Friday, February 17, 2012

Ben Bernanke Arrested by Italilan Police

Hacker Boy (hackng into this disgarceful blog, and still denying I am Piers Morgan or some other agent of teh parent company of the unfair and unbalanced network): "Aaarrggghhh. Talk about rolling on the floor in a fetal osition, as Skip constantly doees (talk about it)!!!!! Skiip this headline is SILLY."

Skip: Well, I admit my headline seems a little. outrageous. But how else can you explain this present headline on Yahoo 'News": "Italian police seize 6 trillioin dollars in fake U.S. bonds."

Let's face it. Who esle do you know that is creating this much FAKE U.S. moeny and bonds, otehr than "Bailout Ben" Bernanke.?

I rest my case. (Oh, "Bailout Ben" is still chairman of the Federal Reserve, if you have not listened to Ron Paul and don't know who he is.)

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