INDEPENDENTS the media keeps LYIG aobut (as if there IS usch a recognizable group). You may remember how well Ron Paul is doing with "independents". I am that very type of "independent", even though I can't bring myself to support Paul for the nomination. There are too many thingas about Paul that bother me, including an "isolationism" DISCREDITED at Pearl Harbor. Still, I prefer Paul to Romney or Obama, and would vote for him (if he, by some miracle, won the nomination) as a person who would at least SHAKE TINGS UP in a way that would put the emphasis back on what this country was originally all about.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). The articles tonight represent my analysis of where we are in teh GOP nomination race--including the BOX I think Mitt Romney is in (including the BOX of his OWN THINKING, where he seems to kn ow no other way to react to defeat except to SAVAGE his opponent: to BULLY his opponent as he did to Newt Gingrich and is giving every indication of intending to do wth Rick Santorum.). If you have no real princiiples, I guess that is the only way you CAN react if ou don't have the rhetorical skills of Brack Obama (also wearing thin, I think).

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