Monday, February 13, 2012

House GP: Liars, Deficit Spenders and Debt Increasers (DFEAT THEM ALL--Payroll "Tax Cut Edition)

This comes from Dishonest Jack Cafferty, who I jsut saw on CNN. This is my recent proble: I can't even SURFF any "news" channel for 30 seconds these days wtihout getting dEPRESSED. Either the "journalists" expose themselves as incompetent liars, or the politicians do. "Dhishonest Jack", and CNN, are hardly unmpeachable sources. But I have virtually PREDICTED this on this blog, so I ahve to believe it.

We wre reaching yet another DEADLINE on that payroll t"tax cut". See this blog's article this weekend. In fact, for sevral reasons, including payroll processing and yet another scheduled Congressional recess, the deadine was THIS WWEEK. What did this blog tell you? Right. This blog told you that the gOP had put itself in a position of being DESPERATE for ANY DEAL. No, these LYOING COWARDS don't care what the deal is,solong as they don't have to violate their "pledge" on raising taxes!!!! Debt (and Romney DARES to criticize Rick Santorum on this!!!!)? The GOP has ABANDONED the "issue". Defict? The GOP has ABANDONED the issue. Tea Party GOP politicians? NO PRINCIPLES AT ALL, if they think having principles might hurt their reelection. What am I talking about?

Well, accourding to CNN and Jack Cafferty, the House GOP has now said that they are willing to extend the payroll "tax cut" without spending "cuts": without "payring for it" (hich they promised they would NEVER do--liars and cowards that they all are--and 'parying for it" was always a LIE anyway, as this blog has explained).

Does the GOP have ANY priojnciples? I don't see any, EXCEPT rejectin of increased taxes for "millionaires and billionaires". Boy, is THAT a winning message!!!!!!!! (recurrence of my old sarcasm disease in an especially virulent from to mathc an especially virulent case of political betrayal).

What should Democrats do? Well, they are cowards too, and this would involve some risk of actually being "blamed" for peole no longer getting their BRIBE. But Democrats now have an opportunity to STEAL the "issue' of DEBT and DEFICITS from the GOP--an "issue" the GOP has already thrown away. See my previus bog article on the subject. Democrats now have the opportunity to put a DESPERATE GOP to a terrible choic: Either risk being blamed for people losing that money out of their checks,--a risk th eunprincipled COWARDS of the GOP have already shown they don't want to take--or violate the only "principle" the GOP seems to ahve (refusing to raise taxes, even on "millionaires and billionaires"). The problem, for Democrats, of course, is that when the GOP is willin g to ABANDON any pretencse of really believing our dbut has to be controlled, it mkight be hard for Democrats to avoid some of the 'blame" for people losing their BRIBE. It is, after all, an Obama bribe in the first place.

Look at the IRONY, tough. Imagine the situatin where the DEMOCRATS are accusing the GOP of not anting to "pay for" the payroll "tax cut", and not caring about the debt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would make my YEAR for this situation to occur.

You might wonder why the GOP bothered to ut the country through all of this "drama", if they were ultimately gong to abandon almost every principle they say they have (other than that religious one on taxes). These peole (GOP members of Congress) are BONE-DEP STUPID. And this is not hindisght. It has been FORESIGHT, as usual for this blog. In article after article, for six months and mroe, I have been telling you just how badly the GOP has been handling this. In fact, I have been telling you since the GOP went along with Obama's "lame duck', last minute "deal" at the end of 2010.

DEFEAT THEM ALL. I beg you. Defeat every GOP member of Congress (preferably in a primary). Yse, you should defeat every Democratic memmber of Conbgress as well, but the GOP members of Congress who said thaey have "learned" from the Tea Party are LIARS. Note that EVERY DIME of 2012 spending had to be APPROVED by the GOP House. Yet, they cut" NOTHING. And they have now made it clear that they are willing to ADD to the debt and defict more than they ever TALKED about cutting (except for Ron Paul). I remind you again that the GOP House had a VETO over EVERY DIME of spending for 2012. Nothing could be spent unless the GOP House approved it. They used this "leverage" to accomplish literally LESS than NOTHING.

I cannot stand it. You could pull out my fingernails and toenails with hot pincers, and I would not support ANY of these peole Oh, I would probably make an exception for Ron Paul, bad as he is on foreign policy, but I would not make an exceptin for Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, or any of the rest. DEFEAT THEM ALL.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). You really should read my previous article on this subject. Then ask yourself if this blog has not AGAIN given you tomorrow's news yesterday, and called the STUPIDITY of the GOP exactly correctly. These peole think that they can continue to "blame" Democrats for their COWARDICE, and to USE this as a reason to vote MORE of them into office. Doesn't work with me. I think LESS of these peole every single day, and am LESS likely to supoport them every single day. No, I won't support leftist Democrats, but I am more than ready to leave the GOP (Grand, Outdated Party) in the dustbin of history, and try someting ellse. Donald Trumpo (joke though I know he is)? I will vote for him. Ron Paul? I wil vote for him. Mitt Romney? Nto a chance. Rick Santorum, who OPPOSES this fraudulent payroll "tax cut" is someone I still endorse, but DESPITE the unpleasnt fact that the belongs to the GOP.

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