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Barack Obama: Muslim and Atheist (CNN Rports)

Obama admits that he was raised an atheist. Or at least Obama admits that he had NO rligiouis beliefs, becakuse that was the way he was raised, unitl he "converted " to Reverend Wright's Christianity at 18, or 20 or whatever. His is the opposite of myself, who was raised Presbyterian (although not in a really religioius family, although in a reliious TOWN (Mt. Ida, Arkansas). I "converted" to agnosticims" oN MY OWN (no mentor or person or group even tried to convince me) at about the age of 12.

Chris Matthews, of MSNBC said, jsut this last week, that Obama is a "secular" person" who does not "wear his religion on his sleeve". Translation: Chris Matthews agrees with Bill Maher and myself taht President Obama has no religion, other than a religion of convenience. The entire mainstream media, even as they ridicule the idea lthat Obama is not a Christian, believe exactly what Chris Matthews, Bil Maeher and I believe. Now most "converts" do so as a matter of DEEEP CONVICTIN. I certainly "converted" to agnoticism, without ever having teh negative attitude toward Christian PEOPLE that Bill Maher and Barack Obama had, becakuse I THOUGHT deeply about these things, even as a 12 or 13 year old. Where is the EVIDENCE taht President Obama hads deep religious convictions? Chris Matthews and I agree, along with Bill Maher, that no such evicence exiss. Thus, is the preponderance of theg evidence, which this blog has ofeten itemized, that President Obama has NEVER DISCAREDED the NON-BELIEF that he maintained unitil at least the age of 18? To me, this is obviously so. As an agnostic myself, and one who has thought about these things deeply for 50 years, I am more than qualified to give you this opinion. There are actually MANY people out there who sAY they are Christians, even while they have no real religius beliefs, because it is the easiest andmost conveninet thingfor them to do. It is useful in politics AND business. No, I am not saying most people are quite that cynical, but MANY are. Obama is definitely one of them.

Hacker Boy (hacking into this disgraceful blog and still dentying I am Piers Morgan, or any other person who learned hacking in Rupert Murdoch's organizatino--a SMEAR about me from the despicable Skip): "Skip, you just keep doing tese tings. You know that CNN did NOT report that Presdient Obama is BOTH a Muslim and an atheist. That is absurd. And what difference does it make that he was raised an atehist 30 years and more ago, for tghe first 18 or 20 years of his life? Most people-unlike YOU, Skip, because you are so ARROGANT to think you know it all (using your won habit of using all caps for emphasis, bad a habit as that is). MOST people do not make a final decision on their spiritual beliefs until they are adults."

Skip: Ah, you can always depend on Hacker Boy to get it wrong. First, most people porbably do not sit down,, like I have often done, and THINK about hwhat they believe. They just live their lives, assuming that (often) their parents's beliefs are the ones they should have. Or they have a MENTOR that "converts" them. I can see that Hacker boy would think that it "arrogant" to believe that Im, as a 12 or 13 year old, could decide what I believe all on my onw (altough I was always a voracious reader, and what I mean is that there is no SPECIFIC person who brough me to SKEPTICISM as the only course that made sense to me. Note that this is the very opposite of thinking that I "know everythihg". My whole philosohy of both government and religon is that NO ONE--much less myself, smarter as I am than most people--can "know everything". By the way, I "converted" to "conversatism" AFTER my "conversion" to agnosticism, at maybe 15 years of age (in high school) It is not that I had ever been a libera. I jsut had not started really thinking about politics until then, and my opinions were crystalized by Barry Goldwater (and Ronald Reagan) in 1964. Is it that easy to be brought up a "skeptic", and then make the big decisino to "convert" to a religion, and yet not SHOW your deep convictions (often, in the case of Obama, indicating he has no clue on how people of conscience think, as on this "contraception" issue). I, myslef, of course, am even a skkeptic on whether skepticism is the right approach to life (agreeing with the Roman philosopher, Lucian). Maybe that partly explains why, skeptic though I am, I agree more with TRADITIONAL views on abortin, homosexual marriage, and premarital sex than most people who profess to believe in the Christian religion. I digress, but I thought you should know where I am coming from.

I will not back off on CNN. On Thursday, CNN and Wolf Blitzer, in one of the most disgraceful and EVIL "news" reports I ahve ever seen, actaully made a big point of Marco Rubio (because hsi family moved to Las Vegas for awhile, and evidently BRIEFLY bought into the Mormon culture and beliefs) having been a Mormon between the ages of 8 and 12 (or whatver). What can you say about EVIL on this level? Weill, I will try to say it in thenext article specifically on CNN and Wolf Blitzer (one evil human being, and bone-deep stupid). However, the whole pont of the CNN article seemed to be: "Once a Mormon, always a Mormon, or at least that is how voters are entitled to look at you" I could never make this up.

As far as I am concerned, CNN did report that it is RELEVANT (for a poliltical campaign) taht Obama was an ATHEIST. If you have once been an atheist, is it not just as reasonable, or more reasonable (as Obama was an atheist much longer) that you would be TAINTED by taht in your later life. But wait. Hacker Boy aside, is there not an ISSUE on whether Obama, AS A CHILD (ging to a Muslim school in Indonesia) was briefly a Mormon-uh, I mean MUSLIM. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim? Why is it not RELEVANT what Obama's NON-CHRISITAN religious beliefs were between the ages of 8 and 12? CNN says it is, and I will not back off of that assertion. The only way CNN is not saying that is if yhou assume that CNN peole are the worst hypocrites who have ever walked the Earth, on two legs or four. Huh? You menan that CNN peole aRE the worst hypocrites who ever walked the Earth? Well, I admit that may weaken this argument a little., althogu it is still turue that Obama is not a Crhistian.

CNN has a lot to answer fror. I have called my own 89 year old MOTHER a KOOK, because she professes to believe that Obama is a Muslim. What she really believes, of course, even though she was once--and still is==a strong supporter of FDR, is that Obarack Obama is undermining everyithing she remembers as good about this country. She is right, but that did not stop me from calling her a KOOK (altong with others out there with the same assertin). This caused me GRIEF with my mother (who ismuch too smart to read this blog, but who I TOLD what I had said). Now CNN has basically said that my mother is RIGHT. What CNN basically said is that if BarackObama was a MU:SLIM at age 10 (or whatever), and had a Muslim father (which maybe he did), that is enough to allude to Obama as a MUSLIM in a polical campaign. There is certainly an ISSUE as to whether Obama wa ONCE a Muslim, as a child. Maybe he wasn't, but there is a legitimate ISSUE. Waht I don't think there is an isssue about is whether Obama is NOW a Muslim, desite Obama's obvious hostility to many Christians (and apparent bias toward Muslims). o, the evidence is that Obama has NO religioni except leftist ideology. But CNN has UNDERMINED my assertin that my mother is a kook, now that AT&T has taken the unfair and unbalanced network away from my motehr (leaving her basicaly with only CNN), I have o hope in convincing my mother that you are a KOOK if oyou actually beieve that Obama is a Muslim. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim": that is the CNN clear psotion (just substitute "Mormon").

For CNN, this election has been, and will be, ALL abut religion--or the balttle between the "secular humanism" of Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, the rest of the mainstream media, and Barack Obama AGAINST religin. That leaves me in the interesting osition of being on NEITHER side of this battle, other than DESISING LEFTIST IDEOLOGY (which I regard as a religion in itsef, much more odious than traditional religions).

P.S No proofreading or spell checiking (bad eyesight). Unless I change my mind, the next article will be a diret exposure of CNN and Wolf Blitzer as the EVIL peole that they are.

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