Monday, February 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich: Clueless

What is Newt Gingrich's ONLY chance of winning the GOP nomination? Right. It is for RickSantourm to BEAT Mitt Romney in Michigan. Gingrich is NOT going to come close in either Michiganor Arizona, and Gingrich's only hope (slim and none) is to see Romney derailed in michigan, in the hope that no one (meaning Romney) will wrap up the GOP nomination before Gingrich has a chance at yt another "comeback". Indeed, Ginrich's best hope (again slim and none) is for ROMNEY to fade, and forit to come down to a fight between Gingrich and Santorum.

Why do I bring this up? it is because one of those present featured stories on Yahoo "News" (from some mainstream media source--they are all the same) that "Gingrich slams Santorum as Big Labor guy." Now you have to realize here, as Gingrich surely does, that it does notmatter that Gingrich spent twohours (or whatever) "slamming" President Obama, or even Roney. Thisheadline is all about the AGENDA of the mainstream media, who otherwise pay no attention to wha Ingrich says. This is an intended "hit' on Santorum.

But that does not change the fact that Gingrich is clueless and erratic (as I have observed him ever since he started out as a hero of mine as a guerilla fighter agasint the seemingly permanent leftist Democrat control of the House of Representatives. Then came the Gingrich led "Congract with Americaa", and the GOP takeover of the House. From that point on--his high water mark--Gingrich has made it increasingly clear he really has no principles, but rather an amoral, brilliant mind with no guiding principles at all. Gingrich will say anything, at any time. Gingrich will argue ANY position, at any time (and argue both sides rather brilliantly). His picture is probably in Wikipedia as the illustration of the meaning of the term "loose cannon".

Gingrich could attack Santorum all he wanted after Michigan. No, this particular attack is not really a valid one. But that is not the pioint. Gingrich desperately needed to be ATTACKNIG ROMNEY through the Michigan and Arizona primaires. Any votes Gingrich manages to take away from Santourm in Michigan (not many, I think, as Romney has the MONEY to bring infinitely more negative attacks against Santorum than Gingirch, makng Gingrich irrrelevant) will GO TO ROMNEY. No, Gingrich does not have TIME to "take out" Santroum, and become the "anti-Romney". Gingrich desperately needs to take out ROMNEY, or at least prevent him from continuing to seem the inevitablle nominee, and then hope for a miracle in takng on Santorum.

You often wonder what goes tthough Gingrich's head. Has the concentratin on Santrum simply made gingrich irritable? Did the media radically overplay how hard Gingrich was going after Santorum, even though Gingrich should have known better? I don't know. I just know it makes no sense. Not only is it NEGATIVE (as Gingrich goes back and forth on that), but it cannot help Gingrich. If Romney can be stopped, THEN it might make sense for Gingrich to really go after Santorum (although still taknig on Romney, trying to help take out Romney's THIN support outside of the equally clueless GOP estalblishment). On the eve of the Michigan primary is a STRANGE time for Gingrich to be makng headlines "slamming' Santorum (although a perfectly logical and expected time for the MEDIA to be USING Gingrich to "slam" Santorum).

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). As the ONLY remaining GOP candidate who correctly opposed that ridiculous payroll "tax cut" fraud, Santorum is hardly in "Big Labor's pocket". Sure Santorum, as a Senator forom Pennsylvania, made some gestures to keep Big Labor from being his total ienemy. But Santorum has been much more consistent than either Gingrich or Romney in his positions over the years, even tghough he has this obvious falw of having a record as a pretty much standard "conservative" Washington politican. Romney has the flaw of being an opportunist Wall Street economic fascist, and standard representative of teh GOP estalbishment. Gingrich has that flaw of no principles, and being a loose cannon. Ultimately, I decided that I WOULD vote for Santorum, because his flaws were not enough to be unforgivable. I decided I would NOT vote for either Gingrich or Romney, even agaisnt President Obama, because their falws are too mcuh for me. I simply don't trust them at all, even though I could never actually vote for Obama (and understand why people like my brothers and mother believe that ANYONE has to be bettter than Obama). In all events, lyou shold NEVER pay any attetin to this MEDIA USE of GOP candidates agaisnt each other, or the way the medai onlyl pays attention to a conservative when he or she supports the medai against anotehr conservative (or a conservativbve position). What am I saying? You should NOT pay any attentino to the media, period. Their "news" is all about AGENDA (theirs, and that of the peole they support). You need to always look between the lines, and try to sift FACTS from multiple sources. I fyou have trouble reading between the lines, that is what this blog is primarily for.

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